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Submitted: March 21, 2016

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Submitted: March 21, 2016



I am watching here in fear, fear to the unknown. I am feeling strange.

I am going to express through these fingers, her fingers, a bit of what I feel, I will let them sail and type without giving her a second to think or they would get to mourn with me. I will allow these fingers to speak and describe what I want to convey.

No one anticipated this moment; no one ever thought I'd find myself where I am. The inevitable happened and I worried because I definitely see many people I care about very sad.

I was in a hospital bed, where the broken threads vanished up in the air, slowly, gradually. There...In that hospital bed in which I spent many moments with my beautiful wife, and those moments made me feel that there was nothing better in the world.=

Seeing her face reminded me the times we spent together with the children. I miss so much spending time with my kids, the family, my friends, comrades, neighbors.

I was there; I could no longer go out, lying still on a cold bed. Oh how much I missed seeing the sun in all its glory, and feel the warmth on my skin.

I know that the love of my life will make me proud; she is a strong woman and will be able to stand strong. I will be at peace because I know she is a warrior, the family foundation. My beautiful wife will tell stories to our children every night so they will remember me, the stories will be about the adventures we had and how I became Tarzan or a transformer or a knight of the round table or she may just make me a magician.

Seems to me that I went to another TV station where the tuning has faded and cannot be synchronized with the real world.

Among all this, I remember glimpses of moments, times, circumstances, and it is a fact that thinking about it made me feel "full of life".

I got defeated, this "thing" got to me silently, and certainly it didn't stop my mind from circulating in corners to make me remember many things, such as family outings at the beach, simple gatherings, and other things that I never paid attention to before.

Suddenly, I had the slight sensation of falling into an abyss and I saw things happen in slow motion, but I was not alone, I felt the energy of love around me, not many smiles, so surreal, many hands extended, encouraging me. It crossed my mind that I did not want to go, there were many things to do... there was no time, everything happened so fast. I am gone.

This "thing" crawls as a silent ivy and eventually led me to another dimension, white, bright, absolute.

Now my memories are everyone's memories, I am now immortal, now... Farewell to me...I am anonymous.

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