Goodbye California - ® Nani

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It felt surreal. It was finally happening. After bad internet connections, time difference difficulties, they were finally together, and it was so wonderful.

Submitted: March 17, 2016

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Submitted: March 17, 2016



They came across each other on a dating site thinking nothing would come of it. To their surprise they quickly fell head over heels for each-other.

During his travels, he messaged her to meet him one night.  Seemed insane and impossible yet as unplanned as this was, the stars aligned allowing them to meet. 

They see each other across the bar.  He gives her a warm look before they hug long.  The menu looks like a blur; both can't seem to focus on the lines. 

In between sipping their drinks and indecisiveness in food, they exchange random topics, laugh, tease and taunt.

They found themselves talking about each-other constantly, eager to learn from each other. 

The elusive smile comes through his lips, silently burning her soul.  Curious the ephemeral minutes tick with the rhythm of his heart. 

As they walk the pier, feeling the salty air, his hands catch her fingertips, confident, beautifying the night with the laughs and the smell of an ocean made just for two.

Their lips dance to the music intoxicating the air, vague, unsettled, unreal, and timid yet perfect. 

His eyes look without looking and she gazed at him deep.  They embrace and lock again sweet and passionately.

She knew she could turn her emotions off pretty easily; without him even knowing, he opened her heart instantly, all in one night.  Love took her to a new level when they met for the first time that one cool night.

In her mind, distance means to see how far an instant love can travel.  In his minds it means a casual goodbye California.

She wore the “pretend” mask, the mask of “not care”.  Little did he know, he took with him her thoughts and mind thousands of miles away. 

Lasted long enough to make her tremble and for him to leave a fingerprint behind to remember.

“Where were you last week?” – He said.  She replies timid “Meeting for the first time one fine and perfect night”.

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