Painting the Book of Life

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To all the dreamers out there, don't ever stop or let the world's negativity disenchant you or your spirit.

Submitted: March 18, 2019

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Submitted: March 18, 2019



Maybe someday I will hand paint a book of wanderlust.

I’ll write a mighty poem while glancing at the clock; I’ll write and re-write a piece for 2 hours.

I’ll write about my presumptuous hypothesis.

I’ll write about the shallows and the deeps, the immemorable of moments shattering into a million pieces.

The hand painted book will go deep into what love really means, the lengths to which friendship can be tested (and lost).

It will disclose those who live in the city and seek for the mountains.To wanting children or the desires of a wild backpacking trip.

This painted handbook will have exquisite lines about your wedding story and about the person who puts up with your quirks.

It will disclose your neurotic, gluten-free, obsessively healthy diet.

I’ll describe how much you love your children and detail each moment you told them you loved them and how you let them eat that midnight cookie.

This book will be raw and ink the fears of death.  No one expects it.  We are never ready. It is never the right time. By the time it comes, you will not have done all the things that you wanted to. The end always comes as a surprise.

I will write about the lost, the hurt, the impossible of loves and the dreams of lies.

I will describe the highlights of wars, atmospheric flowers and prejudice.

These words will paint about the nude figure of life.

It will pause with the new story about the lovers who found the first kiss explosive and sweet intimacy.

The last stroke of blue and red will paint something about the clash of the old and the new.

The ink and the pain will mix in a voluptuous dance as it seals the words so … no one ever will feel as alone as we sometimes do.

© Copyright 2019 Rosy Rogers. All rights reserved.

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