The Coffee Nights- ® Nani

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A lovely tone to this - gentle and soothing, peaceful prose, particularly placid.

Submitted: February 24, 2016

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Submitted: February 24, 2016



It's been a while, a very long while since I heard the whisking sound of the spoon mixing the coffee and sugar. I remember, every light was turned off, except the bright lights in the living room which enhanced her silhouette while she stood looking for a moment alone.

The room was so quiet; I could swear I could hear the sound of her heart beating to a special rhythm with the occasional whisking of the coffee. I remember so clearly the way she sat in her wooden rocking chair; very gently, she leaned back and the chair squeaked.

I had the slight impression that the screeching noises were soothing her. Her facial expressions were so serene, yet the lines of a hard life defined her hazel eyes, silky brown hair and hidden smile.

Her lips tremble while sipping the hot coffee, as she continued whisking over and over, holding the hot cup so tight, like she was trying to find answers by whisking and smelling the coffee.

Each night she would fall asleep on her chair holding her cup of coffee, and each night I gently touched her hands and place my head on her chest listening to her heart and I could feel the strong and sweet smell of her coffee penetrate my nostrils.

When my mother made coffee, it was intended to be a ritual to stay at peace within ourselves.

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