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i am different, and idgaf about what people say!

Submitted: August 17, 2012

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Submitted: August 17, 2012



i am different than anyone else i am not emo, goth, or normal i am rosy, 14 years old...i love wearing black..along with a jeans and normal shoes...i love BOTDF and BVB..i dont give two shits about what people say, i dont like partying, i dont like going out, i am free...i listen to music 24/7 but i can say i have perfect taste in music xP lol,,,i am arrogant, nice :P, sweet, dead inside i guess ._. ... i hate listening to normal music, such as JUSTIN BIEBER and SELENA GOMEZ n stuff!!!...i like witchy stuff....and vampire stuff...i have 3 sisters that i'll rather replace with a puppy, i have a parrot named luey <333 i love him so much, my parents hate me, my favourite sister is 18 yrs, she is goth, and she has her nose pierced <33333...she doesnt give a fuck about what people say, i hate school 0.0...i memorize lyrics more than a science lesson, i am not dumb, actually i am pretty smart, my sisters dont like me, nor do i like them, we act like enemies in the house, i am not social at all...yes i do come on here, yes i do have a twitter, but i hate socializing lol...i have NO friends, and my cousins are in a different country, my aunties and uncles are with them, so i am in the middle of NOWHERE, my ONLY reason i am alive...is simply BOTDF, they are the ones that are keeping me going on,..yes they do talk about sex but...NOT JUST SEX...i mean look at this NON-SEX song titles: 1. bewitched 2. rise & shine 3. YOU DUN GOOFED <33 4. u are the heart 5. death to ur heart 6. unforgiven <333 7. suicide club 8. fallen star 9. libertine 10. I'm what dreams are made of 11. Dark dreams 12. the untouchables 13. the law of love 14. love conquers all so yeah...and they're not EMO FAGGOTS..they're not even EMO...and i was going through a twitter fight the other day, and that person said they're going to hell...and i said no they're not, they saved 1000s of lives <333333333 and if they are MCR, BVB, AFI, AFI...etc..are going after them...!!!!!! and people, call me bitch, slut, whore, freak,,,,but seriously when i give a fuck, i'll tell u!!!!!!!!!! so please don't cuss me...bye!

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