Tears of Blood By: Rowan Brooks

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She cried that night. She cried enough tears to fill a pool and drown herself in it. But she wasn’t the only one who cried. He cried too, but his tears ran red. He cried tears of blood.

Submitted: November 19, 2007

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Submitted: November 19, 2007



She cried that night. She cried enough tears to fill a pool and drown herself in it. But she wasn’t the only one who cried. He cried too, but his tears ran red. He cried tears of blood.


“I love you,” she whispered in his ear, “I love you so much.” He answered back passionately: “But you could never love me more than I love you…” They were behind the movie theater at the mall on a cold, windy night in September. Angelique was her name, and Will was his. She had met him at a “Fiddler on the Roof” audition over the summer; they both made the play and got to know each other better.

Will kissed her and she kissed him back, he tasted like sugar and morning dew. Angelique was lost in her bliss until Will pulled away and looked around, startled. “What’s wrong, Will?” She asked, confused. “Nothing, baby, nothing. I’m just jumpy. I thought I heard something, but you know how I get.”

“Afraid of the dark?” she smiled, “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.” He laughed sarcastically, “That’s my job isn’t it?” and kissed her again.

Suddenly a bright light shone on them from about 15 feet away. A flashlight, Angelique realized, but she couldn’t make out who was holding it. Then the person spoke, and she knew instantly who it was.

“Get your hands off her, asshole!” It was Cade, her ex-boyfriend. She dumped him last January because things between them just weren’t working out. “I said, get your god damn hands off her!”

“Cade,” Angelique screamed, “What the hell are you doing here? What do you want?”

Cade inched slowly closer, his long strides silent on the concrete. Will pushed Angelique behind him, “Go home Angie.”

“No Will! I’m not gonna leave you here!” Will turned sharply and gave her a dark look. “Go home now, I won’t let you get hurt!” Angie pleaded, “Cade won’t hurt me Will!” Then Cade punched Will and his attention was drawn away from her. He fell to the ground and tried to get up, but Cade put his foot on his neck and prevented him.

“Matt, Trey, come here!” Cade yelled into the darkness as he pulled a slim pocket knife out of his shoe. Oh God, Angie thought, he’s not alone, and he has a knife! But worse than just Matt and Trey, two other boys ran around the corner as well, Dylan and Alex. She knew them all well from school, she used to hang with them, but not anymore. Not since she dumped Cade and grew up. They were dangerous and she wasn’t about to let them take her down with them.

“You two,” Cade called, motioning to Trey and Matt, “Take her home.” They both advanced on her and eventually cornered her a little ways away. “Cade!” Angie screamed, “Cade stop! Don’t hurt him Cade, please don’t hurt him…” Trey grabbed her and picked her up. He carried her screaming and kicking to his car. He threw her into the backseat and hopped into the front.

Before the door closed, she heard the sounds of a fight, she heard Will yell, she heard someone smack into the cold, unforgiving concrete of the sidewalk.

“Please,” Angie sobbed, “Please, tell Cade to stop!” She choked on her tears as they poured down her face. “Please! Matt, I’ll do anything!” She grabbed at his sleeve and he shook her hand off. :Trey, go tell Cade, Will means nothing to me, just leave him alone!” Trey ignored her and started the engine.

Just then, Cade, Alex, and Dylan ran around the corner yelling something inaudible to those in the car. Matt opened the door and got out, “Get Angie out of the car, I’ll take her home!” she heard Cade shout. Dylan opened the door and roughly yanked her out and threw her into Cade. She fell into his warm, rough embrace that brought back so many memories of times past. Those few seconds in his arms seemed like a lifetime…

Then before she knew what was going on, Cade shoved her into he back of his car and sped off, out of the deserted parking lot.

“Cade,” she whispered, fearful of the knife she knew her had, and his temper, “What did you do Cade?” She felt tears coming again, her heart pumped faster, what had happened?

“What did you do, Cade?!” He hit the breaks and stopped in the middle of the deserted street. “What the hell do you want from me Angelique? You want me to tell you what happened? No, you sure as hell don’t!” He turned around in his seat and hit the gas.

“Cade, Cade, I’m sorry. What happened, Cade? You killed him didn’t you?” Angie couldn’t breathe. Her heart was going to stop if she got an answer, but she already knew what he was going to say.

She heard him break down and cry. His sobs were painful to hear even though she didn’t love him anymore. “I didn’t mean to Angie, honest, it was an accident. I didn’t mean to... God Damnit Angie!” He hit the steering wheel and she swore she heard bones crack. “Cade! Calm down! Please calm down…” she didn’t want him to get angry, bad things happened when Cade got angry.

He once more started sobbing, quite like a little child when Angelique looked back on it. It would have been amusing had the circumstances been different. “I’m so sorry Angie. What do I do? What if the cops come, what do I say to them?” Then he got a different tone, “You won’t turn us in, will you Angie? You better not, I’ll make your life hell!”

She nodded her head, he was right, she would be the next one to die if she said anything to the police.

They had reached her house. Angelique opened the door slowly and them ran to her house, as if he might try to stop her. Them he pulled away. It was the last time she would speak to him.

Two hours later that night, drunk and scared, he ran his car off a bridge into a ditch in a suicide attempt. It worked. His car erupted into flames and burned until nothing was left- there wasn’t even a body to bury, just a pile of ashes.

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