Silly Junior High Love

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The sad lives of 15 year old school kids.

Submitted: November 29, 2009

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Submitted: November 29, 2009



From the moment we met we thought nothing could part us. We always had so much fun together. He would read me ‘Romeo and Juliet’ over the phone when I couldn’t go to sleep. We’d always race each other to see who could get home and ring the other first. We were notorious for getting detention after detention together. And it was the most fun I’ve ever had, but now he’s gone.
* * *
‘Andy! Wait up!’ shouted the voice I’ve learned to know so well.
‘Oh no you don’t talk to me! You are so late!’ I called, turning around. I laughed but was sad to hear Jake didn’t.
‘What’s up?’ I asked, ignoring his serious look.
‘I have to talk to you,’ he replied. I saw he had a rose in his hand.
‘Oh? What’s that for?’ I questioned. He took me out the front of the school to where we always used to sit. ‘You seem a bit distant lately, Jake. What’s up?’ I asked.
‘I’m sorry, I won’t be hanging around you anymore. Uh, I’ve found this new group of sporto kids and they’re just really cool.’
‘Sorry, what?’ I was a little shocked.
‘Well, they’ve kind of already accepted me and I kind of want to hang around with them now. It would just really help me with my rep to get on the footy team. I’ve had so much fun with you, you are amazing but I just…’ he trailed off. ‘Here, this is for you,’ he said as he gave me the rose.
I took the rose but clutched carelessly. A thorn pierced through my cold skin and blood poured out of the wound. But I couldn’t feel it for I had a broken heart to deal with. I held in the tears that were filling up my eyes and asked, ‘So, who have you ditched me for?’
‘I haven’t “ditched” you. I’ll still see you around. I’m just going to hanging around with Stephan and Meggs now.’
I couldn’t hold in the tears. They dripped down my face. Why did it have to be those two guys of all people! I fell back onto the bench behind me and dropped the rose. I sat at that same spot he’d kissed me only a week ago. Just sitting. Waiting, for something, anything to wake me from this nightmare.
‘I have to go,’ He said as he bent down and kissed me on my tear stained cheek. Time passed and I sat. Starring at the ground, remembering all the fun we had. I tried not to think about it but most of the memories I had were with him.
Crying. Hurting. Feeling like I wanted to runaway. He had been the biggest part of my junior school years. How could this be? I had lost my soul mate to my worst enemies. Bridey, who was my friend since primary school, came running up to me, calling, ‘Andy! Are you ok!? I was wondering where you were when I saw Jake with Stephan and Meggs.’
At the sound of their names I burst into tears again. I was distraught.
We sat there for a while and finally I picked up the petals from the rose and said to Bridey, ‘Please, I need you to get rid of these.’ Bridey hugged me, took the petals out of my hand and put them in her pocket. I stood up feeling dizzy. Bridey grabbed me before I could fall over.
‘Sit down for a sec. You’re not up to it, you’re probably dehydrated from the amount of crying you’ve done,’ she said, smiling.
‘I’m fine. I’ll be ok,’ I said standing up again.
‘Ok, but come with me a sec then we’ll go see Zack.’
I just nodded and followed her to the library. When we got there she told me to wait outside.
I had to do something to get Jake out of my head so when Bridey came back outside I hit her on the arm and teased, ‘I bet you I can find Zack first!’ and I started running. She got the hint and followed after me.
* * *
‘Jake! I found it! Did you want me to steal it for you?’ whispered Stephan across the next row of bookshelves. Meggs laughed as Jake walked up to them and took ‘Romeo and Juliet’ off them. He looked at it and smiled. He opened the book to see if the pictures he and Andy drew in it were still there and something fell out of the middle. He looked down at the ground. His tear fell onto the flattened, blood covered rose petals.

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