The Girl In The Mirror?

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All Nicky wants is a normal life full of friends and laughs so she changes schools and in the process, looses her identity. will her past come back to haunt her or will she get her dream?

Submitted: September 14, 2010

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Submitted: September 14, 2010



The Girl In the Mirror
At my school, I am the looser everyone loves to pick on. I have never understood why, because I don’t look any different, I mean, my twin sister Steph is one of the popular girls, and we are identical, so I know for a fact it isn’t because of they way I look. I put it down to that fact that I am shy.
I am always comparing myself to my sister. On the outside, we are exactly the same with our long wavy brow hair and blue eyes. Personality wise however, we are complete opposites. Steph is confident and outspoken, where as I’m shy and reserved. Recently, mum and I decided it was time for me to move schools.
Be like Steph I think to myself as I walk into my first class. There are only a few people here so far. There is a girl with jet black hair wearing glasses sitting up the front who looks kind of nerdy so, deciding to avoid her, I opt to sit near the skinny blond girl sitting on her desk up the back talking to two boys who look like they should be eighteen instead of fifteen.
Planting a big smile on my face, I walk over to them. “Hi, I’m Nicky” I tell her as I put my books on the desk next to her.
“Shelly” is all she says before turning back to talk to the guys. “Anyway, what was I saying? Oh that’s right, I’m having a party saterday night, so tell all your friends.”
The classroom is starting to fill up and as one of the boys goes to sit on the other side of me, he turns to me and says “I’m Alexx by the way”.
“Hey, yeah I’m Nicky” I reply. All I want to do is shrink into my chair but I know that wont help anything.
“Have we met before?” He asks me. Surprisingly, this isn’t an unusual question considering my sister knows everyone on the damn planet.
“No, you probably met my twin sister Steph” I tell him reluctantly.
“You have a twin?” Shelly asks from beside me. “That’s so cool! I wish I had a twin!” Maybe, I could use this to my advantage I think to myself as the teacher starts the lesson and we all turn to face the front.
Shelly decides to show me around the school and lets me sit with her friends at lunch. The day goes by so quickly and before I know it, It’s home time.
“How was your first day?” mum asks hesitantly when I walk into the kitchen.
“Great” I tell her as I sit on a stool. “I don’t remember the last time I went a hole day without being tripped!”
The days go by and everything is fine. Everyone is really nice to me, but by the end of the week, I’m beginning to get tired of being fake. Friday rolls around and I get home to find Steph and Amanda, the queen cow out in the pool. “What’s she doing here?” I ask mum
“She is staying over for the weekend. Don’t worry about her Nicky, she wont bother you.”
“I’ll be hiding in my room if you need me” I tell her before going to my room. No one should ever feel uncomfortable in their own home. I swear it should be a crime, but of cause, I feel uncomfortable most weekends for this exact reason. Trying to stay positive, I fix my thoughts onto the fact that Im going to my first ever party tomorrow night.
The only problem is that I never go out anywhere so I don’t really own any nice clothes, so I have to borrow some of Steph’s, which ironically makes me feel even more fake.
“Great” I say to myself sarcastically as I stand in front of the mirror looking at the skin tight black jeans and the almost see through white top I’m wearing “I’m acting like Steph and now I’m wearing her clothes. This is ridiculous!” I’m about to text Shelly and tell her not to pick me up because I don’t want to go anymore when there is a knock at the door. Too late.
I grab my bag and run to the door hoping that Steph wont see me, but unfortunately, Steph is the one that answered the door. “Sorry I’m sick, I can’t come” Steph says, pretending to be me.
“Steph shut up!” I tell her as I walk passed her to stand next to Shelly. “This is Steph, my sister” I explain to her.
“And their my clothes!” Steph yells at me. “Who said you could wear them?”
“I did” I reply before walking away with Shelly.
There are people everywhere at the party, and I find myself sitting out in the gutter with a group of people I don’t know when I hear a familiar voice. “Nicky? What the hell are you doing at a party?” I turn to see Amanda with my sister walking up the road towards us. I know what was going to come next, and I don’t want to hang around to see it. I get up and start walking in the direction of home.
“Nicky! Where are you going?” I hear Alexx call. “Come and hang out!”
“I don’t think she knows how” Amanda laughs and I starts running full speed down the street. I was so foolish to think I could do this! No one will ever accept me. I thought moving schools would be the fresh start that would fix everything… little did I know, at the time, how wrong I was.
I finally make it home and all I can hear is Amanda’s voice running through my head. Looser… geek… loner… you will never have any friends… you’re a joke… each word is like a drop of poison running down my throat, suffocating me. I can’t do this anymore, I need an out.
I run up to my parents bedroom and grab dads gun that he keeps hidden in his bottom draw, before going to my room and sitting in front of the mirror. I was staring at a girl I didn’t know. A girl only a mother could love. A girl who hated her life.
I slowly pull dads gun up toward my head. It felt like it weighed a tone. I take one last look at the girl in the mirror before closing my eyes and pulling the trigger.

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