Love in "74

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
“Be a lady, always a lady, always give yourself your place”

Those were ten words I chose to ignore. The only thing I wanted to do in the summer of 1974 was live, laugh and love. Forget about rules and parents. Little did I know months later it would all change…?

Submitted: July 04, 2012

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Submitted: July 04, 2012






The phone rang. “Hello” momma says. 

“Hello Mrs. Carmichael, is Nancy home?”

“May I ask who is calling?” “It’s me Darla Savoy”

 “One moment I'll get her for you”.

 Mean while I am digging through all my drawers trying to get my second pair of clothes ready so that Darla and I could hang out with some “friends”.


Darla and I were invited to our friend Bethany’s house. She was having a small party and everyone who was everyone was invited. We were so excited because we had never been to a CO-ED party. My mother was not going to go for that so Bethany’s older sister called my mother and acted like Mrs. Price.

  “Oh Denise, Toby and I will be with the kids during the party. You will have nothing to worry about. I will keep an extra eye on Nancy for you”

 “Well ok then, I guess she can go” says momma.

Darla and I walked to Bethany’s house so excited. I had my bag over my shoulder. It was heavy from the extra pair of clothes. We rang the door bell and Bethany greeted us with:

 “Finally, ya’ll made it!”

 “Hurry up, change your clothes, put some make up on and come enjoy the party.”

When we finished changing clothes we made our way towards the living room. The closer we got the louder the music became. The site of people standing around, dancing, laughing and talking made me feel so nervous. Darla grinned and said;

 “Nancy, look who is standing over there” “It’s Robert McCoy and Jaxson Miller.”

 I smiled so big and thoughts of Jaxson and I dancing were going through my mind. I was smiling so much and I was so big eyed it was ridiculous. We went for some drinks and sat on the couch. We chatted about the boys and about the party in general. We were two excited gals! Samantha Smith yelled out “Who wants to play Spin the Bottle and 7 minutes in heaven?”

Everyone shouted “Groovy.”

 The crowd formed a big circle and began to play. Darla and I just sat back. By this time I notice Jaxson Miller and Robert McCoy was walking towards us;

“What’s up Nancy, what you up to?” says Jaxson.

 “Oh just here watching everyone play spin the bottle. What about you Jaxson?”

 You see Jaxson was one of those boys that you don’t bring home to momma and poppa. He drives a car and motorcycle is 2 years older than me and his parents let him do anything he wants to do.

He doesn’t necessarily have a bad rap but he just looks like he does. Every time momma would pick me up from school she would see him and make her sly comments about him. If only she knew how “in love” her own daughter was with him. She used to say things like:

“You know Nancy those kinds of boys only want one thing and one thing only. You should never date a boy like that!”

So Darla somehow disappeared from the party. I am guessing she went upstairs with Robert McCoy. After all she did say she wanted to be alone with him. All I could do is giggle and smile.

“Hey Nancy, do you feel like swimming?”

“Sure why not” I said.

 As we walk towards the back porch patio Jaxson takes my hand kisses it and smiles. By this time I was so nervous because I never had a boy hold my hand let alone kiss it. When we walked outside I was thinking I do not have my swim suit on, what am I supposed to wear? Hmm By that time Jaxson stripped down to his underwear and said:

“Aw, come on bells. You don’t have to be shy”.

 I took my clothes off left my bra and underwear on and quickly jumped in. The water was so cold and the only thing I could think of was reaching for him and wrapping my arms around him for warmth.  He kissed me on the forehead and said:


The whole night was perfect. We spent so much time talking about our family, friends, likes and dislikes. I don’t understand, he dressed like a bad boy yet he had the manners of a gentleman.  Finally, after about an hour in the pool we decided to reunite ourselves with Darla and Robert. When we walked inside they were on the couch chatting. I walked over to Darla and asked what time it was.

“Oh no, momma is going to kill me!”

Darla and I ran to my house sneaked through the back door. We tip toed quietly up the stairs went into my room, gently closed the door, slipped into our night gowns and lay down. By that time I heard momma coming up the stairs. She knocked on my door and asked

“Nancy, what time did you and Darla get home?”

“About an hour ago, just like you said mother.”

  “Ok then. You girls good night, I love ya’ll.”

 “We love you too momma.”

When momma closed the door Darla and I began to laugh. We were so excited about our evening with the boys we couldn’t stop giggling. I looked over to Darla and said: “Darla, thank you for being my best friend! I love you!” We both turned around and fell asleep.

The next morning we woke up and started getting ready for school. I noticed my head felt like it was spinning and I felt like I was floating in mid air. Darla said

“Nance did we really drink alcohol last night?”

 “I am guessing so; I replied other wise why would our heads be spinning.”

 Momma, hollered up the stairs for us:

 “Hurry up girls; you’ll be late for school.

When we got to school I stopped by Jaxson’s locker and wrote him a note:


“Hey Jax,

I had fun last night, I hope you did too?! See you soon?!

  • Nancy”

When I turned around Jaxson wrapped his arms around me and gave me a big kiss.

 “There’s my girl!”

 I just smiled and went along with it. I could feel my face turning so red. I mean come on, I am 16 years old never been kissed nor had a boyfriend! Robert McCoy did the same to Darla. Since that moment everyone would stare at us. Jaxson and Robert were the most popular boys in school. All the girls wanted to be with them. Darla and I well, that’s just who we were nothing more nothing less. We were never really noticed.

Everyday after school I would do my homework, call Jaxson and we would talk for hours. There was never a quiet or awkward moment between us. We always had something to talk about. About 8 o’clock I would let him go. Mainly because momma, would be coming up to my room to let me know it was time for bed. When I hang up the phone, I lay in my bed and thought about him. After a few weeks of the same routine, momma started to notice. She asked me who I had been talking to for so long on the phone. I would usually say Darla, until one day she found out. I ran upstairs to call Jax and momma ran right after me.

“Nancy Eleanor Carmichael, do you mind telling me why you have been talking to the trouble-some boy Jaxson Miller? What did I tell you about boys like him? He is bad news Nancy! I forbid you to ever speak to him again. Is that understood?!”

 “No! You can’t do this to me. He is my boyfriend and I love him! He is not a troublesome boy, you just don’t understand him. He is really a sweet boy who cares about me too.”

 “I do not want to hear anymore foolishness out of your mouth! I said to end it and I mean it!”

The next day at school I ran to Jax and told him what happened.

“It’s ok pretty lady. I know you love me and I love you too! Nothing will keep us apart, I promise.”

 Jaxson walked me to my classes gave me a kiss and told me he would see me after school. He said he would drive Darla and me to her house. All day I was worried about how I was going to be able to see Jax or talk to Jax. School was out for the summer and that was the only way I could see him without anyone telling me anything. I guess that is just something that will work itself out.

“Hi Girls, how was school today?” Mrs. Savoy says.

 “Fine” we answered.

We were going up to Darla’s room when Mrs. Savoy says “Nancy, we are going to Galveston for a week, we leave tomorrow. You are welcome to come with us?”

“I would Mrs. Savoy but I don’t know that momma would let me. “Well don’t worry about it. I will call her and give her all the details.” Mrs. Savoy said:

When we made it into Darla’s room she called Robert McCoy to let him know we were going to Galveston for a week and what hotel we would be staying at. “Sure thing, babe we will be there too.”

Later that evening I went back home to pack. Apparently momma was ok with me going. I packed all my swim suites including the bikini that I secretly bought. This week was going to be ours. Everything and anything will go.  Darla called and said “Nance, we will be by in a few minutes to pick you up. See you then.” I lay in bed waiting for the Savoy’s. Maybe this is this moment I have been waiting for.

“HONK, HONK” I walked out to see who was honking. It was the Savoy’s in their 1973 Dodge Polara.  I always loved that car! Threw my suit case in the trunk and hopped in the back. At first we were excited but after an hour in that car we were ready to get out! We were driving from Pflugerville, Texas it was a 3 ½ hour drive. A little longer of a drive it you add the one hour we stopped for lunch.


10:30 – On the road to Galveston

12:30 – Lunch



Finally, we were t here. Mr. Savoy drove into The Mayflower Inn (USS Galveston). It was located right in front of the beach. “Girls wake up! We are here!” We were so excited because we knew this was the beginning of our 7 day vacation next to the boys we loved. Mr. Savoy rented 2 rooms. Darla and I had our own room; the Savoy’s had their own room. When we unpacked our things we put on our bathing suites. The Savoy’s weren’t too protective of Darla they were ok with her going and coming as she pleased.

 We had our towels in one hand and ran across the street to the beach. Walked down the stairs of the seawall and found a spot in the sand. There were so many people out there; I have never seen anything like it. We stretched out our towels and lay down on them. We were chatting about the boys and making plans.  Across the way, there was a group of boys. They seemed a little older than us perhaps college boys. Handsome and tan skin but even then the only boy I could think of was Jaxson Miller.

Jaxson Miller was 5’6”, baldhead and had beautiful blue eyes. He had the kind of eyes that would hypnotize you (at least the did me). My heart would melt every time I saw his face. Darla started talking about maybe losing her virginity to Robert McCoy. I was a little intimidated by that. I mean I am in love with Jaxson Miller why not right? Momma would find out, is all I kept thinking.

“Don’t look behind you Nancy, there is this nice handsome boy looking at you” Darla says.

“Oh I don’t care about that handsome boy. I only want Jaxson to be looking at me”

“Well who did you think she was talking about silly girl? There better not be another guy looking at my girl!”

I turned around and practically jumped on top of Jaxson. Feeling his arms around me sent electricity through my body that I could not explain. It felt so good it made my body tremble. Of course Darla did the same with Robert. Did she feel the same intensity I am not sure but either way it was good to know the boys were here.

Jaxson stretched his towel next to mine and lay with me. I was the happiest girl on the beach of Galveston. Robert went to Jaxson’s car and brought the cooler out. The cooler had beers, waters and sandwiches believe it or not. They said we had to eat something before we started to drink.

Like 4 small kids we ran down to the water and threw water at each other and jumped all over each other. The sun was starting to set and I knew it was time for us to get back to the hotel. The boys followed us over. Amazingly, their hotel room was right next to ours. Darla and I went back to their room had more beers and listened to music. Jaxson said “Nancy, baby, do you want to go dancing? What about you Darla girl?”

 “Sure”. We answered.

We left their room and returned to ours. We showered and got dressed. She slipped on the sexiest pairs of bell bottoms we had. Darla had on a white short sleeved shirt, black bell bottoms, a wide black and white belt, with her black wedge heals on. She purposely left her tops 3 buttons unbuttoned. I guess she was going for the sexier look. As for myself, I had a pair of black bell bottoms, with a red blouse that hung off my right shoulder. Red wedge heals and my hair down and curled.  When I looked in the mirror all I could think of was how different and mature I looked.

We walked next door to the boy’s room. They looked so good.

We got into Jaxson’s car and head towards a bar in downtown Galveston. When we walked in my eyes lit up. Watching all those people on the dance floor dancing so close to each grinding on each other, girls with their legs wrapped around their partners made me wish Jaxson and I could do that too. I can’t imagine what momma would say if she knew we were here. No clue that I was about to break all the rules and enjoy doing it too.

Jaxson held my hand and led me to the bar.

“Let me have a round of beers” Jaxson said to the bartender.

I pulled my beer to my lips and drank.

 “You look so sexy and smell so good, Nancy!” Jackson whispered in my ear.

He pulled me close. I could feel his arms holding me so tightly and feel his breath on my neck. How I wished so bad that we were back at the hotel room. Darla and Robert some how made it out onto the dance floor.  She was enjoying him and he was enjoying her. Jaxson went out to the dance floor and asked Robert if he wanted a ride to the hotel because we were leaving. Robert said no he and Darla would ride back in a taxi.

When we got back to the hotel room, Jaxson leaned me against the wall and started kissing me. He said he would never harm me nor touch me in any manner unwelcomed. So I had full trust in him. He kissed me so hard and rubbed his hands all over my body. He ran his hands down to my butt. Lifted me up, kissed me and lay me down. He slowly pulled his shirt off and I pulled mine off. He kissed my chin and worked his way to my neck. He then kissed me down my chest in between my breast and to my belly button. He slid my pants off as well as his. I was so scared and nervous. What if momma found out was the only thing on my mind. Before he went inside of me he asked:

“Are you ready for this baby?” “If you are not I will stop and we can go to sleep?”

Something inside me wants him to stop but my body is telling me say no keep going.

I just smiled and said:

“No baby I want you. I want you all the way!”





As soon as I spoke those words, I felt a weight lifted off my chest. I thought about this moment for so long it couldn’t be more perfect.

“Don’t be scared Bella, I will be gentle.”

He proceeds to slide himself into me. I moaned because it hurt but it felt so good. I never thought in a million years that I would’ve given my self to a boy before marriage. The feeling Jaxson gave me when he would hold and kiss me was great! When it was all over with we lay down and fell asleep in each others arms.

When we woke up the next morning we took a shower and got dressed for the beach. I was embarrassed but didn’t know why. I imagine Jaxson sensed it too. He wrapped his arms around me and said:

“You are my girl in every way imaginable. There is no one else I would rather be with than you!”

I just smiled and giggled. For a moment there, all I could think of was last night. I realize Darla and Robert weren’t back and I was concerned.

“Hey Jaxson, has Darla and Robert come by?”

“Yes, I forgot to tell you. They spent the night on the beach. They will meet us out there.”

We walked over to the beach. Spread our towels out and lay down. Jaxson told me he was happy that I was ok with what we had done. I told him I was too. I also told him I was worried he would think I was easy. He assured me he didn’t think that way. I sat back and enjoyed the sun on my skin. Jaxson rolled over and kissed my lips. While he did that I felt a tingling sensation going through my body and it was almost as if I was aroused by his kisses.

“Jax, stop we are in public!”

“I am sorry Nancy, you just drive me crazy!” he said.

By this time Robert and Darla are walking towards us. I got up ran to Darla and hugged her so tight. I told her that I was so worried about her and was happy to see her. She just smiled and said me too. The boys wanted to go swimming. I told Jaxson I wanted to soak up the sun a little longer and would join him later. So they went out into the water. I imagine they were talking about the same thing Darla and I were talking about.

 Darla was really quiet and I could tell she was not being herself.

“Darla, is everything ok?”

“Yes everything is fine. I just feel a little bad.”

“Why what’s wrong?”

“Well I gave myself to Robert. I feel like a bad girl. What if momma finds out?”

“I gave my self to Jaxson too! I don’t regret doing so either. It was the most wonderful experience and I can’t wait to be with him again.”

Darla just smiled in relief. Darla thought it would be a good idea to find out where exactly her parents were and to check in with them. We told the boys to go back to the room and get dressed. We are going to check in with Darla’s parents. We’ll meet up with you at ya’lls room

Mean while, Darla and I went to look for her parents. They were still in their room sleeping. We knocked on their door and asked them what they had planned today. They pretty much said they had “adult activities” at the Galvez resort. The Savoy’s asked:

“What do you girls have in mind?”

“Well we are going to walk down the beach or maybe go to the picture show.”

“Well you girls be careful. You never know what kind of people are out there.” Said the Savoy’s

So we went back to our room and started getting ready. It was amazing to me that we were with our boyfriends and no one to tell us other wise.

“Knock Knock” “Are you girls ready in there?”

When we walked out of the boys were amazed. It was almost as if they looked at us as women instead of little girls. For a change, I felt like a woman. I wasn’t a little girl anymore. Jaxson walked towards me and grabbed my hand. I followed him in. Darla and Robert were like what’s going on and just took off. Jaxson said:

 “We are going to stay here Robert. Go ahead and take Darla to the picture show.”

“Ok. See you later” Darla and Robert both said at the same time.

 Jaxson, started to kiss me and touch me all over. We gently pulled my hair back and kissed my neck. We walked towards the bed as we locked lips. He untied my dress and it fell at his feet. I gently unbuttoned his pants and slid them off. He placed his hands on butt and lifted me off the floor. With my legs wrapped around his waist I could feel his body hardening. It felt so good against me I moaned a little. He threw me on the bed and took his underwear off. He walked towards me and took my panties off. He placed himself inside of me slowly thrusting. It hurt but I couldn’t get past how good it felt at the same time. He slowly moved up and down, thrusting harder and faster. He rolled over and I was on top of him. I didn’t know what I was doing. All he said was move your hips up, down and move with the flow. So I did as he said. The feeling was so intense that I could hear him moaning and groaning. I felt this sensation in body as if it was about to explode. He rolled back on top of me and I felt him thrusting harder and harder making me moan loader and loader. Finally, the last thrust he moaned with relief and kissed me long and hard. When we finished we got in the shower and lay back on the bed. We lay together and talked about everything. We made plans for our future and told each other how we would always be together.

Darla and Robert came back early and lay in bed to go to sleep. They seemed tired and sweaty. I could tell they also had their fair shares of intimacy. Finally, Darla and I decided we would go back to our room instead of stay with the boys incase Darla’s parents came back to look for us. Good thing we did. The next morning the Savoy’s came knocking on our door.

“Girls, we have to go.”  Darla’s poppa said.

“There was an emergency back home that I have to tend to. We leave in 2 hours!”

Unfortunately for us we were left with 2 nights of love making and happy memories. Darla and I cried and went next door to Jaxson and Robert’s room. We explained to them what was going on and they told us not to worry. They would come home too.

We packed all of our stuff and wait for Darla’s poppa to say the word.

We hopped in the car and watched as we left our loves behind.3 and a half long hours later we made it back to Pflugerville. The Savoy’s dropped me off at home and said they were sorry our trip was cut short.

“Hi Nancy, how was the trip darling?” momma said.

“It was great momma. I wish it was longer!”

“Go upstairs unpack all of your clothes and come have some dinner.”

“Yes ma’am”

While I was unpacking I thought of the two nights I spent with Jaxson. The thought of him kissing and rubbing my body was sending sparks through me all over again. I went down to eat dinner, helped momma wash dishes then went up to my room and fell asleep. The next morning I woke up, brushed my teeth and went downstairs to eat some breakfast. I wondered if the boys made it home. I called his home but his mother said he wasn’t back from out of town.

I was a little concerned but figured they stayed an extra night or two. After all they were also down there on vacation. It’s not like they had any rules of any kind. They were 18 and could come and go as they pleased.

“Hey honey, how are you feeling? Do you feel rested?” my mother asked.

“I am still a little tired from my trip.” I answered.

I went to the living room and watched TV for about an hour.

“Hey, momma I am going to Darla’s house.”

“Ok. Just be careful” momma said.

As I was walking to Darla’s I noticed a car like Jaxson’s driving towards me. It was him! I was so excited and happy. He parked his car and ran towards me. He hugged me so tight then kissed my lips. I was in heaven once again.

“Now, where were you off to missy?”

“To Darla’s of course” I answered him.

“Well hop in, I will take you there. A pretty girl like you, especially my girl shouldn’t be walking alone!”

He dropped me off at Darla’s and took off. He knew that it was going to be kind of hard to see each other but we would try. It seemed like time was dragging on so slow. Darla and I were so bored. After our time in Galveston with the boys there was nothing that could top that. We talked about it all the time and laughed about it too. Of course we were scared that someone would find out but no one ever did or so we thought.

A few weeks of secretly seeing the boys went by. Darla and I came down with a stomach bug. Every morning I would wake up throwing up and feeling nauseated. Momma would ask me if I was ok and I would just tell her that I was fine. One morning I woke up and was getting ready for church. Momma was very picky about what I wore. She used to always to tell me to dress like a lady. Pants and shorts are not for church. Only dresses and hats were appropriate. So I picked out one of the prettiest dresses I had. Hadn’t worn it in a while so I figured I would wear it today. When I slipped it on I noticed it didn’t zip up. Momma came in and said:

“Oh Nancy, it’s only a couple of pounds. Don’t worry honey you are still young you will loose them quick”

“Just pick another dress to wear but hurry up because your father is waiting”

I finally finished getting dressed and went down stairs. I was sort of taken back that I had gained a couple of pounds. I never had a problem with weight and I can’t imagine why I would now. I just shook it off and thought maybe all the beer we had in Galveston made me gain some weight. No big deal. As I was walking into church I was greeted by all of our neighbors and mommas friends. Mrs. Smith looked at me and made a big statement that caught my attention;

“Oh Nancy, you are glowing. Your pretty little cheeks are rosy red and your face just has a beautiful sparkle to it”

Momma turned around and just said: “Doesn’t she look adorable? I told her that dress went well with her skin.”

 I think momma caught on to the comment too but never really brought it up or asked me about it. After church was over we went back home. I ran upstairs to change but I had to stop by the restroom first because I couldn’t hold it any longer. Now that I think about it, it feels like my bladder is always so full. I went into my room and pulled open my drawer so I could get me a pair of shorts I noticed my unopened box of pads (sanitary sheets). Hmm, I thought. For the first time I was unsure about when my last period was. Oh well I thought I am sure I’m due any day this week.  A week went by and my period never came.

“OH MY GOD, this can’t be happening?!”

“Momma, I am going to the drug store to pick up some stomach medicine”

“Ok, honey just be careful”

I ran so fast to the drug store and bought a pregnancy test. I was embarrassed because my mother and father were good friends with the pharmacist. I just looked at him and told him I was buying it for a friend. He just smiled and said ok. I ran to Darla’s house and told her what was happening. Darla wasn’t surprised. She said she was pregnant too. She took a pregnancy test last night. It was positive. She was scared and so was I. I took the pregnancy test and waited a couple minutes. When I finally looked for the results I was terrified. It was positive. “What am I going to do? How am I going to hide this? How am I going to tell them?” those were the only things on my mind.

Darla said she was going to call Robert and tell him. She was scared. What if he doesn’t stand by her? What if he just leaves her?

“Robert, I need to speak to you. This is very important and serious” Darla cried as she was talking to him.

“Sure, Darla what’s wrong?”
“Robert I am pregnant. I took a pregnancy test last night and it is positive.”

“Oh Darla, I am so sorry. What are we going to do? I can’t be a father right now. I am too young to get married!”

“What are you saying Robert? You said you would always be here for me no matter what happened?!”

“I know Darla but this is too much. I am sorry I have to go! Please don’t ever call me again”

“Robert, don’t please don’t go. Why are you saying these things to me?”

But he was gone. He hung up and Darla never heard from him again. She was scared but she new she had to tell her parents. She asked me if I would be there with her but I told her that I too have to tell mine and I still have to call Jaxson to tell him. I was scared her would react the same way Robert did. I stayed anyway with her while she told her parents. It was an ugly site. The looks on their face as they called her names and told her she was a disgrace. I feared for her. Hell, I feared for myself. I didn’t know if I would have the same courage Darla had to tell her momma and pop.

“Nancy, you have to go. Please go and never come back! Darla is not longer allowed to have friends. In fact she is moving away with her aunt in Mississippi. Please say good bye and go!”

“Good Bye Nancy. I love you and you will always be my best friend!” Darla said

I turned around and walked away. I walked home in tears.  I was scared very scared. What if Jaxson says the same? What if he tells me never to call him again?

When I go home momma looked at me and said;

“Is there something you want to tell me?”


I walked up to my room but could feel the stares from my mother eyes on my back. I quickly ran into my room and called Jaxson.


“Jaxson, we need to talk. This is very important and serious!”

“Sure, Nance what’s up?”

“I am pregnant!”

“WHAT do you mean Pregnant?!”

“I am pregnant. I am late on my period by 2 weeks. I have been getting sick to my stomach but didn’t think it was because of that. I am scared baby and I don’t know what to do?”


 “Ok, don’t worry Nancy. I will take care of you. I wont leave you baby I promise. Have you told your parents?”

“Not yet. You don’t know how happy I am to hear you say that. I was so scared you would leave me. The way Robert did Darla.”

“He is just scared he won’t leave her. You’ll see he will come around.”

The relief that I felt go through my body when I heard Jax say he would stay was great! The thought of going through all of this by my self was hard and scary. Jaxson let me go and said for me to call him later. In the mean time I called Darla but she was not home anymore. She left to Mississippi about 30 minutes ago. Her mother said she went to Long Beach, Mississippi. The only thing I could think of was going to Mississippi to find her.

I heard the door bell ring downstairs but didn’t bother worrying about it. I thought it was a sales person or someone looking for my parents. The last person I expected to be at the door was Jaxson Miller.

“Hello Mrs. Carmichael. Is Nancy home?”

“Of course she is home but you may not speak with her”

“Well there is something that she and I have to tell you. I suggest you call Nancy from her room and have her come greet me”

So momma did. She called for me and I ran down the stairs. I was surprised as hell to see Jaxson standing at my front door.

“Please come in Jaxson. You may have a seat in the living room”

“Thank You.” He replied.

“Jaxson what are you doing? I thought we were going to talk this over? I can’t do this. I am so scared!”

“Honey, can you come please.” Momma called for poppa.

You see poppa was a funny character. He never spoke to anyone he barely spoke to me his own daughter. He was never the type to hug, kiss or say “I love you.” When he came into the living room and saw us all in the living room his first reaction was;

“What did you do Nancy?”

“Poppa I have something I need to tell you and momma. Please forgive me for what I am about to say.”

Before I could speak any further Jaxson Miller stood up from the couch and said;

“I am going to marry your daughter. I love her she loves me and I want to marry her.”

“ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? She is only 16 years old. She doesn’t know what love is!” poppa said.

“Well with or without your permission Nancy is leaving here with me tonight”

“Young man, do you really think you re going to tell me what my daughter is or isn’t going to do? Have you lost your DAMN mind? Nancy stays here with her mother and me. No questions asked. AND THAT’S FINAL!”

“Well Poppa I have something I need to tell you and momma.”

I just closed my eyes and let those 3 words come out of my mouth.


“NANCY ELEANOR CARMICHAEL, what did you say?” momma and poppa said


“How could you be so stupid? Have I taught you nothing? What about school? Are you just going to drop out and throw your education away?” Momma yelled.

Poppa just looked at me and said:

“You are not my daughter. No daughter of mine would betray her body or values this way.” As poppa is saying this he is walking towards me. Jaxson thought he was going to hit me so he pulled me back and got in front of me.  He looked at my father and said;

“Don’t you dare touch her?”

Poppa looked at him and said;

“I will do what I want with my daughter. Now get the hell out of the way.”

Poppa tried pushing Jaxson out of the way but Jaxson turned around and pushed him. They shoved each back and forth before Jaxson punched my father in the face. Poppa fell to the ground but then got back up and said:

“You son of a bitch get out of my house and take that slut with you!”

I could not believe my father would speak that way of me. Jaxson grabbed my hand and we walked outside before I could get into his car poppa threw a trash bag full of my things. Jaxson told me to get in the car, he picked up my thing placed them in the car and we left. Jaxson apologized the whole way and said that he tried doing it the right way. I just cried and cried. I really couldn’t believe this was it.

Later on that evening after leaving my parents house we went to his house. His parents were there. They were a little upset from the phone call they received from my parents. But they didn’t throw us out. All they said was we needed to figure it out. His momma was very kind and gentle. She made tea and we sat at the table to talk. She understood what I was going through because she was once in the same situation. She gave me advice and told me it would be ok. I just thought to myself I wish this was my mother speaking to me and not just some stranger. Jaxson came into the kitchen sat next to me and said:

“Nancy, I am sorry for everything. I wish this would’ve never happened this way. Please trust me when I tell you that I will never leave you!”

“I know Jax; I just can’t believe this is happening. What about school? What am I going to do? Ma was right Jaxson. I guess I’ll just have to quit school until after the baby is born.”

“Don’t worry baby you will graduate. I wont let you just throw it all away. Remember I already graduated and I will find a job. We will be fine. Trust me!”

His momma looked at him and told him to take me to his room. He told her to take my bags and fix the drawers up to where all my stuff would fit too. Jaxson grabbed my hand and walked me to his room. He had a beautiful room very clean I thought for a boy. His bed was big enough for the both of us and he had his own bathroom. Good thing, especially as many times as I’ve had to go. Mrs. Miller walked to the room and said:

“Dinner will be ready in 10 minutes. Nancy, why don’t you come to the kitchen and help set the table?”

“Yes ma’am” I answered.

My eyes began to tear. It was just the other day I was helping momma set the table. Now I am just a piece of trash. And poppa, I can’t believe he said what he said. I was in disbelief. Jaxson came up behind me and hugged me. He placed his hands on my little belly and said;

“This baby is our baby! I will never leave you nor abandon you!”

After he grabbed my belly the only thing that I felt was fear leaving my body. I knew then that everything was going to be ok.




A couple of weeks had gone by since we told ma and pa. I have yet to speak to them. I don’t even want to try because I know what will happen when I do. Mrs. Miller made an appointment with her woman doctor for me. She says I need to go see him and so I can be healthy. She told me it wouldn’t be easy and that it’s something that I have to go through as a woman. After all I am no longer a little girl. Mrs. Miller was not happy about the situation but was not mad either. She said we just have to deal with it. We have to take it one day at a time. She used to tell me that now that I am a woman and live with my child’s father. Eventually we will be married, she said to me.

“Hello my name is Nancy Eleanor Carmichael. I have an appointment with Dr. Johns at 11:00 o’clock.”

“Yes Ma’am. Please sign in and fill out this information. When you are done with it bring it back and the nurse will get you back to a room.”

 “Yes Ma’am thank you”

I filled out the information asked and took it back to the receptionist. I was so nervous. Jaxson walked into through door so my nerves calmed a little. I have never been to a gynecologist. I didn’t know what to expect. I was so scared. Jaxson whispered in my ear;

“Baby it will be ok.”

I just smiled at him. When the nurse asked me to come back Jaxson stood up with me. I thought Mrs. Miller would come in but she just smiled and looked at Jaxson with those eyes that only meant one thing. He knew what they meant. The nurse took me to the room. She took my blood pressure and then said to me:

“Please take all of your clothes off and slip this gown on. Dr. Johns will be in a few minutes to see you”


Jaxson just looked at me with that face of wonder. He finally asked;

“Baby, why do you need to take all your clothes off?”

“I guess so he can give me a check up.”

Finally the doctor walked in. He was a young doctor not what I expected. He was surprised to see two teenagers in the room. I guess he figured out what was going on so he explained everything to us. Well young lady you are approximately 8weeks pregnant. You are due March 23, 1975. You are due for another visit next month. Finally the doctor says I can get dressed and go. Thank goodness. I was ready to run out of there. On the way home Mrs. Miller made a comment about marriage. Jaxson sort of smiled and then he said:

“This weekend, let’s do it this Saturday”

“I beg your pardon.” I said

“Lets get married on Saturday. There is no reason to wait. You want to be with me. I want to be with you so lets do it!”


Mrs. Miller was excited and scared. She called my parents but they didn’t want to hear about me or from me. She didn’t tell me what they said but I could only imagine. She invited a couple of her friends over and some of her family members to come over on Saturday. Mr. Miller was ok either which way. He didn’t really care about what was going on. He was too busy to worry about us. Either which way I was ok with that.

When we got back home Mr. Miller asked Jaxson to come talk to him. He said it was important. I didn’t think anything of it. I went inside to help Mrs. Miller cook dinner.  She told me I had to start learning how to cook. Jaxson walked in from outside and said “Nancy, I need to speak to you please!” He sounded stern and was very loud about how he said it. I sort of just looked at him and could tell something was wrong.

“Nancy, Darla is dead!”

“WHAT? What do you mean she’s dead? She can’t be dead!”

“She was in Mississippi at her aunt’s house. When she didn’t come down for breakfast they went upstairs to check on her. When her aunt walked into her room she found her hanging in her closet. I am sorry baby. I know she was your friend!”

“Oh my GOD, Why? Why did this have to happen to her?! She didn’t deserve this!”

Jaxson just held me and cried with me. He knew I was hurt. He knew how much I loved her! Just a minute ago we were talking about getting married and now with this. There is no way that there was going to be a wedding.

“Jaxson take Nancy to your room and have her lay down. I will make some tea for her. She needs to calm down it’s not good for the baby.”

All I can remember from that night was Jaxson carrying me into the room and laying me in the bed.  The next morning I woke up with a headache and my body aching. I felt like I had been hit by a train. Jaxson was still sleeping. I kissed him on the forehead and got up. I got dressed but noticed I was very nauseated. I ran to our bathroom and threw up a few times. Jaxson heard me and woke up. I looked up at him and said:

“I feel like...”

I fell to the ground and hit my head on the bathroom counter. My forehead had a gash and there was blood everywhere. Jaxson was yelling for his momma.

“Momma, call the ambulance. Her head is bleeding.”

I was unconscious at this point. It wasn’t about a few minutes later that the ambulance showed up. They quickly ran into the house and into our bedroom. The paramedic kneeled right in front of me and realized that I was not breathing.

“She is not breathing!”

They started CPR right away. Ten minutes went by when the paramedic finally realized that my chest was moving up down. She is back and stable. The whole time this was going on Jaxson was nervous, crying and scared.

The rolled me into the truck and to the hospital I went. We arrived there and were in a trauma room as quick as possible. They cleaned my gash and stitched me up. Jaxson was out in the waiting room waiting for some news on my condition. The doctor walked back there and told them I was going to be ok. Jaxson was relieved. He came back to the room to see me. I was hooked up to all sorts of monitors. Jaxson just kissed my forehead and whispered into my ear. I couldn’t quite make out what he said though.

A day later I woke up. My head was spinning but I was ok. I looked around and asked Jaxson why I was in the hospital. I didn’t realize what was happening.

“Jaxson, what happened? Why am I here?”

“You fell and hit your head baby. The doctor says you are going to be just fine!”

Jaxson said I was going to be out of there today as soon as the doctor released me. I couldn’t wait any longer. I was tired of laying in this bed and all of this hospital food. Get me out of here is all I could think about.

“Well Nancy, you seem to be doing ok. So you are good to go.” said Dr. Stone.

Mrs. Miller pulled the car around to the front and Jaxson helped me through. Finally on our way home they were telling me about what happened. They said I was having too much stress and that is what caused me to faint. We pulled into the drive way and I went inside.

I sat in the living room and thought about Darla. Tears filled my eyes. I couldn’t believe my best friend was gone. I wondered if Robert new?! I wondered if he knew he killed her! Not only did he kill her dreams but she took her life because of him. Jaxson came to sit by me and he sighed.

Two weeks passed. We were finally moving on and accepting the fact that our friend was gone. Jaxson thought it would be a good idea for us to go have some dinner. We stopped at a small diner. When we were getting out of the car we ran into Robert McCoy. He had his arm around a young girl. Smiling and laughing as if Darla never existed. That made me so mad I could hardly stand it. When I got out the car I ran towards him and yelled:

“You bastard! How can you live with yourself?! You betrayed her, you used her. You son of a bitch!” I was hitting and pushing him! I cried and yelled loud as I was doing so.

“I can’t believe you have the nerve to walk around as happy as can be as if Darla never existed?!”

“What are you talking about Nancy? Darla doesn’t live here anymore. I called her the other day and they told me she moved to Mississippi.”

“She’s dead you BASTARD!  Its all because of you!”

“WHAT?! What do you mean she’s dead?  Nancy, don’t lie to me like that. That isn’t funny!”

 I fell to the ground crying. I couldn’t believe that my best friend killed her self over this guy who obviously didn’t care. Robert McCoy looked at Jaxson and asked him;

“Jaxson, please tell me it isn’t true. Tell me my Darla is ok and Nancy is just trying to get me back for leaving her.” “Jaxson?”

“I… I’m sorry Robert. She is gone. Darla killed her self” Jaxson sighed.

Robert fell to the ground and cried. I just looked at him. He didn’t care about her. I can’t believe for one second that it even bothered him. After all he did leave her and not even two weeks after her death he was already with someone new. I couldn’t believe that he didn’t know. I just couldn’t.

“I hope you are happy. She is gone because of you. You have to live with that; not me, not Jaxson but you!” I yelled!

“Nancy come one baby don’t be like that with Robert. He didn’t know about Darla.”

 “I want to go home Jaxson.” “Let’s GO!”

Robert looked at me as if he was trying to say I am sorry with his eyes. I didn’t care to look at him let alone acknowledge his pain. In a sick way I enjoyed seeing him this way. In my mind, I was thought:

“I hope he feels the pain Darla felt when he kicked her to the curb.”

 As I walked away Jaxson helped Robert up from the ground and told him to go home and not to do anything stupid. Jaxson turned around to walk towards me and was in tears. I knew it was hurting him to see his best friend hurt but I didn’t care. After everything Darla endured she was gone. She ended up killing her self because he wanted nothing more to do with her. “Let him suffer” is all could think of.

Jaxson drove back to the house.  He didn’t speak to me the whole way home.  He just slammed his car door and ran inside. I walked inside behind him and went straight to our room. I opened the door and asked;

“Jaxson, what’s wrong?”

“Nancy, YOU HAD NO RIGHT. He didn’t know about Darla or anything that happened!”

Jaxson was walking towards me. I was afraid at that point. I didn’t know what he was going to do.

“Damn you! You had no right!” he yelled again.

“He had to know Jaxson. He is walking around with his arm around another girl as if Darla never existed. If he really cared he would have called her, looked for her or something! Did he do that? No! Of course he didn’t! Do you want to know why? Because, HE DIDN’T CARE!”

Jaxson grabbed my arms shook me and pushed me towards the wall. I stumbled backwards and slightly hit my head against the door. I was so surprised that he would ever do such a thing. He always promised he would never hurt me! Well, he just did. His eyes opened wide because he knew what he had done. He tried pulling me towards him but all I did was slap him and walked away. I walked outside and kept going. I didn’t know where I was going or what I was going to do. All that went through my head was to keep going and never look back. Ma and Pa didn’t want me. Hell, they disowned me. Darla was gone. I had no one. Where was I going to go? What was I going to do? I didn’t know.

Mean while Jaxson was inside trying to gather a clue. He had no idea that I was gone. He walked outside calling for me but I never answered. He searched all over and finally realized that I was gone. He jumped into his car and drove around the block. He didn’t find me. He was so nervous and scared. The only thing going through his mind was; how he crossed the line and should have never put his hands on me. He went back home and told his momma that he couldn’t find me. She asked him what happened and he explained everything to her. He was honest but new that his mother would be so disappointed! Especially, because she raised him better than that.

“We have to go to the police Jaxson. Nancy is pregnant and in great danger!”

“Momma, I am sorry! I don’t know what happened to me? I lost it with her and she didn’t deserve it. I betrayed her trust! If something happens to Nancy or the baby it will be my fault!” Jaxson cried.

“They will find her Jaxson don’t you worry. She will be ok.”

I walked so far until my feet couldn’t take it anymore. I didn’t know where I was at. I didn’t know what to do. My feet hurt, my baby was moving around in my belly and I could tell it was hungry. I sat on a bench that was on the side walk. I looked in my purse and counted the money. One dollar and thirty six cents. Up the road I saw a sign that said “Marvin’s Diner”. I could taste the food in my mouth. I was so hungry. I knew for sure I had enough money for dinner and a drink. I walked so fast and just in time before the rains came down.





“How may I help young lady?”

“Yes ma’am, I am very hungry. I have no where to go and nothing to eat.  I only have a dollar and thirty six cents. I am pregnant and need to eat.”

“Come on back honey. Set your purse right here and come sit down. I wait on this side of the diner. Let’s get you and that baby something to eat. Anything you want just let me know.”

“Oh yes Ma’am, thank you so much.”

I couldn’t be more appreciative of this woman. All she knew about me was that I was pregnant with no where to go and she was willing to help me.

“I’m Charlene. What’s your name honey?”

“Nancy Eleanor Carmichael, at your service ma’am.”

“Honey, please you are at no ones service. At least right now your not! Where are you from? What are you doing roaming the streets so late at night by yourself?”

“Well my boyfriend and I had a fight. He grabbed my arms and pushed me. He promised to never hurt me or violate me in anyway but he lied. I don’t know if he realizes that I left but I don’t care. Honestly, he’s probably too mad to come find me. He’s probably happy I’m gone. After all, I am probably inconveniencing him by being pregnant and all”

“Well here is some food for you. My shift is over at 10 o’clock. You can stay with me until you figure something out. I am sure that boy of yours feels pretty bad for what he did. He is probably out there looking for you.”

“I doubt it.”

In my mind all I could think of was how everything was falling apart. It wasn’t to long ago that everything was perfect. I had parents who loved me, a best friend who I could talk to everyday and a home. How can this be that my life fell apart this way? As I sat there and wondered tears rolled down my cheeks.

“Well alright now, you ready to go Miss Nancy? I live right up the way. I don’t have a car so we will have to walk their. Hope you don’t mind.”

“No ma’am. I don’t mind. I’ve walked this far a little further wont kill me.”

I grabbed my purse and follow Mrs. Charlene. As I walked out the diner I ran right into a man. Not just any man though, it was Jaxson.

“Oh baby, where have you been? Why did you go? I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I beg you to please forgive me for hurting you. I don’t know what happened but I promise you that it will NEVER happen again! “

Deep inside I was kind of relieved that he was looking for me but at the same time so mad that he hurt me the way he did. I didn’t know if I should go with Mrs. Charlene or go home with the father of my child the man who I was so in love with. The only thing I kept thinking was “what if he does it again? What if next time it’s a slap to the face or a push to the ground? If he did it once, he would do it again.” Deep in my heart though, I knew he was sorry. I could see it written all over his face.

“Come on Nancy, let’s go home.”

“Wait Jaxson, how do I know that everything will be ok? How do I know that the next time you lose control you won’t hit me? Or push me again? I can’t even trust you?” I just cried.

“That will never happen again Nancy. I promise you with my life!” he replied.

“Mrs. Charlene, thank you for you hospitality. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me.”

“Oh child, I fed a pregnant woman who needed my help. That’s really not something to brag about. But you’re welcome. Anytime kid!”

Jaxson hugged me tight and wouldn’t let go of me. He kissed me and I felt that electricity going through my body. I knew for a fact that everything would be ok. I got into the car with him and we drove off. I looked out the window to Mrs. Charlene and mouthed: “Thank You”. On the way home Jaxson was telling me about how worried he was. He didn’t know what happened to make him do what he did but that he was truly sorry.

Many months have gone by. It is very strange. The nights seem to run into my days. I have lost track of time so bad I don’t even know what day or time it is. Everyday my belly is growing. In fact it has gotten to the point where I can hardly walk. Jaxson and I seem to be in a good place. We are happy. Our relationship has gotten stronger. The wait for this baby though is excruciating.

“Knock knock knock!”

Jaxson ran to answer the door.

“Are you Jaxson Miller?”

“May I ask who wants to know?” Jaxson said

“I am Sgt. Thompson with the Pflugerville n PD. We have a missing persons report out for Robert McCoy. He has been missing for two weeks. His parents are afraid for him. They say he has been very depressed and are scared he might try doing something to himself.”

“I am Jaxson. Robert McCoy is my best friend.”

The cops asked questions about Robert McCoy. They wondered why a good kid like him would just disappear or be so depressed.

“Sgt. Thompson, I think I know what’s wrong with Robert. He found out about Darla Savoy. She killed her self a few months back. She was pregnant with his baby. I yelled at him. I accused him of being the reas

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