Proberley the most heart-felt book published.

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I think this, could maybe be one of the most amazing things i have ever read. Its so powerful and grips you. Its about the most amazing person full of willpower and is the most head-strong person i know.

Submitted: May 21, 2011

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Submitted: May 21, 2011



Katie Piper- Perfect rold model.

I have just finished reading Katie Pipers book- Beautiful. And she truley is. Inside and out. She is the perfect rold model. Just what we need! There isnt enough positive role models out there...

For all of you who dont know who this amazing woman is, she is the victim of a visious attack where her ex boyfriend sexually abused her, beat her and then got someone to throw acid in the young models face. She was starting her career and had it all cruley taken away in just a few seconds. She built up her life over a few years and then next thing, she is in intensive care, she is now recovered, although she is serverley scared, but she just goes to show that life really does go one. Shes so brave and really deserves a medal.

Katie had amazing doctors, and i just dont think there is enough of them about, people really helped her, and i think things like that should be free on the NHS. Who are we to sya to someone that they cant have the treatmeant they needed, people who decide this, do they ever stop and think 'what if that was me or someone i know and love', then they would change their minds and widh they could get these things. Its not some kind of 'free-treatment' its someone life and could be a life saving oppotunity, not only for scared or disabilitys, but also for their personal self. With out help that the could get, but dont get the chance, they could go one to live a normal life, almost like before. Just like Katie, it took a few years but she is slowly getting back to her old self. Shes had hurdles to go over, and shes come over them, a better person than before.

She should be praised, given a medal of bravery, some people would never have been through half as much as she  has in her young life. I am 19 and could never imagine something like this happening to me, i have no idea how i would cope, it just completly stuns me to even think about it.

Someone as amazing and head-strong as this is someone just perfect for the younger community....

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