Elizabeth Sashire

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Elizabeth Sashire ~ A story of a girl in a cruel unforgiving, unfair world..

Submitted: October 30, 2011

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Submitted: October 30, 2011



"…makes you as miserable as you've made me! And then, she just looked rather upset in her own thoughts, paced forward and well… then it happened I guess… that's all I can tell you sorry". "Thank you, Mrs Phelps, we'll contact you later if we need anymore assistance, thank you for your time", spoke constable Peterson. As he thanked Mrs Phelps, shook her hand once again just as he had done when they first met at the beginning of their interview, he opened the door as a gentlemen would to let her pass by and exit the police station. As he watched the door swing back to its place as she had left, he felt a breeze blow through the glass doors. He squinted from the breeze as it made his eyes rather sore, due to the interview he had just conducted he was very concentrated on it so, so much that he hardly even thought of blinking. He paced back and forward in his office thinking this odd case over and over again. He grabbed the phone with the tangled chord and dialled for the morgue number, he waited patiently, tapping his foot as he did so, until someone answered. "Yes hello?", the mortician politely answered. "Any more finds on the body, Jay?", Peterson quickly asked, as if he was really eager to know. "We'll, we've got something. Time of death was around 6:30pm, she received several punctures to the spine and the area of the back of the head we were previously looking at with the discolouration reveals that the car she was hit with, once it hit her lower back, her head made at instantaneous impact resulting in immediate death, there was no chance of survival… Pete". Constable Peterson slowly slumped his head while squinting his eyes from what he had just heard, as rude as it may be, he hung up with no reply. He resumed his position at his desk, with the seat still warm from the interview and buried his hands into his puzzled face, and sighed as the time distanced into the cold, unpleasant evening. If only you were to have a vision into the past of this rather sad story, of Elizabeth Sashire.

Born to apparently proud mother and father Elise and Godfrey, sister Rose, her being the eldest of course, to be precise 1 year and exactly 2 months older as she likes to 'politely' point out to her sister time after time, and soon to be followed, her younger sister Angela whom of which was born only 10 months later. Growing up as a child, the middle child, she never exactly 'fit-in' into this eccentric family. She being the one who always got blamed for everything in everyday when in actual fact it was her atrociously deceitful sisters, picking on her whenever they possibly could, it was like they fed off bitchiness, rather than a habit it was a past-time to them, being a bitch to Elizabeth, or El as she liked to be called. But as you could figure, seeing as she liked the nicknack 'El', Rose and Angela took it upon themselves to call her Elizabeth just to get that little bit more of attention, being the little innocent children they were, to make her angry and upset that little bit more. When little El was only at the young ripe age of 7 years old, playing with the only rag doll she received for her 7th birthday her sisters Rose and Angela had to show off their new toys in a matter that ended in bad results, of course not to them, but the innocent sister, El. "Yours has crap hair, look at it. All old and it even has split ends in its hair!", giggled Rose as she pulled the only decent toy El ever actually liked. El's eyes lit up as the only thing she actually liked in this family was torn from her. "Give it back!" she remarked instantly, "Now!". "Shut up!", screamed Elise, her absolutely 'loving' mother, "Your fathers trying to sleep, for gods sake El". El was old enough to understand what the consequences would be if she continued to talk back to her mother, and she didn't want them to happen. She slightly lifted her hand-me-down skirt, with holes and stains to reveal scars on her upper leg. She shook from the memories they held within them, and didn't want to make them multiply and result in them being more than before. She stuck her hand out to Rose and whispered slightly, making sure her mother would approve of the volume, and asked for the return of her doll. "Sure thing, Sis!", cried the echos of her sister as she deceitfully turned her eyes to the hallway. She stuck her hand out and looked as if she was going to return the doll, but being the brat she was she soon removed it as El was about to grab it, turned with her feet, and ran for it. El didn't want anything to happen to her doll, the only thing that resembled happiness in her life, she needed it. She chased her down the hallway, past sensible and neatly arranged paintings of boats and oceans on the walls. She stopped from confusion as to where her eldest sister had went, but she soon realised when she heard giggling coming from the bathroom. As she went to open the door, it was locked. Her pupils dilated as she heard the flush from the toilet beginning to have its loud process. "Oh my god no, no, no no!" she yelled as loud as she could, she started attacking the door as if it were her own sister, in the way she had always wanted to, after all those times she had been such a brat to her. She slumped to the floor in disbelief and sulked in an unwanted tone according to her mother. As she did so, wiping the many tears from her red cheeks, the door opened, creaking as it did. Rose walked out with a grin on her face, and slapped El over the head as she walked over her trembling legs. El was about to explode with anger, she couldn't take it anymore, especially after what she had seen when she went into the bathroom, one half of a rag doll, pieces of material scattered all over the bathroom floor and one half missing. She realised what had happened, it had been flushed. Her fingers tensed, not making much happen with her strength as she was only of seven years of age, but she looked angry, deep within. She ran down the hallway with a loud grunt and attacked her sister from behind, slamming her head into the carpet and pulling her hair screaming. "Get off her now!" Elise cried as she yanked her off and pushed her against the wall, making a rather loud thud. Tears began to fall from Roses freckled filled face, El knew they were fake, she had this look that always meant she was faking it. "Mummy, El hurt me for no reason!", Rose vividly spoke as she started crying into her mothers arms, while pulling faces to El as she looked over her shoulder, poking her tongue out. "But.." pleaded El. "Don't bother young lady, I'm waking up your father and your getting the power chord" dictated her mother. El sank in the only pair of decent shoes she had, the ones with the broken straps and the unglued bottom that always stayed on the ground when she took a step, they were 2 sizes too small, but she was forced to wear them as her mother had always explained to her 'we can't afford it, plus they look fine, be happy with what you have you spoiled little shit'.

This was hard to believe as El had seen the shoes her sisters had worn, nice unbroken straps, with glued bottoms, glitter and all. She heard arguing from the bedroom, followed by footsteps. She knew what was coming, and how close her father was, as she heard the creaking of the floorboards, giving way to his weight. She ran to her bedroom and hid under her bed, shaking with fear and hoping he would not find her, even though in reality every other time she did hide from her father he found her straight away, dragged her out by her hair and belted her. She held her breathe but it was still heard, but she thought it was a good enough disguise to hide herself from her angered father. "I know you're here you little shit, your mothers told me everything, get the hell out from under the bed" or I'll belt you twice as much". She trembled, but she was to frozen with fear to speak or move anything. "Alright then, this is how you want to play" her father spoke as he kneeled down from the opposite side of the bed. As he gripped her feet she let out a squeal and began to plea for forgiveness and to let her go. It was like she was speaking to brick wall, as if he had nothing, he just kept dragging her down the hallway by her feet, not caring as her shirt slid up along the tiles and her stomach scratched along them, burning her. He threw her on the bed and grabbed extension chord from his bedside table drawer set, he did so quickly as he always kept it close by. He held her down with one hand as she was screaming out and began to untangle the chord. It was if time had slowed down itself that day to poor little El, that belting seemed to last at least 20 minutes to her, but in reality the belting lasted at least 2, but the injuries themselves could look as if they could tell one-hundred tales of how they occurred. They did not look like chord strapped onto her legs, but more like bruising, all over her little, helpless lower body. This is only one sufferable tale Elizabeth Sashire had suffered over her horrible life from childbirth to adolescence. Another horrible story from her life was at the age of 12, by this time in her life, her parents were as mean as ever, having made her bedtime at 6 o'clock sharp, while her sisters was 9 o'clock, even though one was younger. She had to wash and dry up every other night her parents decided they were too lazy too, take the washing off, fold it up, and put it away, while her perfect sisters did all the slacking off a single person could do in a day, even more in fact. And of course, if this wasn't good enough for her parents expectations she was punished with something else rather than the extention chord, as teachers from El's school starting asking questions about how these occurred, but of course she was threatened by her father with even more violence as to what would happen if she ever let out a peep about the truth, he did so while holding up rather giant rat traps they had bought once. Seeing as this was a painful but unusual punishment, El had to abide by her fathers threats and remain quiet throughout her school life to her puzzled teachers and friends. El had once gotten her finger caught in a mouse trap when she was exploring the garage of their house, and it was rather painful. She didn't think she'd be able to bare the pain of giant rat traps if she could barely stand the pain of a mere mouse trap, that was minuscule in size comparison. One day as she was in her first year of high school, at Avondaldes Public High School, the only place in the world where she felt completely alone and safe, except when her eyes were drawn to the scars, the reminders of home. She was alone of course, because her spoiled sisters were sent a to an expensive private school in the hills, she never seen them during the daylight hours of weekdays, which was a relief to her she it was hard for her to bare their personalities at school, because she already lived with them and spent enough time with them even though they hated her guts, although she never knew why, why was she the one to cop the shit all the time, she didn't do anything did she? These thoughts had her day-dreaming at school, although she was probably thinking in the back of her mind that she was regretting it, as she was thinking of her home-life in the only place she had a break from it. Mrs Purser broke her day-dreaming bubble as she sat staring into space. El shook her head and blinked a couple of times before turning left, then quickly right after realising she was on the other side of her and replied "Yes Miss?". She did so as she smiled politely, because Mrs Purser was her favourite teacher of all. "I can't help but notice those marks on you, sorry to be observant but it's hard to notice dear, can I ask you to tell me where these are coming from?" El didn't want to lie to her favourite teacher, but the thought of the giant rat traps was buried deep into her ill-mattered mind. It overwhelmed her with sadness and she began to let out a large amount of tears as she burst into a crying sight. Mrs Purser comforted her by placing her hand on her shoulder, this gave El a warm feeling inside, as it was the comfort and love she always wanted from her mother. She had always tried hard in school and got the best grades she could, she was always the top of the class, getting A's, but it was never good enough for her mother, who was always too busy and ignorant of El while she concentrated on her elder and young sister, Rose and Angela, even though their grades couldn't even compare to El's as she was so smart, but it was never appreciated by her mother.

El stayed behind in class while the other students of her class walked out, while her friends look back to El and gave a look to her on their faces that asked why she was staying back, but El simply gave them a smile which was convincing enough as you could still see the tears on her red, upset face and just nodded. Mrs Purser and El spent a long time that afternoon on a sunny Thursday in Spring, but all hell broke loose when her father and mother received a call from the school, awaring them what they had heard, even though El specifically told Mrs Purser not to tell anyone, but it was her duty as a teacher. They were asked to pick her up from school and also to speak to the principal the following week. But when El got home, boy did she cop it. The next day, El returned to school with her parents with an exchange form to change schools and they never heard from El or her parents again. As El handed the note to the office worker of the school, the office worker couldn't help but notice bruises along her front three fingers on either of her hands, she was puzzled by the site, but also became disgusted when she soon found out about the punishments she was receiving at home. As she sat in her desk chair and watched Mr and Mrs Sashire walk out from the school gates, she couldn't help but notice the way the father looked at her daughter, and the way she walked with her head down with disappointment and fear, she knew that day and sensed something was up, but no action was taken. El transferred to a school down in the valley, she had to get up at 5 o'clock each morning, get ready by herself, pack her own lunch and walk half an hour to the train station where she had to catch the morning train that took 2 and a half hours to reach its destination and walk the rest of the way to school. Many years of abuse passed by for poor El, and as she grew older, the punishments grew worser. She never had a boyfriend from all the rumours that spread around the school about her abuse, no one wanted to get near her apparent crazed father. Her grades dropped as she thought there was no point in trying to make her mother feel proud of her. It was the one thing that she always wanted in that horrible family, praise, praise from the one women who breast fed her at birth, who changed her when she was a child, who gave birth to her, but she knew it was never to come. As years passed, her father did too, due to liver failure as he was a heavy drunk. At times he would bash and abuse El for no apparent reason due to his capability of perception, which was nothing. Her mother was left to grow old and alone and at the age of 28 when her father died. El was invited to attend the will speaking, but no the funeral as her mother had never made the call. She hadn't spoken to her in nine years, even since she was kicked out of her at the young age of 18, she was left on the streets to fend for herself, but she eventually made a living. She was nervous at first, she hadn't seen her mother or her sisters for that matter in quite a while, every time she thought about it as she drove to the lawyers office, which was quite often, it just made her remember all the bad moments and times she had with her family. As she parked, she trembled as she removed the key from the ignition and shook as she pressed the lock button on her key set. She walked inside, trying to hide the fear and sadness she felt inside from the receptionist who greeted her with a smile, telling her to go on through once El had award of who she was, when she was supposed to be here and of course, where. "Down the hall to your right, the last door" the receptionist said and she pointed down the hallway with her neatly postured arms. El sighed as she thanked the receptionist, of course she thought it was sarcasm and gave her a nasty look as El walked down the hallway. She reached the end of the hallway and her heart was racing, she could feel her pulse in her right leg, as it twitched above her knee. She slowly but surely looked into the door, and there they were, all neatly dressed, Angela, then rose, and finally.. her mother. The door made a sudden noise as she tried to walk in without being noticed too much, they all turned to her, giving her horrible looks. "Oh, I didn't think she'd show" snarled Angela. "Uh, she actually thinks Dad left her something, how pathetic" grunted Rose. "Now, now girls", she cleared her throat as she spoke "she has a right to be here, even if that is true" her mother replied to her favourite daughters, giving them a grin as she did so. After about an hour or so of sorting out insurance papers and documents of all sorts, the final testaments of the will were to be read. "To my youngest Angela, my lovely daughter, I leave an amount of $15,000 from my savings account, and the same amount to be given to my eldest daughter, Rose.

To my darling wife, Elise, I leave everything else in my possession, my love can not express how much I love you, so this will have to do" spoke the Lawyer. Rose and Angela smiled from what they just heard, laughed and look to their pleased mother. "Is that all?" questioned El as she lifted her head with a rather sad frown on her face, fearing she actually was left nothing. "Yes? There appears to be no more documents" he replied. Her heart sank with depression, she didn't believe what she had just heard but she knew it was going to come true anyway. Her mother looked over to her and gave her a dirty look. El began to cry, she got up with her cheap brand handbag, sprung it over her low hanging shoulders and ran out. They all looked pleased as she did so, and you could tell they didn't give a rats ass about her. El wasn't in the best of moods that day, she drove around the outskirts of town for quite a while because she was that upset, and she had nothing to go home to in her one bedroom apartment, she was completely alone. She had her head rested on the steering wheel, as she was parked along side the road next to a park. She turned the key to check the time in the car, it read 6:25pm. She thought about how her mother and sisters would be at home celebrating their inheritance. As she gazed into the park and seen the swings slowly drifting backward and forward due to the winds that were picking up, she seen a pay-phone in the distance. She clutched her handbag and grasped the car door handle, she didn't bother locking it as she knew she wouldn't be long. She went to the pay-phone and dug through her change purse to find change, she shoved it into the slot and dialled her mothers number. She was wiry at first but decided to go through with it. Her mother answered as she trembled with fear. "Hello.. Yes? Anyone there…? We'll speak up will you!" cried her mother, who had no idea who was on the other end of the line. Usually she didn't answer the phone at all, they had caller ID and always hated answering the phone, it was usually someone asking for money or some overseas people asking her to sign up for the latest internet deal for Telstra. "Shut up you old bitch!" shouted El. "Excuse me, did you just.." "Yes, are you deaf?" interrupted El, "You've done nothing but treat me like shit my hole life and what have I done to you? Nothing, I hope you grow old alone, and die you miserable old bitch. You and your two worthless daughters, I hope you have rotten lives and grow old alone and suffer, like I did when I was a child. I tried hard mum, I really did, but I'm over it. I hope that money makes you as miserable as you've made me!". El hung the phone up with a sad look on her face, she grasped her handbag as tears rolled down her checks, mascara dripping making lines along her face. She noticed an elderly woman who was walking with her dog walking by, she ignored her but knew of her existence. El didn't think as she paced onto the road that day, with her eyes closed. She heard the sounds of a car horn, but before she could turn to realise what she had just heard, she was hit, hit by the car as it failed to break in time. Her lifeless body laid on the road as her eyesight dimmed from the afternoon sun, she looked up to the sun and thought for the last time to herself "why… me?".

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