Mad as a Hatter

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In wonderland what is up and what is down? Now in reality everything is black and white. What happens when the two mix?

Submitted: November 08, 2011

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Submitted: November 08, 2011




Fading away seems to be what I'm good at. I'm in the background, never in the forefront of events. I'm a shadow that lurks behind those that matter. Never being noticed until I trip, drawing attention to myself. Even then I'm not important. I instantly fade away again, but I'm not meaning to complain. Its normality to me to be misplaced and lost in everything.


The moment I'm noticed, I'm disregarded and shoved back to make way for the shining star. The one that was the meant for all the riches. We are not much different you see. Me and him, him and me. Who is which and which to be. Forever lost in what we learn, never ever to return.


I know it was what was written in our destiny, but I cant help but yearn for it to change. I know its sinful of me to wish it but theres been times where I wish of him to pass on, not die. Die is a horrible word. Nothing ever truly dies, we degrade into another forn and continue on with ourselves. Passing on is much more becoming of the experience.


I would never wish harm to become him, cause truly I do love him. He is me, and me is we. Sometimes he makes me as mad as a hatter but I reclaim my composure and go on. Encouraging him to become what he has always been led on to believe. He is to become king, and only at the age of 16. Such a wonderful event is to take place in this honor of his.


Sighing I look down at this book of mine, one that I had lost myself in countless time, never how many times I read it. It was one that made me question m own sanity. It made me lose touch with myself on occasion, not to regain consciousness until I'm violently ripped from my own inner thoughts.


I look around my room and sigh in discontent, noticing a pair of feet beneath the curtains. The nails were painted a blood red, and a hand held onto the hem of the blue sheet, those nails painted black. It was quiet annoying to think that they thought they could make a fool of me and watch me without being noticed. My twin often sent in slaves to watch over me as a game.


I slowly walk over to my window and notice a slight draft coming from that direction, but I was certain I had closed it. The feet still stood there and the hand had gripped more onto the sheet then before, probably tensed up from being noticed. I take another step and reach out to grab onto the other side of the hem when the sheets thrown in my face. I stumble back and pull the sheet off of me and trow it onto the floor next to me, looking in disbelief. The window was wide open, and no one stood there. There was no way one could get out my window seeing as there was a 3 story drop from it to the ground. Laying on the window sill was a card with a blue tinted edge. On the front was a table with a tea set on it, and the one pouring the tea was an upside down man with a grin that was only fitting for a Cheshire cat. Nothing was on the back except for a set of numbers in a set of three.


I slide the card into my pocket and shake my head, not wanting to think about it too hard. Many a time have I dreamed in reality. It was getting close to the time of crowning, and I honestly didn’t want to be a part of it. I rather not feel as tho I'm less important then him, less appreciated... Even tho i'm the one he relies on to answer his problems. Tell him what to do. In a way I’ve pulled all the strings, but it wont matter soon. Soon he will be the one relying on himself, taking care of his own problems.


I close my window and check the time, not really caring, just finding something to do. The card still perplexed me, even tho it was out of sight and supposed to be out of mind. I could feel it through my pocket, as if it radiated heat I felt around in my pocket and bit my lip, not finding it. I reach into the other one, wondering if I misplaced it, and upon not finding it there I sigh and close my eyes, rubbing my temples. I could of swore I had placed it into my pocket.


I heard a thud from behind me, and I turn looking down to find my favorite book laying on the floor. I reach down and pick it up, cradling it to my chest. It was my most beloved object. A card was sticking out of the side of it and I pull it out, holding it up to my face. It was the same card I had just found on the window sill, but this time the tea man wasn't upside down. He was twisted to the side with his mouth wide open, as if screaming. The tea set was floating off the table.


The three sets of three numbers were still there though, they appeared to be the only thing that had not changed. I slide it into my pocket, making sure it was in there good and check the time. Only a few hours left until the ceremony, and honestly I just wanted to get out


I grab my backpack and sling it over my shoulder, making sure to put my book into the side pocket, and make my way out of my room and into the overly decorated hallways of the castle. The high walls were lines with blue and red streamers, and banners of all kinds. Make shift crowns were sitting everywhere, and the pure white marble floor had a long red carpet layed out over top of it, the edges of the carpet and deep blue.


The servants were busy decorating still, and lining the tables that set against the walls with foods of all kinds. Pies, cakes, meat, and bread were the main things. I could smell the cherry from the cherry pies beside me, their smell filling my nose with a wondrous scent.


Pulling my hood up, so I'm not noticed, I continue on my way and into the main hall. The spiral crystal stair cases were shining, along the railing were red and blue streamers. It looked tacky to me, but I guess to them such rich colors were signs of royalty. Not like I would know anything that went on within my family.


I slide throught the slit in the main doorways and walk down the walk way to the garden, knowing noone would be around there. It hasnt been touched since my mother had died, she was the one that took care of it the most. Some of the flowers had somehow survived, but they were beginning to wilt, like most other things in the horrid place.




I turn and smile at Namine, one of the servants that took the time to feed the fish in the koy pond every so often. She was the only servant that dared to call me by my nickname, but she was the one I grew up with. Smiling, she handed me a mask. It was a dark blue, and the sequins were glittering in the sun. Only one eye hole was opened, the other was covered by a gray and green butterfly with a long feather coming from one of the wings. I cock my head to the side and take it from her.


Its your mask, your gonna need it for after ceremony. A ball is to take place, and the lucky one to get the other butterfly mask is your date for the night. Its quite a brilliant idea if I say so myself.” She says, holding her arms behind her back.


I nod and place it into my pack, smiling at her. “Thanks.” I reply, turning away.


She grabs my arm and stops me from walking away. “Alice, you really should come to the ceremony. Its a great time for your brother, and he'd really appreciate it if you'd be there for him. Not to mention some very unlucky lady will be without a date tonight.”


Its not my place to be there, that has been made very clear when my father grew ill.”


She sighs and lets go of me, and looks down at the ground. “Do as you wish my prince, but be wary of what the consequences will be when you undertake your journey. Be sure to not go mad on your way into paradise.”


I turn back to ask her what she had meant, and find her not there. I shake my head once again, not sure if what had happened had actually taken place. The only security I had was the mask that sat in my backpack. The feather stuck out the top proudly, making its self known.


I continue on my way, wishing to visit the book store on the other side of town. It was quite a walk, and the neighbor hood wasn't the best. There were reports of rape, murders, and mugging but I wasn't fearful. I went there on my own accord, and what may befall me is my own fault.


Walking through the gates to my property, I come to cobble streets, the stones misplaced in many places. I balance upon each stone as I make my way through the alleyways, enjoying the city. I could hear the story tellers yell about the crowning of the young prince to take place in only a few hours. If only they knew what was truly going on. The crown wasn't holy at all, it was cracked. He was walking a line of lies and distrust. Honor was gone in this kingdom. It was complete madness.


I look around me and run my fingers along the dirty, grime covered walls. Clothes hung from line above my head, sometimes so low I had to duck to avoid them. It was an adventure to me. This place was unfamiliar to me, and I knew I had lived a lie within those walls of marble and stone, and it seemed I was the only one to notice other then my mother. She got out the only she knew how... Death.


Everyone was so surprised when they heard about what had happened. It came as an unexpected event. I had saw it happen. I had went into her room, wanting her to sing me to sleep. I was having nightmares and wanted to be held and be made to feel safe. I opened her door slowly and peaked in, she was crying on the balcony holding her necklace in her hands. I wanted to speak but an invisible hand had covered my mouth and it had held me back. She Sat on the ledge and leaned forward. I had tried to run forward, I just wanted to get her attention, but I'm jerked back. A pair of lips pressed to my cheek as I watched her fall from the ledge, no scream had left her lips. “One day my sweet little Alice, You'll find paradise too” the lips whispered into my ear, leading me out of the room.


I never have told anyone of that night, afraid of being thought badly of. I was scared of being blamed. Shaking my head, I get those past thought out of my head and I look ahead, and screams could be heard. A trumpet blares and I walk a little faster, curious as to know what was going on. I come to the end of the ally way, and find a blockade of people. I worm my way through a few people and stumble out into the road, and am pulled back by a rough hand. I look behind me and see no one, when another hand pulls be out into the street. I'm twirled about along with the other people dancing about.


My vision is blurred by blood red hair and I'm pulled back into a body, hands wrapped around my waist and I'm spun around effortless. I look down at the black painted nails and tilt my head back, trying to discover the identity of the one holding me prisoner. They spun me around again as we made our way down the cobble walk way, others dancing about us. He was ducking about as we twirled, trying not be be seen. I was so lost in what we were doing, so I went along with him. Letting him lead me through the streets. Musical instruments blared about me as people marched and danced.


With his arms around me I felt as if I were in a dungeon, I was helpless to break free, I was scared of falling and losing my place. They somehow made me feel secure, it was a feeling I had felt once before. Everyone around me was blurring and I was losing my place. The scenery was not something I could recognize. The somewhat well kept houses were slowly degrading as we spun and danced. The tall building were slowly starting to be broken down. Some missing half of themselves, others still stood still stood tall and strong, but missed windows and door ways.


I double over and fall to my knees, a sudden wave of nausea coming over me. Closing my eyes I let it all go. The vomit came rushing out of my mouth and onto the stone, the smell making me repeat the process. It steaped into the crevices of the cobble and ran down onto others like mini rivers. I could feel as people tripped over me as they danced. Arms wrap around my waist and I'm pulled back out of the crowd of people.


I couldn’t tell what was happening. I was lost in all the rush of things. My place being lost. I find my self thrown on the cobble, my hands being ripped open by the jagged edges.


I'd watch out for the shit right beside your face. I rather not get odd looks as we walk because you decided a face full of shit would be a nice refresher.”


I look to the side of me and gag in disgust, finding what he said to be true. The vomit once again comes rushing out and I close my eyes, coughing. I could hear him scoff, and it was quiet annoying. I open my eyes and come face to face with jade green eyes. It seemed as if the pupils were hourglass shaped, but it was probably just my imagination. A tongue emerges from a pair of lips and licks my nose. He smiles and I could see jagged scars extending from the edge of his lips, making his smile look unrealistic.


Scrambling back, I glare at him and wipe my mouth with the edge of my sleeve. He leaned forward a bit more, looking as tho he was going to topple over at any second. It wasn't normal to be able to balance on your toes like that. He cocked his head and held out my beloved book, hanging it in front of my face.


I believe you dropped this,” he said, closing his eyes.


I reach forward and grab onto the edge of the book, only to have it jerked away from me.


Now now. What do we have here,” he says, flipping through the pages of the book, “Through the looking glass. Such a fine book, yet also an old one. How could one like you have such a copy in excellent condition when even the most broken down, rotten one goes for thousands?”


It was my moms.” I reply, reaching for it. He pulls it away once again and stands up, revealing just how tall he was compared to me. He fingered through the pages, smiling in madness. He twirled and smiled down at me reaching out a hand. I reach for it and grasp on. As I'm being pulled up he releases it and I fall onto my chest, gasping.


"I'm just one hundred and one, five months and a day." "I can't believe that!" said Alice. “ He read from the book, looking down at me. “"Can't you?" the Queen said in a pitying tone. "Try again: draw a long breath, and shut your eyes." Alice laughed. "There's not use trying," she said: "one can't believe impossible things." “ He smirked down at me and pulled me up by my arm, shoving me into the wall.


Do you believe in the impossible my sweet? Does the unknown intrigue you? Can your mind be captivated by those things that cant be explained. Am I even real? Is this even happening?”


I stutter and look at him bewildered, I was honestly so confused. I couldn’t imagine what he was talking about.


"I daresay ,“ he yelled, pressing his hand to my chest, “”you haven't had much practice," said the Queen. "When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."”


Alice, do you believe? Do you believe in me?” He asks, pulling away from me.


Why, that’s not in the book!” I yell, following him down the street. Not only in curiosity, but he still had my beloved.


Turning to me, he grabbed my arm and pulled me down an ally and pushed me down onto an old, decrepit bench and licked my cheek. His breath a mixture of coffee and cinnamon.


I'm aware of that. I was asking you personally. Now don’t be a stubborn ass and ignore my polite question. Indulge me for a bit. I know you were raised better then that Alice.”


How do you know my name?” I question, pulling away from him.


Well, wouldn’t you like to know,” he teased, sitting beside me, “but I do recall that I asked you a question first. Do you believe in me?”


Well of course I do. I don’t know you, but you are here in-front of me. I can feel your wretched tongue touch me, and I must ask why do you keep licking me Your not some mutt craving attention. Your a human being. Act like one.”


Or am I now? I could be a demon in disguise. Or your version of what a mutt is and a human have been altered. What if everything you've ever learned is a lie? What if god is actually the devil? And your of the lowest class, instead of royalty.. My prince.” he slurs out, wrapping his filthy arm around me. His other hand wraps around my upper thigh and he slides it up a bit more, pulling it along my hip. I feel his hand slide into my pocket and I scoot away, feeling a bit uncomfortable.


He holds the card infront of my face and wipes his thumb across the front image, and it changes before me. Next to the man with the wide open mouth sat a young boy, about the same age of me, and he had a chain wrapped around his throat. In his mouth was a gag that was also connected to the chain. I follow the chain back to the tea mans hands, and he held it there along with the tea pot. An hourglass sat on the table, and I could of sworn the sand was slowly falling through the small gap. I reach for it, only to have it pulled away from me.


Tell me my sweet, what were the numbers on the back?” he asks, resting his head on the crevice of my neck.


I look over at him, somehow not so uncomfortable with the arrangement. It was an odd feeling to be around him. He scared me and made me feel un right, but he also comforted me. “I didnt take the time to look at them, they didnt seem important.” I reply, glancing over at him.


You may not have looked at them, but yourself did. Now just close your eyes and tell me what they were.”


But I couldnt possibly tell you,” I argue, pulling away from him. His arm drops to my thigh and he shakes his head.


Covering my eyes with his hand, he pulls me closer to him. I feel something cold rest against my neck, the point digging into my skin, causing a bit of blood to drain out. “Dont make me ask you again. Tell me the damn numbers.”


I breath in and bite my lip, thinking, for some reason even with the knife pressed to my neck I didn’t feel in danger. “If you wanna know the numbers so badly, look at the card yourself. I'll guess, but theres no way i'll get them right. 03-06-7, 11-07-3, 12-12-6.”


He laughs silently kisses my cheek. “Your mother died on the third of june at seven. Your father on the eleventh day in july at three. And you my dear on the twelfth day in December at six. “

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