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We pass those who are loved, yet do we care?

Submitted: July 22, 2010

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Submitted: July 22, 2010



Everday we pass those who are missed,

those who are loved,

those who are so quiet.

Yet we spare no second thought to them,

we never think of those who are missing them,

those who are so quiet that even a pin drop could heard.

But we pollute them,

we pollute them with our noise,

with our selfishness.

It's time we cared,

it's time that their cries are heard.

We wreck their stone,

yet they do nothing but leave us alone.

Are we scared to realise that they are there?

it must be true if we pass them without any care.

Why do we destory those who are still loving?

Those who are still caring?

Those who will listen without speaking a word or making a sound?

It must be because we're scared,

to speak to them,

to care for them.

It's time we cared for them,

it's time we realise why their there.

It's time we saved them from being forgotten,

It's Time We Cared.

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