Remembrance of my first love

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Just something I wrote today about first love

Submitted: August 29, 2012

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Submitted: August 29, 2012




The way you see straight through my closed walls, tampering with my secrets and thoughts

The way your eyes encountered mine playing with my foolish heart in plain sight

How could I be so weak and let you sink into my pours, now every fiber is yours to owe

You are in complete control. Is there any way to be free from your poisonous claw?

All my revolving thoughts howl looking for an answer to preclude your disturbing gaze

But once again I could foretell when driving through the bright barred lights on the lane

Promises you’ll never keep, and sweet sounding words I chose to believe against my sane

You have such a profound power over my awkward, powerless heart, slowly coming undone

And your beating heart full of wishes and careless dreams has haunted me

I can hear the fainted sound inside of me, as I realize no atonement could be done in time

There was no choice to be made but to follow your broken soul to the end of the universe

Break every rule there is to break just to feel this strange love shrouded in your frame

On the river tide by your side I felt alive

We’ll run wild and glow in the dark

Nothing else can stop us now; I’m yours and your mine

Took our clothes off and swam under the stars

I felt like screaming from the top of my young lungs

You sang the songs by the fire and we laughed and got drunk.

My first kiss, my first love, and my first secret I told

I forgot about formalities,smoking and drinking came along

I felt defiant; I lied and felt brave for the first time ‘cause

I knew you were there in case I forgot.

Walking through the crowds feeling strong as a lion prowling gazelles

With you, holding my hand, I had crossed the city just to see your face.

I didn’t care about anything else but the cathartic ecstasy of running away.

But soon enough you broke your promises and your words became a fearful attack

You didn’t want to leave, but you couldn’t stay with me you had to move away to find the ease.

You felt trapped in your own home; we should of being more careful I thought

But what else could you expect from such young love.

We said goodbye and all I had left were fading memories stalking my brain with painful claims.

Never saw you again after that day and the only remembrance I have left are your piercing green eyes stuck on my head.

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