Some of my memories

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A few memories


Some of my memories –

Watching through a crack in the shed wall as my grandfather drowned some kittens in a sack in a bucket of water .

The dog being so hungry that it ate its own vomit .

The first rat I saw , I stroked it .

The bats were scary “they get caught in your hair” I was told .

My grandfather used to take me to his pub over the back field and sit me outside with a huge bottle of  cherry ale and an arrowroot biscuit . I played with the dogs and fed the mice .

Then the goat got poisoned , it was the first dead animal I saw .

The front field had peas growing in it , I was so hungry , I ate myself sick and the doctor was called “colic” he said .


We moved into the village and the garden had a steam with flowers and newts and frogs and sticklebacks that pricked me when I caught them .

Then I had a sister .

I could sit under her pram hood and hear the raindrops and feel so secure and warm .


It all changed , I saw my mother cry . I was beaten with a belt .


We moved to a town , and it spiralled down until I discovered girls

they smelled so sweet and nice to touch and finding secret curls

they liked me too and stroked me true as I adored their touch

thankyou if there is a god , thankyou god so much .


Motorbikes , as fast as fuck , a friend of mine ran out of luck , I saw his scalp on the road .


Women , oh women , now this was living they were always there and always giving .

They seemed to throw themselves on me , I was so lucky yet could not see .


I got into beer and went a bit queer with violence and being a “man”

Cannabis came and entered my brain and made things seem more clear .

LSD realy opened me up as purple dogs played chess until I had a bad one that left me in a mess .


Love began as my daughter was born , I didn’t know of love till then . Seeing her birth was the most moving thing I have ever experienced .

I cried and I cried and smiled at the bliss , I cried in hope for my special miss .

I took her out , I showed her off , I fretted if she had a cough , then she grew up . . .

Submitted: April 04, 2012

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