Nexa - Part seven, The war

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Submitted: January 09, 2019

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Submitted: January 09, 2019



The War:

Chapter seven



The year is now 2051, April 24th. Five years ago we landed Nexa and Graum on the new exo-planet “Nexa”. After a couple of days the problems already started on the planet. They lost one of the six vehicles that roam the planet to take samples. In that time they discovered that the planet is in fact already habited by aliens. Shortly after they saw that the planet belonged to the aliens that visited Earth many years earlier. After taking the samples they soon found that Nexa isn’t an option for our civilization. They also struggle with the same problem as we do here on Earth. Their eco system is also heavily polluted. The aliens live under the surface of their planet to protect themselves from radiation. When one of the vehicles fell into the gap, the aliens were not very amused. For them it was an act of war, and they took it seriously. Now five years later they are coming for us.


It’s 5:44 AM. Everyone is still asleep in the command facility on Earth, when suddenly the alarm starts to ring.


A voice can be heard from down the hallway. “Get up Rhett! Hurry up!”

It’s Commander Larson. He’s running towards the scientists and the other crew.

“Open the door Rhett, it’s very important. We need to gather now!”

Rhett opens his cabin door and Commander Larson storms inside of his cabin.

“They are coming back for us Rhett! Gather your stuff and meet me in the bunker downstairs. Take Jensen and Wemmel with you!”

Rhett gathers his papers and his clothes and runs towards the cabins of Wemmel and Jensen.

“Jensen! Wemmel! Hurry! We need to gather our stuff and get to the bunker as soon as possible!”

One of the cabin doors open. It’s Wemmel. While he stands in the door opening Rhett pushes him inside and starts gathering stuff for Wemmel. While Wemmel looks confused at Rhett he starts putting on his clothes and also takes his important items with him.

“Where in the world is Jensen? Why isn’t he up yet?” Rhett says.

Suddenly also the door of Jensen opens. Jensen is ready to leave for the bunker. The three of them rush towards the elevator to get downstairs. Their arms filled with papers and laptops they wait for the elevator to arrive. Once the elevator finally arrives they get in.

“Hurry Wemmel, it’s number 0 to get to the bunker” Jensen says.

Wemmel starts smashing the 0 button and the doors close. Suddenly Rhett hears Commander Larson yelling.

“Hold the door! I’m coming!” he yells while he runs towards the scientists.

“Don’t you ever leave me here when something like this happens gentleman” Larson says.

The doors close and the elevator starts going down. Just a couple of moments later the elevator suddenly stops.

“Oh no, it’s jammed!” Larson yells while he keeps pressing every button in the elevator. After the elevator gets stuck the lights go out for a brief moment. The power generator kicks in and the emergency lighting goes on.

“What do we do now?” Jensen asks while he looks at the others in the elevator.

“Let’s see if the emergency phone works” Wemmel says. He picks up the phone but doesn’t get any signal that it’s working.

“Great, now we are stuck in this elevator while we are probably being invaded by an intelligent alien species” Jensen says.

“Don’t worry Jensen, this won’t end like this. Trust me my friend” Rhett says. Then suddenly the elevator starts dropping down to the final floor. The elevator smashes onto the ground of the bunker. Before they realize they are where they need to be, the door is being forced open. They all look up and see the face of General Graves.

“Welcome to the bunker gentlemen. Next time take the stairway down in case of an emergency” Graves says.

The four of them look up at Graves and Wemmel starts to grin.

“You can’t send an old man down the stairs General”

Graves starts to laugh and helps them back on their feet.

“So, what’s the plan General? What do we do?” Rhett says.

General Graves looks at Rhett and shakes his head.

“I really don’t know Rhett. We’ve never encountered something like this before and we aren’t really prepared for something like this either” Graves says.

Suddenly Larson runs down the hallway to the command center and looks at the screens.

“They are with so many, where are they all coming from?” he says.

The other four of them follow soon after him. They all look at the screens with the same question. The ships are closing in fast and there is not much time left to come up with a plan.

“Maybe they are just visiting us again to see what we are doing” Jensen says. Not long after that they hear a loud explosion outside the bunker. The aliens are attacking the Earth. They’ve declared war upon humanity.

“Wow, what are they doing?” Jensen asks.

Rhett looks at Wemmel and grabs him by the arm. “Come with for a moment doctor” Rhett says. They walk outside of the room. “Maybe us landing there made them mad Wemmel. We know they are there and we invaded their planet” Rhett says. Wemmel looks at Rhett and nods. “I think you are right Rhett. When they first came here to Earth they were not hostile to us. And now we’ve set foot on their planet they must have seen that as an act of war” Wemmel says. Then Jensen suddenly joins them. “What’s wrong?” he asks. Wemmel looks at Jensen and explains the entire story he just discussed with Rhett. “You think they see us as a hostile planet?” Jensen asks. “I think what is happening now is because we’ve invaded their planet” Rhett says.

Now the aliens are hovering above Earth. Many of the ships are bigger than they’ve ever seen before. On the radar Graves sees more ships coming out of the bigger ones.

“They are preparing an attack on Earth!” he yells. He picks up the phone and calls the army. “We have an invasion on our sleeves officer. We need to send our troops out right now!” Graves yells. Soon after he called the officer the army moves out to prepare a counter attack on the aliens. “Although the army is outnumbered, we might have a chance” Graves says. The scientists look at the radar and see that the alien aircrafts are coming in fast. “Send our ships and destroy them!” Graves yells. Now the ships of Earth are getting airborne. They almost immediately shoot at the alien aircrafts. The scientists, general and commander look at the screen as they see ships disappearing from both sides. “We are losing our aircrafts too fast” Larson says. Rhett looks at the screen and sees that the aliens are also flying the other way around them. “We need to nuke them” Rhett says. “Are you insane Rhett? We would destroy them and us at the same time!” Larson says. Graves looks at Rhett and nods.

“We could launch a nuke to the biggest ships and see what is does” he says. Graves picks up the phone and calls the officer again. “Officer Neal, we might have a bigger chance if we nuke them out of the sky sir” he says. Officer Neal does not respond for a couple of seconds. “Alright then general, send our nukes” Neal says. General Graves quickly starts to initiate the launch sequence for the nukes. All he needs to do now is lock on the targets and fire them into the air. The missiles are locked on one of the carriers of the aliens and Graves asks for permission to fire. “Asking for permission to fire officer Neal” it’s quit for a moment again. “Permission granted general Graves” Neal says. Graves pushes the buttons and the missiles launch. Ten of them go straight towards the alien aircraft. “Prepare for impact” Larson says.

The command is followed by a super bright light and shortly after that a massive explosion. A massive cloud hides the result of the impact. “Is it over?” Jensen asks. Rhett and Wemmel look at each other. “They cannot survive that explosion, no way” Wemmel says. Rhett looks at the radar and it appears to be not working anymore. The explosion was so great it blew away all antennas on the ground. They are now in the dark of what is happening up there. “We need to check what the result is” Larson says. In the meantime Officer Neal is calling. “Are they destroyed general?” he asks. “We cannot answer that yet Officer, we are completely in the dark” Graves says. “Send someone up there to confirm the outcome of the attack general” Neal says. Graves hangs up the phone and looks at the scientists. “What is wrong general?” Rhett asks. Graves walks towards them and shakes his head again. “We need someone to go up there and see what happened to the aircrafts” Graves says to Rhett. Rhett does not know how to reply to that. He looks Wemmel in the eye and then Wemmel grabs Rhett by the arm. “There is only one person made for this moment Rhett, and that’s me” Wemmel says. Rhett shakes his head. “No Wemmel, are you crazy? We cannot risk losing you” Rhett says. Wemmel looks Rhett in the eyes. “Who can we risk?” Wemmel asks. Rhett looks at Wemmel and nods. “You are right my friend. We don’t have anyone made for this task” Rhett says. Wemmel starts walking to the entrance of the bunker and takes out a suit. He starts putting on the suit. Jensen and Rhett walk towards Wemmel and start helping him. “Don’t do anything stupid Wemmel, just take a moment to see what happened and report back to us” Rhett says. Wemmel takes Rhett by his arm and nods. “I’ll be back before you know it gentlemen. Just give me a moment” Wemmel says. After a few minutes Wemmel gets up the staircase. A few minutes later he’s back inside the facility. It’s completely dark inside. “Looks like the power went out” Wemmel says. While he turns on his light he starts moving to the exit of the facility. Once he reaches the exit the door won’t open. “Ugh, it’s jammed” Wemmel says to himself. He starts looking for something to open the door. It’s too heavy to lift or blow up. He opens the control panel of the door and starts trying to open the door. “It needs power. But where can I find something that has power in it in here?” he thinks. Wemmel starts looking around and sees one of the laptops they brought. “That should do the trick” Wemmel says. He takes out the battery and connects it with the wires of the control panel. “I need to be quick before I fry every circuit of this thing”. He starts hitting the open button. After a brief moment the door opens just far enough to let Wemmel through. When he walks outside he cannot believe what he sees. Everything is now completely flat. Burning ships are everywhere on the ground. When he looks up he can still see some of the alien aircraft hovering in the air. They are burning and some of them are trying to return back to outer space. Then suddenly a loud noise appears. One of the ships fired a rocket like missile back. Wemmel looks up at the sky and sees that the rocket is heading his way. Before he can react to it, the missile hits the area. In a blink of an eye, Wemmel disappears in fire and smoke. The explosion can be heard downstairs in the bunker. Rhett immediately puts one of the suits on and rushes outside. He sees that the door is still open and he rushes outside. There he drops down on his knees. He sees someone laying on the ground. Burned and still on fire. Rhett rushes back inside to get a fire extinguisher. He runs back towards Wemmel and starts putting out the fire. But it’s too late for the scientists to save his friend. Wemmel died on April 24th, 2051. Rhett picks up his body and takes it back inside. Once back inside he yells for Jensen. Jensen rushes towards him and sees him holding Wemmel in his arms. Jensen drops on his knees. “No, this cannot be. What happened? he says while he starts crying. Rhett lays Wemmel down. “They got him Jensen…. They got him” Rhett says. Graves and Larson also walk towards Rhett. “Impossible” Larson says. “They will pay for what they’ve done today” Rhett says. He gets back on his feet and walks towards Graves. “From now on, we are at war with them. Prepare as many spacecraft we have, and send them towards Nexa, we are returning to them”.

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