Nexa - Part six, arrival

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: January 04, 2019

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Submitted: January 04, 2019



Chapter six:




It is now 2046; Nexa and Graum have been traveling for over 6 months in total and are now very close to the exo-planet. They must prepare themselves to land the probes safely on the planet. After the aliens visited Earth and showed them the severity of their situation, they have to push even harder to get to the planet if they can. If the aliens are correct, Earth won’t be inhabitable by 2076. Now Rhett, Wemmel and Jensen are facing the most important problem of all, landing the probes safely.

“We are approaching fast doctor” Rhett says.

Wemmel walks towards Rhett and takes a look at the screen. The probes seem to enter its atmosphere too quick at this point, and needs to be slowed down fast.

“Activate the brake rockets Jensen!” Wemmel yells.

Jensen activates the brake rockets and the probes quickly lose speed. It is now safe for them to enter the planet’s atmosphere. Nexa enters the atmosphere first, followed by Graum just a couple of minutes later. They usually had to enter at the same time and help each other land if possible. But because Graum faced some difficulties he’s entering later.

“Nexa is going in fine sir, Graum seems to be doing well also” Rhett says.

Wemmel and Jensen look at the big screen to see it happen before their own eyes. The probes open their parachutes and slow down even more. Now they are ready to land on the new planet and start researching if the planet is inhabitable. The first thing they want to do is check the air of the planet.

“Alright, they landed safely! Now our research can start”. Rhett says.

Both probes are now opening up. They both release six vehicles in total. The six vehicles can move out to take different kinds of samples from the sky and soil. After a few hours they will receive the answers they’ve been waiting for.

“It will take a couple of hours gentlemen, but it looks like the probes are doing great. The vehicles are doing what they have to do” Jensen says.

While the three of them look at the screen they see that the vehicles are roaming around, but one of them comes to a hold very quickly. It looks like one of the vehicles is stuck inside some sort of gap and is unable to get itself free.

“Looks like one of our vehicles is stuck Wemmel”. Rhett says.

Wemmel storms to the screen.

“Send one of them to get it out of there as quick as possible” Wemmel says.

Rhett sends one of the five vehicles to the one in the gap. It reaches out with its claws but when it comes closer the other vehicle suddenly drops down the gap, and falls down a long way.

“We’ve lost the one that was stuck Wemmel!” Jensen says.

As soon as the vehicle came close to the one that was stuck in the ground, the other one suddenly seemed to disappear in thin air on the radar. Now the doctors are left with only five of them. They can’t send them near the gap or else the others might fall down as well, making the mission impossible to finish. Rhett is now really curious to know what that gap is, and wants to send a vehicle towards it to take photos of the area.

“Maybe we can send another one very close, just to take pictures of the area” Rhett says.

Wemmel and Jensen look up at Rhett.

“Are you out of your mind Rhett? Jensen says and walks up to Rhett.

“We might lose another one. We cannot afford to take so much risk so early on Rhett” Jensen says.

The scientists are now facing a dilemma. Do they send their other vehicles to the spot? Or do they just leave it behind and never find out what lies below. Rhett can’t just leave it alone. He needs to know what is going on there, before they lose any more vehicles in other locations due to the same problem. Rhett decides to send two of the five vehicles to investigate the gap.

“I’ll send two of them to the spot the sixth one disappeared. We need to know the layout of this planet before we can roam any further” Rhett says.

In the meantime he prompts the others to scan the soil and air for clues. What they soon find is that they are not alone on the planet at all. Something indicates that there are living organisms on this exo-planet. Jensen gets a look at the data while it starts rolling in.

“Would you look at this, it seems like we’re not alone on this planet at all.” Jensen says.

Rhett and Wemmel run towards Jensen and also take a look at the data. This discovery changes everything. Now they know they are the ones actually invading a planet. Now all they need to do is research what kind of organisms they are dealing with, and Rhett has yet another plan.

“Let the other vehicles take ground samples for DNA, and compare it with the DNA we have here on Earth from the ships that got here”.

After a couple of hours of research, they conclude that the DNA from the planet they are on is the same as the DNA they have on Earth from the ships. The ships are made from the same materials as they found on the exo-planet. The three scientists are stunned and are now facing even more questions. Who are they? And why did they come to Earth in the first place? Wemmel starts writing down an idea. At first this idea seems very crazy to Jensen and Rhett, but after some time the idea might actually be not that silly after all.

“It looks like they have the same plan as we do gentlemen” Wemmel says.

The aliens seem to visit us for the same reason we are visiting them. Our planet is close to its end due to us polluting it, but so is theirs. The vehicles on Nexa-Graum are getting data of a high amount of pollution. But their vehicles cannot spot any buildings or anything that could pollute the planet as we are used to here on Earth.

“It looks like they are having the same problem Jensen, look at this data that is rolling in from Nexa-Graum” Wemmel says.

Jensen walks towards Wemmel and takes a look at the data. It confirms everything very quickly. Their planet is in a worse state than Earth seems to be. Now they need to find the cause of the heavy pollution. Nexa-Graum is so polluted that you can’t breathe its air from the surface. That can mean only one thing to Wemmel.

“They are not living on the surface anymore due to the bad air! They are living underground!”.

Rhett looks at Wemmel and nods.

“That explains the gaps in the ground where one of the vehicles fell into. It fell into their so called base of operation” Rhett says.

The biggest problem isn’t that the planet is already occupied by aliens, but that it’s also ending very soon and that we cannot start over on this new exo-planet. The only thing that could save the planet would be reversing the climate change, but then the inhabitants of the planet would not be moving at all. And the scientists think they aren’t going to live together in harmony.

“We have a massive problem now guys. This planet was our only hope to escape to, and now that planet is the same thing as our Earth” Jensen says.

After looking at the date for a couple more hours, they are facing the cold reality. Exo-planet Nexa-Graum isn’t an option for mankind anymore. In fact, its own inhabitants were looking at our planet with the same idea. But is it too late to change the climate on Earth for them? Their technology might be far more advanced than ours considering Nexa-Graum is in a far worse state than Earth. Now the three scientists are facing the next problem. Are they leaving the planet behind? Or are they going to take it all?

“We cannot return the ships back to Earth. We need to leave them there” Rhett says.

In the meantime, they spot incoming objects coming towards Earth. And also this time, it looks like it are ships from outer space, but in far much greater numbers than first.

“We have company again gentlemen, and it’s not looking good at all considering their numbers” Wemmel says.

Jensen and Rhett look at the screen and freeze for a moment. This time there are so many ships visible on the radar they cannot be counted by the scientists.

“It looks like an invasion that’s coming for us” Rhett says.

Rhett might be right, but what if they are not hostile again? They communicated with them once before. The three scientists can’t think of a other species coming to Earth so close after each other. And they are correct. As soon as the ships become visible by them in the sky, they also transform like the other ships did. Suddenly the loud sound can be heard again. Only this time, it’s not here to destroy any technology we have.

“We might be facing a war now gentlemen. We need to let the army know they are here. Here for us” Wemmel says.

Jensen and Rhett start calling every important person they can think of to bring them the news. As soon as they start calling them, they get a reaction they did not expect to get at all. Everyone seems to be aware of the thing that is going on. This problem is now a global event. Ships are entering our Earth from every side possible. The loud sound stops and the ships are now hovering in the air.

“What are they doing? Are they going to pick us up? Or…”

Before Rhett can finish his sentence, a loud explosion can be heard in the distance. The ships are firing at Earth. And more of them start doing the same.

“We need to seek shelter and fast!” Jensen yells.

The three scientists are now running towards the bunker in the facility. All they can do now is hide and hope they will survive, and that someone is going to save us all. They claimed war upon us.


© Copyright 2020 roy lensen. All rights reserved.

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