Are you seeing someone else he asks!

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Leaving an abusive relationship and coming back to self, to the person I was prior to the abusive relationship.

Submitted: March 24, 2012

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Submitted: March 24, 2012





A little over a month after leaving an abusive relationship and refusing  to have any type of communication with him he asks  if I’m seeing someone else. As if that would be the only way I could get over him or as if after such a hurricane of a relationship anyone would be inspired to move right into another.  

Could it be that I finally opened my eyes, that I finally picked myself up from the floor along with my self esteem?

As I walked the other day, I pondered on that question “Are you seeing someone else?”I’d like to answer that if I may! 

Yes indeed I am seeing someone else.  I am seeing someone who I hadn’t seen in a while.  She’s changed; I do recognize her because she’s familiar to me.

The last time I saw her was a few years ago, she was on top of the world!  She was in her 40’s and no one believed her when she told them her age.  She looked younger, full of life! She was active in her community, well liked and respected. She was an encourager a motivator, she loved to workout; she loved to read and write.  It didn’t take much to make her happy, the free things in life were what she loved, a walk in the park on a cool breezy day. Reading a good book and getting to that “Aha” moment.  I took out some old pictures the other day and saw some of her, she looked good back then. I’ve been seeing a lot of her lately, she looks different, she looks a little tired but every day I see improvement in her, everyday she looks a little better.  I used to make fun of her because in the past she was always sick or she thought she was, I called her a hypochondriac, she had a pill for everything.  She doesn’t do that anymore, she doesn’t take a bunch of pills, in fact she threw them away! She doesn’t think she’s going through menopause; she’s not as moody or as angry as she was a few months ago.  She’s happier, she’s different.  She’s even lost some weight!  A few weeks back she caught herself reaching for food and paused, she thought “Why am I going to eat this?”  I’m not hungry.  She realized she was feeding something that didn’t need to be fed anymore, depression.  She put the food back and smiled!  I am so proud of her! She caught herself on another day too, as she got out of bed; she walked as if she was 80 years old. She had her hand on her waist to support her back and walked slowly.  She soon realized there was no pain, no aches, she giggled at herself and straightened up!She’s dressing better, she’s styling her hair, and she’s spending time with friends.  She starting to look more like the girl I used to know a few years ago! 

She tells me her life was turned upside down, inside out like a “Hurricane”.  She says she doesn’t know exactly what she’s going to do, how she’s going to fix it or where she is going. One thing she does know is where she’s been, she’s been in a storm, and she’s not going back! I believe her, you see I love this girl, and I know her better than anyone, better than she knows herself!  I know exactly what she’s been through!  I’ll be right there with her, encouraging her, cheering her on with every little step of progress she makes no matter how minute.  I missed her so much and I welcomed her with open arms! She’s always been a very bright girl, smart, witty, beautiful; she just had a bad experience a LOVEFRAUD if you will! She fell in love with someone who was wearing a mask, she was deceived.  When she realized it was all a scam all lies, she froze in fear, she couldn’t find a way out, the shame, the blame, the guilt!  She gave herself away, she lost herself but she’s coming back.  Like I said before, I’ve been seeing a lot of her lately and everyday she looks more like the girl I used to know, every time I walk by the mirror I smile at her and I tell her I’m proud of her, I ask her to not be so hard on herself, I tell her she’s beautiful!  

Am I seeing someone else you ask?  You bet I am and I LOVE her!!!!

Olga Rodriguez

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