Paths of Kings - March of Ice

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The world is ruled by Kings and their Thrones. Each has their own attributes: one rules with strength; one, doused with Light, conquers with thought; another, in the Sands, cherishes wealth; whilst the last has been lost to time, watching from afar.

Kings have risen and fallen, wars have been won and lost, now the Summerlands rests in peace. Memories remain of harsher times, as boys of 16 are sent to different outposts and armies to serve as foot soldiers under the King's Banner.

Mathias has been sent to the North following in his ancestor's footsteps, says his father. What lies ahead is an arduous journey, one that will test his willpower, strength and courage every time the freezing winds blow.

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Paths of Kings - March of Ice

Submitted: September 10, 2013

From a land where the sun rises and falls daily, a boy is taken to the harsh wastelands of the North to train under the King's banner. Very few boys have been assigned to the North, less have returned. Read Chapter

Eye of the Storm

Submitted: September 17, 2013

It was night when the storm struck, throwing Mathias from his bunk and onto the hard floor. He gasped for breath, winded from his fall, r... Read Chapter

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