The Mysterious and Bold Girl. Part 1

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It was the year of 2189 when Malesha gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in her best friend’s apartment. Malesha was so happy that she could see her baby’s face after all the things she’d been through in her life. But having a baby would only make things worster that they already are. After all, they are dangerous people looking for her.

Main Characters in part 1.

MALESHA : Malesh could read and write because Mr. Davis’s ‘so call’ mother secretly learned her how to since she was very young. Malesha is very optimistic about herself and her future. She also wanted to know more about her parents because she or no one else had no clue about who they were and where they came from. Sometimes she could do things that are unexplainable. She always know that she was someone special. But things got way out of hand when she found who she really was.

Mr. Davis : He was secretly working for project 218995. He was the most dreadful and weird person who had ever lived in that area. Everyone despised him and his crew he hang around with every night. As soon as Friday night started, he would be drinking and getting drunk. Whenever he was in a bad mood or whenever he got angry, he would took his anger out on some of the maids. No one expected good from him at all. Almost every maid was afraid of him because he did whatever he wanted. He had the power to do almost anything he wanted. He putted everyone to work days and nights on his farm and house. He expect the house to be clean and shine by the time he gets home or else……….

Grandma Mamo : she was a very wise person. She tried her best not to let Dr. Davis harm any maid. Some people swear that she did not gave birth to that monster. But for some reason she seems to like Malesha a lot. She would take her in whenever Mr. Davis threw her out in the rain at night and lots more.

Malesha’s Parents : even thought one know anything about Malesha’s parents, they did lived in that same state but in the North. They had no choice but to gave her up at birth because it was either that ,or getting rid of her. They were in lot of trouble. When I say trouble, I don’t mean trouble that a normal person would get themselves into by doing something stupid. They were not ordinary people. They too could do strange things, but they learned how to controlled it and learned that there were others like them. They tried to destroyed a project called “Project 218995”. But sadly they failed and the leader found out. They were on the run for one years long. That was when Malesha born.

Project 218995 : was very dangerous. It could destroyed all human being and could also controlled them. It could also turned them into things that you can’t even imagine. They are also people working for project 218995.

Submitted: July 29, 2011

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Submitted: July 29, 2011




Birthday Gone Wrong.
It was the 25th of December. The first thing that will come to your mind is that it was Christmas, but it was  also Malesha’s birthday.
It was going to be her 10th birthday. She was  very happy and scared at the same time because of Mr. Davis. Now she will be getting to do bigger and harder work  around the house and it’s going to be where Mr. Davis’s at. She saw the horrible things that he did to the others and she didn’t want that happen to her at all.  Grandma Mamo brought a gift for her. It was letters form her parents.
“Grandma Mamo, you knew my mom and dad.”
“No my dear, it was with you when you arrived here.”
“How come you never gave it to me before?”
“Well, I was waiting for you to reach the perfect age.”
“Ok.” Malesha said in a weird voice and gave her a huge.
They sang songs to her and they danced a lot. Then all of a sudden, Mr. Davis walked in from the front door and was drunk. He look around and said,
“ What in the whole wide world is going on here?” 
Everyone was very quiet.
“I demand to know right now!” He said while taking off his belt.
“Son, you don’t have to do this. Go to you bed and get some rest.”
“Why don’t you shut your mouth old lady?”
“How dare you talk to me in that tone. I am your mother and you will listen to me.”
That really pissed him off and he got very angry. He was walking towards her.
“Get out !, Get out  right now old lady!”
Everyone was in a shock of hearing him saying that and Malesha got mad at him for yelling at Grandma Mamo.
“Leave her alone you monster!”, yelled Malesha from across the hall. He heard her and said,
“What did you say to me little girl? You think that you can talk to me like that. Who do you think you are?”
“She just a little girl, she doesn’t know what she is saying Davis.”
“Leave us alone monster!” said Malesha.
“Oh really, does she act like one?” he said.
He walked over to her and pulled her by her hair and dragged her to the door. He opened it and went outside with her. He took out a rope and tied her up on the post and then cuff  her in her face. He then went inside and told everyone if they even tried to remove her from there, they wouldn’t live to see tomorrow. Malesha stood there in silence crying. She got very angry at him and out of no where, while Mr. Davis was walking up the stairs, he tripped  and  fell down the stairs. He had broken his foot. You could see his vein popping out. Malesha heard people screaming inside and wanted to know what happened. 
Mr. Davis was in  bed for almost a month now and he blamed it on one of the girl who named  was Cara. All of a sudden one day, some of his crew came and took Cara away. They were beaten her and yelling at her. Then they took her with them, she was gone. She didn’t return the next day, nor the day after. All of the maids assumed that she was no more. They were all  scared of what he would do next, they can’t even tried to run. Malesha saw how scared everyone looked and blamed herself for what happened. She went to huge some of them and told them that everything is going to be ok. All of a sudden some of the slaves started to feel different. Their fright had been eased a little bit. Then one of the maid  came down and said the Mr. Davis wanted to see her….

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