The Little Boy

Short Story by: rsjakovac


A mystery about a little boy and a crying adult. The stories intertwine at the end and it all makes sense.


Submitted: June 15, 2013

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Submitted: June 15, 2013



The Little Boy


The little boy looked out his window with glee in his eyes.  The mansion he lived in was ‘fabulous’, as everyone who came and went said.  But, most of them didn’t go, but nobody know why.

Meanwhile, at the prison, a grown man cried, staring into the old rusted hall, with other prisoners staring in awe at the strange man.  All that man did was weep, not eating, not sleeping, and just weeping.

All of the other prisoners wondered, just wondered, what was with that man.If fact, everyone wondered.  He had childish actions and his eyes were always big and welled up with tears.

No one could heal the lump in his throat, no one even tried.  They just let him sit and cry, until his eyes were dry.

All the while, the little boy at the mansion chuckled and watched from inside the glass, the people coming, but never going.

Oh, look! My next victim…  He thought happily.  A smirk crossed his face.  This one looks so happy…! Let’s go greet her. 

The boy flew down the stairs and continued aloud,

“Oh! How nice it is to have quick new legs like this!” What the boy didn’t know at the time was that he would not be happy later, for it was a detective coming to his house.

A knock came on the door, so the boy put on his innocent, happy, young face.

“You may come in!” He sang.  The woman was not convinced, but still creaked open the door and peeked in,

“Hello.” She said sternly.  The boy just smiled at her, “Why are you so…  Happy?” She stared off into space.

“Why wouldn’t I be?  Oh, and by the way, I’m Michael.”  He said in a matter-of-fact kind of manner.  The woman was still was skeptical about the boy,

“Do you know who I am?”

“Nope!”  Michael smiled at her.

“Ugh…” She muttered as she flipped open her ID card and held it to the boy’s face.

It read,

Margaret Lawson:


“Hello Margaret!” Michael sang.

“Why…  Are you happy?” Margaret raised her voice in frustration.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” He kept his little innocence act up.

“The people are disappearing!  And why?  Because of you!  It is all this cursed house!” Her voice rose higher and higher until she was screaming.

While there is screaming, in another place there is crying.  This other place was the prison.

The ‘child-like man’ as they call him, was still crying. 

One of the top criminals in the world, crying?  A guard by the name of Thomas was wondering.  Thomas was one of the best trained guards in the world, which is why he is guarding the ‘child-like man’.  The ‘child-like man’ was found guilty of killing fifteen people, injuring seven, and kidnapping nine all in the same day with the same gun.

“Please, guard!” He finally spoke! “Believe me…!  I-I didn’t do it!  He did!” 

“Who?” Thomas questioned, curious about why the ‘child-like man’ was finally talking.

“Me!  No…  He is me at the moment, and I am him!  But, I do not act like him and he doesn’t act like me.  But, I am not him and he is not me.  But…  He is me and I am him!”

“Huh?” The guard looked puzzled.  The ‘child-like man’ sighed and started to weep again, because he knew that he could not explain it to anyone, and if he did, no one would believe him…

Meanwhile, Margaret inspected the mansion with Michael at her side.  They came across a slanted painting.

“Why is that painting there?”She questioned.

“I dunno…  Ask my parents.”  He made his eyes bigger to keep up the act.

Right before Margaret stepped on a beautiful carpet; Michael straightened the painting, pressed a red button, and then put the painting back to its slanted position that covered the button.

Margaret took a step on the rug and froze. 

“5…” The boy whispered, “4… 3... 2…”  Then Michael whispered something that the detective couldn’t really understand.  Before she could guess, the ground dropped beneath her feet and she fell into a deep, dark pit.

The ‘child-like man’ had weeps that day that echoed throughout the prison.  No one could sleep, for the noise was enormous.  Thomas, who usually didn’t get any sleep, was just annoyed.

“Will you stop that ruckus!?” The guard yelled.

“Uh…” The ‘child-like man’ sniffled, “What ruckus?”

“Just stop crying, already!” Thomas yelled.

“Do you even know my name?”  The ‘child-like man’ was calming down.

“Why would I?”

“BECAUSE YOU DON’T CARE!” The ‘child-like man’ screeched.  His voice was like nails on a chalk board to all the guards and prisoners around him.

“What is you name?” Those around the guard gasped.They only gasped because the ‘child-like man would never tell anyone.

“Now I am Chris! But, then I was Michael…”

“Oh yes!” The guard said calmly, “I knew that, I just didn’t know that you did, too.”

The man went back to weeping and bawling.  No tears came out, he had run out…

Meanwhile, the little boy, Michael, was chuckling over the gaping pit.  His victory!  His glorious, glorious victory!  Margaret’s body fell, gracefully passing through the rushing air.  Her eyes were starting to close, as if she was sleeping.  Everything seeming peaceful for a split second, then, the sound of impact shook the house.  Just as Michael closed the trap.

“Who is she…?” Someone whispered, looking down at the detective.  Margaret had passed out because of the impact.

“Get her some water.”

“What water?”

“There has to be some water down here…”

“Yes, it is so damp…” Whispers echoed through the cave.  All the people who ‘disappeared’ were arguing about their new guest.

A decision had been made at the prison.

“Take him to the asylum.” Thomas was instructed, “But he has to see his doctor first.  Remember, you have to be there at all times.”

At the doctor’s office, not everything went as planned.

“So, Chris, I—”

“No!  I’m Michael!”

“Okay, Michael, just tell me your story.”

“It started when I was just a boy, a couple months back…” He started to stare off into space, “I was happy, I lived in a mansion.  People came and went as they pleased.  The always crooned ‘It’s beautiful’ and ‘I wish I could live here’.  I just nodded my head and would go back up the stairs to my room.  But then, one day, my parents were killed…” He jerked his head up, his eyes seemed as if they were full of daggers, “I wept and didn’t let anyone in for weeks.  Until the day of June 21, I opened the door.  This was right after the horrible crime that I did, or he did.  Or I did…” The man gazed away at the sky for a few seconds, “Oh!  Well, since I was hidden in the house, I didn’t hear much news.  It turned out that it was the killer in my house!”

“Wait a second…  Aren’t you the killer?” Thomas questioned.

“I WILL GET TO THAT!”  The man shrieked, “Okay, so, the killer came into my house…  He took some sort of doctor’s needle out of his pocket.  He started running towards me…  And before I knew it, I was handcuffed.  But, in a different body.



A/N: This may be unclear in the story, but you have to be the detective here a little bit.  Just imagine the whole story in your head and ask questions like ‘Why did she incorporate both stories?’ and ‘Why did the man act like a boy and the boy act like a man?’ I hope this helped clarify the story!

© Copyright 2017 rsjakovac. All rights reserved.

The Little Boy

Status: Finished

Genre: Mystery and Crime



Status: Finished

Genre: Mystery and Crime



A mystery about a little boy and a crying adult. The stories intertwine at the end and it all makes sense.
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