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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Simple theory that I propose via this poem ,if you love someone and are missing him,go for it before its too late .That's the only way it works rather than looking for a medium.


Its been years since our disconsolate segregation

I couldn't rest a day let aloneflushing him off my mind

So I knocked the door of this psychic I came upon

To just foresee what he ruminates on.

As our eyes met ,she stood stupefied for long

"Oh dear you have the curse of the dark 

From the man you bailed out on."

Goose bumps all over my skin i got 

"please help me turn it off" I implored 

canalizing my mind to his she began

Syncopation of his name again and again

"Oh Jesus I behold him in my eyes"I cried

A wave of delight stung my face ,

as I encountered him standing over the bridge .

Arms wide open mirthful and so welcoming

I ran into him ,but he evaporated 

deserting me again how I hated..

"You have to come again I am afraid,

He awaits you ,esperando por ti,"she said

I produced her a ten dollar bill as it ends.  

Next morn long before the birds even chirped

I ventured on the street ,pitch black as it was.

She was all wrapped in fleece as i saw

My letter only spoke the words I passed on

"After departing from your abode ,

I crept in my bed and in the duskiness of the night

had a bizarre notion out there somethings not right

So I stumbled on a mail long left unread

enclosing his whereabouts covertly written all

I ain't jeopardizing yourpsychic reading 

But on pondering deep its all hypocrisy

Yearn for the heart and it surely feels the wave 

reconciling back to the love of your life

Its all a matter of platonic bonds you tie

nothing in this world can lacerate that link,

No psychic,no voodoo ,no shrinks.

I realized this gospel trust me 

as I was about to fall asleep.









Submitted: September 28, 2015

© Copyright 2021 rspatel. All rights reserved.

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