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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Hey everyone! I am posting after a long time and this short story relates to a friend of mine .Anya a college girl bumps into a stranger not aware of whats in store for her next.She is at a dead end unable to wind the clock backwards.




“Honey ,do you mind fetching last month's files from that bottom drawer ?"Stella's metallic voice from behind the computer screen ,caught me unawares.

I was sitting across her on a swiveling chair taking care of the forms which I was strictly instructed to highlight at certain places only with great care .Oh gee it was like straining your eyes every time to hunt them out , cross them ,covering them with fluorescent ink.

“Yeah ,sure.” I lazily stretched out my hand stooping as low as I could reaching out for the far bottom file drawer of the desk. As I presented them on her table she eyed me quizzically,

“Do you mind if I ask you a personal question dear ?”

“Only if it’s not too personal .Yes I would answer.”I remarked. 

“Are you in wedlock or just fancy wearing rings in that fashion, I mean you look so young in your twenties.” Her face put on a quizzical stare.

I was taken by surprise not expecting such a bombardment. I had started working at this small office to pay off pending tuition fees and kill my time out of drudgery and mundanity.

"I always wondered why you never mentioned your husband’s name.”She withdrew her gaze back on the computer, meticulously hitting the keys, as always swift and dexterous.

“Well then you have hit the right spot .It just a deception .to keep away womanizers” I reconciled to the question and kept my cool.

I sulked away trying too hard not to speak further. In a small yet busy enterprise office of barely few people to work, I was a receptionist assistant, at least that’s where they could fit me in.

For a girl like me from a different country, survival was tough. Every night calling home just to let them know you are still alive and anyhow existing. Had I known all of this earlier, I would have stayed back in India happily marring some guy and producing kids every year. But to cut a long story short, I had to clear up the mess I made and was no way near it.

It flashed seven on my refurbished Samsung smart watch, propelling my legs stride fast enough to not miss the last train leaving from Metro Park. As I walked past the boulevard, I saw the train at a distance cutting its way through the tracks .Picking up pace, I hopped across the street ignoring pedestrian signals and marching ahead towards the station entrance, dodging vehicles across.

Managing to push through the crowd, I boarded the train that halted long enough just to catch a breath. Once on it, I frantically looked around for a seat. On one hand I was lucky enough to at least get a place to stand ,whereas on the other I desperately wanted to rest my legs ,when I came upon the window seat behind a lady with funky purple wig ,just waiting for me to be occupied. Heading in the direction, I encountered a gentleman sharing it was slacking his built against it. After deciding against it, I tapped his shoulder and found myself surprised he didn't move a muscle. Now I had no idea how to tackle a situation in which you have a complete stranger, occupying certain seat in a very crowded train, snoozing heavily, unaltered by my effort. My strength was giving way so I voted to slide across him instead and possess the half empty seat .Working my way in a manner not to perturb his dreams, startling him, I tucked myself next to the window. From what could be seen in the dim light was a distinguished tattoo of Chinese letters on his submandibular part. Sitting next to this deeply tanned white guy ,all in formal ,clean shaved ,thoroughly gelled blonde hair covering his face with some techno magazine full of what appeared to be strictly business talk made me wonder what sort of a man he could be. The blue shirt couldn't be more flattering to this herculean figure.

 Careful enough not to be carried away by such maddening thoughts I diverted to the window for breath of fresh air. The clouds drifted across the sky, shadowing the sun forecasting a rain to the beholders mind .Sleep was not an effort anymore, so I succumbed to it.

The warmth encouraged me to continue sleeping but the hardness was ruining it. I lurched out of my seat noticing through half open eyes, that my acquaintance was fully awake and I was holding onto his shoulder as my pillow. With a broad smile he greeted me "Good morning".

"How long have I been ...?”

"Long enough to skip your station, I guessed from your ticket you are holding in your right hand…”he cut me off midway, looking at it being crumbled by my tight grip. I slackened my fingers to release the tattered paper.

"I am so much in trouble for doing that" I swallowed gaining control over myself.

"Your next station is World trade centre." The inevitable announcement over the microphone alerted some passengers out of their seats and my acquaintance too got to his feet.

"Wait, where are you going?" I pried.

"That’s a very interesting question ,if you must know my destination ." He chuckled and lifted out his backpack from the cabinet.

His look prompted me to get off my seat, he then regained his act of wearing his backpack and began "if you have figured out your dilemma and want to be relocated, follow along .I would be more than glad to help you.”He offered.

Here I was keeping pace with him all along closely behind his heels, not wanting to get lost in the mass while he headed on and on till he hit the train schedule point with multiple displays .In a matter of time I realized I was in big trouble for dozing off, carelessly.

"Holy smoke, you are the luckiest girl on earth today .Next train, an hour wait. Good luck. “He announced eyeing me trough the corner of his eyes.

"Well bit of a bummer. Still thank you very much for rescuing me and so long Mr.?"

"Jason ...You can call me Jay. “He greeted with an amicable smile. I smiled back offering my hand.

"Pleased to meet you and I am Anya."I greeted

"Likewise Anya."He chuckled."I would like very much to share an hour with you but seems like I am already too late to get home and I have to start early morning tomorrow for my work .I am sorry." he regretted.

"Oh just don't be .I got people all around just like me. Thank you for being so considerate .So long " I couldn't bear the thought of getting killed by boredom still I managed the most convincing gaze .He pursued his mouth in a smirk "Are you sure?”

"Never been so sure in my life” I declared.

"Be safe, see you someday around in the train" his emphasis on the word Train, spoke volumes indeed and so he left propagating a wave of desolateness inside me.

As he disappeared from view, I was puzzled why I got attracted to him in the first place and wanted to spent time with him get to know him more. I was never so easily infatuated by a guy before. The mechanism in our body was very complicated. I wore rings to pretend to be married just to be goal oriented and keep up the promise I made to my parents in India. I had no intention of inviting trouble in my already fucked up life. Just to simplify myself, I was to study, earn a citizenship, clear all debts and get married to some decent Indian guy approved by my parents .I wanted to stick to this mentality. No matter how hard that may sound, I couldn’t betray their emotions.

Winter was nearing and I could feel a chill as I sat on a bench across the tracks .Draping myself in a stole that I kept for obvious reasons, I cuddled drawing my body closer to get some warmth. Somehow the clock seemed reluctant to tickle adding to my waiting period. This was a moment of retrospection .Everyone gets that at some point to get answers to some lingering questions .I closed my eyes imagining him again ,if  I was allowed to fall in love ,I would confess my platonic concerns for him and end up marrying him maybe if everything goes well. Maybe in some other parallel universe I thought. Suddenly the air became still, as avid and bleak as it already was and everything around me froze ,as I felt his touch again on my shoulder. Opening my eyes wide I saw him grinning behind me .I lurched up .He was for real .Not a dream. I reconciled.

"Got busted, sleeping again? .Don't want to go home?”He jeered

"Are you some ghost? Almost freaked me out."

"Just came to double check on you. Couldn’t go without seeing you off.”He expressed. His darkest blue eyes piercing me deep every time he stared me in the face like that.

"What are you? A superhero? To the rescue...”I guffawed

"I take it with a grain of salt. Honestly speaking ,on second thoughts I realized there’s no one waiting for me at my apartment so why the heck worry .right ?I would rather kill some time with you ."

"Very well then, can we go eat something? I am super starving.”I ran my hand across my tummy.

"There's this street food outside the station the new Yorkers love, if you are into fast food and stuff.”He gestured the exit.

"I think that makes two of us .Lets dig in." I started for the exit .He followed behind me.

On the streets of New York, night didn't matter. You can always see huge crowd occupying its streets. Jay tried to keep up with me as I was lagging behind. In a flash he held my hand while we crossed the road .I could wiggle but I felt good. So I allowed him. He was no where realizing the fact that in our country it’s rude to hold a girls hand without asking. But who cares in a foreign land.

"Can you run in these heels? He jeered again.

"What makes you think I can’t” I released his hand and began speeding up. He ran after me ,chasing me  while I jinxed my way into the rush of NYC .On the 53rd street there was a queue long enough to miss my last train and we both became aware of the fact.

He looked at me and I couldn't care less .I was terribly starving, putting my hands on hips,

"We are screwed .Lets go somewhere else." I sighed.

"I am calling the shots here .Stand back." he took control and headed along. 

"All eyes on you .Make me proud.”I cheered him up.

I stood by the parked car on the street thinking what he was up to .Rather than joining the queue he surpassed everyone nod started taking to the front white lady in her sixties. Whispering something in her ears, he moved away to get soda from the other van. Few minutes later, the lady exchanged the gyro for the soda and left.

I kept on wondering what sort of trade was that, till he explained to me how you can tip someone for doing a favor for you .That old lady was glad enough to get free soda for the small gesture.

"What exactly did you whisper in her ears?”

"That my wife has passed out and I would buy her a soda if she helped me.”

"And why exactly is your wife passing out?" I spoke with curiosity.

"I think she is in a family way, expecting." he chuckled.

"I could have hanged you for saying that, you jerk” smacking his back I eyed him coldly.

"Fine by me .wait till I finish my last wish and then go ahead.” he pleaded .With cutest blue eyes and a devilish smile, he was hard to resist .I snatched away the gyro from him and began unfolding its wrapper. While he kept on staring at how I ate, my hunger was his keen focus at that moment .Only when it was half done I reckoned, he had bought only one.

“You don’t want to eat?”I spoke through a stuffed mouth.

"Not hungry anymore."  He lifted his finger to rub off the white sauce from the corner of my mouth. It was both electrifying and baffling. For me I was not able to tell his lust or love in that .But it felt so right .I offered my half bitten roll to him. He nibbled on it and hummed "That was good .You liked it?”

“Yeah .it was yum."I finished off the leftover piece.

"Do you smoke?”He inquired

"Do I look like I smoke?" I smirked

“How would I know, you tell me?”he demanded

" to cut a long story short,women from where I belong don't smoke except some .Got it now ."

He smiled ." well reasoned .What else can you tell me ,keep going I am all ears. "He bantered .

I met a lot of guys in my whole life , but never had I met someone so subtle yet authentic in my life.I blinked coming up with nothing to say.

"Just so you know I don't smoke too" He informed 

 I laughed it off ,silly as it sounded "Funny you should ask." I ridiculed

"Because I think you gonna need it today ,when you miss your last train " he broke it to me.

" Oh my gosh ,not again ." Upon realization my watch flashed quarter to ten  .I wiped off my face the debris of consumed food and he began

" Wait , " he held my hand before I could take to my heels.

" Now what .I don't want to eat anymore .Thank you for letting me have it all."I gasped struggling to get off his grip.

"I want you to miss this train ,I promise you won't reget it .Dont go ,please .I want you to stay ."he insisted.I was taken aback and my jaw dropped

"Are you crazy ?I can't do that .I am sorry "I got free of his grip.

"Not that I am hitting on you or so but I want to spend the night with you.I won't see you again if you don't like me but just once ,get crazy high with me all night long ,slur at the passing crowd ,watch the waves hitting the  rocks on the beach and snooze on the sand under the cover of the night , side by side .Trust me its going to me more fun than just words." He put up the most innocent face with a childs thrill. 

"But you should know I am married and still if you want to take chances, go ahead ." I spoke mocking my own mendacity.

"I care the least .So are you up. Come on.Life is too short .You never have time to regret before it ends?"He asked fetching his gps the beach address.

"Shhh….No ones dying here .I got miles to go before I sleep , miles to go before I sleep."I manipulated my favourite Robert Frost poetry .

“Just so you know the Woods are lovely ,dark and deep .”he quoted .

"Cool.Lets hit the club Dude…" I sounded so zestful and vivacious ,I bet . We then walked along the streets  till we stumbled upon a taxi across the street.He then did a very goofy thing of winding my stole around my eyes challenging to amaze me once we reach the spot.

My cerebellar part of the brain notified me that I was standing onto firm ground and that was undulated.He was no longer holding my hand and sound of the engine gradually faded in the distant street.Wind fondling my ears was moist and indistant chatter was absent .The swishing of a nearby stream was heard quaintly.Unable to shut my eyes for long I cried"Enough of this amusements ,Mr Jay Z.I am taking this off ."As I began untying it and opened up ,the view was pitch dark and in the dim moonlight I could see a stream few feet away from me .On moving around I saw dense trees and a  god forsaken road.Not a soul.But wait ,wheres Mr .J.Giving off a scream I panicked .I never even dared watching haunted movies ,least of all such a creepy pace,in the middle of the night.

"You are getting on my nerves now .Come out of your hideout.Don’t expect me to hunt for you in this sinister spot.Oh gee !,its so dark and I am scared . You are scaring the shit out of me ."no movement whatsoever. Fuzzily running my gaze around I looked for him. He was no where to be found .With heartbeat pacing I ran to the road. No cars or buses howling .I was pissed off and utterly out of breath.My cell was dead ,no scope of any help.I kept on cursing myself .why did I believe a stranger .He left me to rot in this deserted place ,I kept on humming to shake off fear menacing my mind. Suddenly I heard footsteps , heavy from somewhere behind the bushes.I turned back unable to make out if it was an bear or human in the kept on getting louder and approaching me .I quickly backed off to the other side of the road ,behind a tree trunk.Holding my breath ,I peeped from behind the thick trunk .Nothing yet .I sighed .Must have been some harmless deer  I coaxed .And rested against the tree trying to figure out an escape .Or just waiting for some car to roll by .It was like fifteen twenty minutes of nightmare so far and I only hoped it turned out well .Praying to god after such a long  time made me feel selfish but what the hell I had no one to hold onto.Just then someone grabbed me by my shoulder and on moving my head around to my surpise it was him .I skipped a beat.Shrugging myself free of him I resented ,"What the hell do you think you are ?Some con man scewing my head and sucking the breath out of  me .Dammit,  thats not cool okay "I threw my hands on him ,slamming ,speaking profanity.

"I totally get it .It was a dumb move ,sorry but all that touble was for that thing over there come take a look .I gotta show that to you ."he took my hand and walked me to it .Lying on the ground was a motorcycle covered in dirt that looked obselete to me .He started fluffing off the mud and what appeared to be a yellow motorcycle in her late 90 s.You dont get to see that a lot except someones priceless collection .

"You see I discovered it from this old barn deep in the woods ,abandoned by someone and was tempted to possess it .So hows it ?thought I would share this secret with the girl I loved "his eyes glittered and melting my wrath into awe.

"you bet .But wait ,I don’t belong here then .You should bring the love of your life here not me ."I laid my hands on my hips  trying to look him in the eye.

"This one is a rehearsel before the actual play." he faked a smile,but revealing some latent emotions within which at that moment were hard to guess.

“hmmm….quite so …”I chimed.


"What make you think this junk will work ?Its so crappy old.”I started exploring its art and machinery.

"It works just fine buckle up madame " he liked doing accents ,french in that I thought .On kicking  the kickstand a few times he ignited the engine and it caught life and roared the place .Wrapping my arms around his waist all psyched up , he blasted off onto the road .And I tell you it never felt so thrilling to ride a bike in the middle of nowhere .The cool wind blowing on our faces ,rolling sound of engine filling  your ears ,his warmth kept me revitalized .

"hold on tight we are picking up pace ." thats all I could hear as he turned his head back and next thing I know was I was flying!Dropping my head on his back I enjoyed the joyride.

"So you seeing someone ?"I asked loud enough to cut through the wind and reach his ears ."Not really ."He replied shaking his head.

"What do you mean ?Yes or no ?"

"I am not seeing anyone lately but I may soon "He was always evasive

"You lost me .Throw some light in here ."I pressed my cheeks against his ears and spoke so that he could hear clearly.On this note he decelerated the gear and pulled off near the curb .It took me by surprise ,making me brood over what I just said  .

"Do you love your husband ?"He got off from his bike and I remained seated balancing it .

"Excuse me ?I dont have to repy to that you know ."I refrained from looking at him.

"I apologize for my words ! just kidding!.jealous he got you first  .Of course you love him .Or else you would flee with me to the city of Paradise ."He bantered ,lighting me up and caressing my hair .I managed a smile guilty of lying through my teeth .Anyways we settled on the journey once again.The entire time none of us spoke ,engrossed in thier own thoughts  but I quickly sensed that he was good at eluding topics he didn't want to talk about. .

The bike screeched a halt at a beach club on a busy road.I got off the bike and we went inside.

"Someone is up for a lot of booze ."I glanced around the dancing youth on the floor and jazz music blowing up the stereo.The beats vibed me up and we hit the dance floor tuning our bodies to the music.The fumes and aroma of hookah took the better of me and I lost tack of the place and time .He placed his hand over my back ,tracing the curves ,locking my gaze to his and everything around blurred out of view .I forgot for how long our bodies swayed to the rhythm ,shifting from jazz to hip hop to R and B.The tracks were fine as long as they kept going .Jay's intoxicated breath overpowered my senses and I couddn't resist .His mouth was like a fountain of red wine as I sucked them up relishing all of its nectar.A spark ignited our desire of wanting more and neither of us could stop when we leaned against the back wall fondling the mere touch of eeach other .It could have boomed dramatically but the sudden end of music startled us and we let go of ech others embrace.

Buttoning up my shirt ,I just couldn't face him and made my way out of the fumes and booze .

"listen to me please .I am an asshole ,forgive me . Please come back ." he followed me ,baffled by our juxtaposition and unable to figure out how to tackle such a fragile endeavour.

"No, I can't take the risk of convincing myself again .I want to leave right now ."I spoke cutting through the retiring crowd all boozed up.

"Thats so not fair .You promised to lie on the beach with me and a lot more, remember ?" he still had the nerve to think of all that and it infuriated me more .I paced up tring to evade him.I took to the main road and kept on dodging him.Hardly realizing I was in the middle of a busy highway but the alcohol kept me from acting sane .With engine blowing in my ears , I heard honking and very bright light blinded me out and in a fraction of a second I was banged hard by its abrupt braking that made me thump to the ground face down ,instantly , 20 feet apart all smashed up , lying unconscious in pool of deep red blood ,and my eyes shut close not willing to witness the rest of my doom.

 "Stop going on about that.I can hear you ".thats what my lips wanted to say but couldn't purse to utter.My eyes saw his tears ,shed from the very dark blue eyes except that now it harboured sorrow .The hospital bed was comforting for my bruised body but hard for my tatterd heart .I witnessed him holding my hand so close to his heart ,I felt him beating .I so much wanted to press his palm, wipe off this tears and kiss his swelled face ,closing his eyes deprived of sleep since god knows how many days .The pain was unbearable ,whatever it originated from the trauma or the heartbreak .I saw him turning his head to the doctor entering the room

"How are you young man.I revised the case and I am afraid I have to break it out to you"he put up a long face and that made Jay a lot nervous as he stood up greeting him.

"What it it tell me doctor "he said quiantly ,out of exhaustion.

"I have to say something so heavy that I feel the words stuck in my throat .She has drifted into deep sleep ,comatose I should say and its hard to predict her prognosis .The accident affected her cerebral cortex and reticular activating system .Her eyes may flutter, she can hear you too but won’t be able to speak. As I always instruct my patients to speak to the person ,sing to them and they may even attempt to reciprocate and  you never know when it happens  .May Christ heal her soul ."He patted Jay's shoulder , still clad in the same tee. A tear shed from his eye and he choked.

 I badly wanted to confess my lie and express my love for him .I was totally unmarried and wanted to marry a guy like him if my condition ever improved. I was up against a brick wall now.

I remember him being by my side for the entire night barely sleeping and whispering to me sweet lullaby .It was a moment in my life when I could hear him just go on speaking for hours , some words being registered by my brain some just as meaningleess as my existence .

"Did  you know the doctor is working very hard to bring you back to life .I trust him ,he will pop your heartbeat and fix your brain .Hows that for a joke " he chuckled with the saddest face ever .

"Not funny . huh ?In the morning the nurse was asking about your husband to inform them but I guess you don't have any id to link you to your address .They all must be worrried right .You might as well be having cute little baby boy or girl ,awaiting you .I wonder they must be looking as cute as you .So heavenly beautiful you are ."He tucked a strand of my withered hair behind my ear .The touch was reinvigorating.

"Not long before you can walk on these very two feet and we can board the same train again .And I will make you skip your station again ...'he stammered ,gazing into my eyes moistend with tears.Wish he got his answers through them and I could yell out to him .Stop calling me married and take off this fake ring away .Guess it was too late .he rested his head on my arm and I felt his warm breath ,consoling my cold hand ,his syncopation chirping in my ears.

It won’t be an embellishment to say the doctor left Jay with a corpse except that it was still breathing with wide eyes open but dead from within.He wept for like forever and finally surrendered in the arms of dormancy .I caught up with him in between dreams that started flooding my mind .And I was in my own world .These horrible the thoughts masking my memory and I entered into a terrible stage of epileptic seizure ,losing control over myself .The staff was all around me aiding to my ailment ,infusing strong anti epileptic drugs and codiene into my bloodstream .This was sickening and made me a sleepy head .I wanted them to stop doing that so that I can be with jay and get to see him, his cantillation soothed my pain.

What appeared to be like a fresh morning ,greeted my stoned eyes .And with it I saw Jay standing by me smiling brightly .

"Good morning Sugar .I got some good news for you .The doctor is preparing you for a surgery thats not quite a good thing but your chances of recovering from these terribe seizures are great .I would love to relieve you of this pain , at the least .See I put on fresh clothes and I promise to take you out tomorrow after the surgery .As the doctor tells you should see how beautiful the world is in broad day light , it will heal you fast .So excited ?"He began taking out  a book and sat by my side .Just then the nurse entered the room.

"Any hint from where she is ?"Jay spoke as she brought in some more drugs and my case file.

"Not yet but we will figure that out soon .Poor girl .If you dont mind how did you find her ,I mean is she known to you?"

"Oh we are just met by chance ,in a train” he couldn’t lie .He nodded.

"Oh I see, so much for an acquaintance .I have never seen one like you before. You got a soft corner for her , don’t you ?You should rest for a while .We got your back .She is doing fine .” the nurse handed him a bottle of water and Jay gulped half of it down his throat.

“She’s married though. But I couldn’t care less .All I know is I find her close to my heart and its quite a blow to witness  someone so cheery and beautiful a moment ago turn into ice and all paralyzed the next . I mean its so cold and the doctors are still not able to thaw the life out of her.”His voice choked.

"Too bad for the girl .Hold onto her though .I have seen patients miraculously jumping out of bed in some cases ."she walked across the room and consoled him ,offering him a napkin.

"You bet .Just pray for her .Will you "Jay implored

"Oh dear I will."She exchanged a comforting stare and then injected some pain killer in my veins and left .In a matter of time I was asleep again.

I opened my eyes to a new ceiling .not my bed and no sight of Jay .There were some nurses around me and I was worried what was happening to me .I was starving ,my eyes were burning ,blurred vision .I could hear a doctor speaking, all gibbbersh to me .

Then there was Jay with a bunch of flowers .He kissed my forehead .

"I am sorry Sir but you are not allowed in the operating room .Its sterile and thee surgery is due in 15 minutes .Now that you have contaminated all of us please can you wait outside "she was indicating jay to step out ,God she was taking him away from me ,I thought in delirium.

"I apologize but give me just 5 minutes to talk to her ,She needs that .I know she will freak out else ."He tried pushing her away .Not leaving my side .

"you should have done that earlier .This is not a good time .I want you to lave now .Or else I will call the gurds ."She spoke with a very grave voice .What a heartless woman I wondered .

"cool down miss .I am just leaving "he then kissed me on my lips for maybe the last time .

"I wont let you go .You are coming back to me .By all means .I wont let you die ,over my dead body .You hear me ."he slowly loosened the grip of my hand ,my eyes blinked as if he could read my mind and I had millions of questions in my mind ,why was he caring so much  for a stranger , a liar in that, I wanted to apologize for everything.

As the thing started ,I still had open eyes ,staring at the window pane .But I couldn’t feel anythng .Not the drill in my head ,not any pain .Just having him watching over me ,consoled my soul .All of a sudden blood in my veins and arteries couldnt bear it any more and inspite of all incubation ,I was thumping on the operation table .I could see fright in Jays eyes and the next moment total blackout .

“……I feel …”My gibberish was almost inaudible except to Jay through the glass wall ,he sensed the motion of my withered lips.

The ice cold waves of the ocean tingling into every hair of my skin ,numbing my feet and hands ,freezing my tattered heart ,preventing me from reaching the surface .I am gasping for breath .The marine rocks that I am kicking  are hard enough to bleed my toes .My dress sways away from my body ,having sensed ,I would no longer need it ,I guess. My eyes ponder far to catch a glimpse of Jay .wanting to hear his tender caring words .Sugar .but I don’t see him now .For I lost all strenghth to survive and started finding solace in the arms of the ocean .


 Just then the ECG machine ,portrayed all flat lines and beeped the loudest ever.

Submitted: September 25, 2015

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