Love you for a thousand years..Part-1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

The story revolves around two main characters, Ted and Kavya who are unable to stand up for the love, adapting different perspective to pursue love leading to obsession remorse and a tragic ending.


Ted was completely baffled by what he just heard over the phone. He couldn’t believe his ears! He sat back on his chair regaining his balance and began staring at the blank wall in front of him that was as blank as himself. The huge pendulum clock on the wall displayed eight forty five in the morning. He mentally calculated time of her arrival and planning his own departure from his never ending work. A tornado of questions disrupted his troubled mind. She owes me some answers this time .I knew you would call. I kept the promise though, he told himself. He still couldn’t figure it out .But he was sure as hell he wanted to keep her to himself.

Just then the door was knocked and he was ushered to the present world. Pushing all thoughts aside, he said

" come in "

Stepping in was a lady in her early 20's, his assistant Sally, who was informing him about his clients’ arrival, waiting to be  showed  in.

"Hey Ted, its Mrs. Hanks, she has an appointment with you today.” she was staring at his face as if he were some ghost .Sally was a very keen observer. She could sense some tension on his face ,few sweat beads and messed up hair told volumes about his distress. Intrigued by what has been bothering her otherwise coquettish and jovial boss, she insisted "I can reschedule her if you are not feeling well?"

concealing all his emotions he said "Thanks for asking but I am perfectly all right! Please  show her in." she left, closing the door behind her.

After this brief meeting which consisted mostly of monosyllables like yes, no, of course, okay; he called his assistant to cancel all the further meetings of the day. He was calling it a day.

It seemed a very busy day for the rest of the world. It was long awaited summer after the bleak ,cold fall weather of the east coast. He found it less thrilling hitting the road unlike India's traffic .He found his own homeland kind of spiritless and mundane as if his life was lacking someone's presence. It was nearly 12 pm and sun was glazing like a hot volcanic lava mass waiting for its next explosion. Driving in such a heavy traffic was driving him nuts .But how could he keep himself from disappointing  her and that too after all these years of estrangement .A turmoil of  dilemma and anxiety clouded his tormented heart that was  reminiscent of days spent with her. He found it a strenuous task to concentrate on the signals and maneuvering the steering wheel for  he intended on focusing more  about her unanticipated appearance.

He fancied the mere thought of  encountering her captivating countenance ,driving him crazy with desire. Yes it was true that he would be meeting her after five long painstaking years of segregation. Nevertheless it didn’t account for her profound alienation and his disheveled life thereafter.

He couldn’t remember a single time when he was late to meet her. Apparently he reached the airport aforetime. He could wait no longer, sitting all this time alone at his office and counting the  minutes  that were so hard to kill. John F Kennedy was an International airport situated in Queens county, in southeastern  New York city .It took him barely an hour to drive from the place where he resided in  downtown Manhattan to reach JFK .Feeling famished ,he involuntarily  pulled over at a  subway store to grab a foot long chicken breast loaded with freshly cut lettuce ,bell pepper and his favorite Swiss cheese. Glancing at his watch now maybe  for the zillionth time, he sped up eating the sub making a note of the time which flashed four pm. .With watch pulsating and heartbeat racing, he scurried towards the arrival section ,carrying the leftovers to trash in the nearest bin.

Positioning himself next to a lady with sparkling red dress and a cigarette in hand, he fixated his eyes on the massive upheaval of  passengers. The rush of adrenaline was choking his esophagus ,he was not able to withstand it any longer. Oh come on now !you have chased me in my dreams for the past fucking five years !now don’t  break my heart again. He told  himself. It was  then he realized that he should have slipped off his sweaty shirt for something fresh and appropriate , to greet her. Dammit!!! Now I have to meet her in this fucking filthy shirt.!! why am I so mindless when it comes to her!!

An hour had elapsed by now. As if time was mocking him. He was robotically maneuvering each of his head movements in tune with his tickling watch .Sweat poured off his neck in an attempt to kill another hour. He pushed aside his disappointment. Making a vain attempt of starting a conversation  with the woman standing next to her ,in her early thirties constantly engaged texting and making occasional grimaces at her mobile device, he approached a security guard

"Hello, how can I help you sir?"

"Nothing buddy. It’s just that I am waiting for a friend flying from India but seems the flight is delayed. “he shot an inquiring look.

He turned out to be a kind man in his full five point six ,in his twenties , with a distinguished heavy Spanish accent  .

"I am afraid sir ,you should check out with the traveler’s aid maybe. These international flights are unpredictable just joined recently ,I am not sure though."

Ted was utterly baffled by now what to do .By far he had lost all his strength and hope .As he ran further into the airport premises his doubts came creeping back .

I am an asshole to have come here in the first place. She didn’t even call me once all these years .I bets it’s  another futile effort. Wait did I hear her correctly ? Damn..she  can't do this again ,after all that I have been through. Is it possible that she was kidding. Hell no I am so pissed off right now ! Oh god help me. Can't await her any longer.

He frantically swarmed to and fro of the arrivals lobby and lit a cigarette nervously. Just as he drifted in another dream so true and real that he couldn’t help forgetting iteven though it ripped him apart day and night.

Recollecting  all that  time we spent together , seems like decades as if I was in some another world  of eternal love ."Meera" that’s what he used to tease her...... .I need to end it today or else I can't  survive the pain. He thought to himself as he got lost in the fumes inflating his lungs like an air balloon.



5 years earlier



"How much for the bangles did you say ?she said ,hunting down the last  fifty rupee note that she desperately wanted to keep to herself but couldn’t help  buying the colorful lovely bangles out of it that  had caught her eyes the very instant she entered the market. Kavya was indeed a shopaholic.

She had the rare combination of an angelic face and the radiant full breasts adoring her five foot six inches tallness crowning her the most attractive and most desired girl in her community. The exquisite woven black anarkali flaunted all the curves she tried to cover and endorsed her sugar baby charms. Doing her hair was always a difficult ordeal for her. Dark brown with artificial red colored streaks in between, hurriedly banned and pinned on top of her head, she looked stunning. Bewitching smile turned many heads on the busy Indian streets for a glimpse of the sublime pleasure. Dazzling earrings just added more lively touch to it.

Chasing her was her six year old cousin,Shivam, unable to keep pace with her fully grown long legs that were swiftly and dexterously making headway in the overcrowded market place.

Pulling over her two wheeler in front of her house that  was a plain white colored two storied building with two mango trees and a bunch of rose herbs in the side compound, she was attacked by her dog Rocky......She slumped on the floor with a thud and it start licking her like a popsicle

"Stop it good boy! You are ruining my dress “she pushed it away and tried to stand up

Just then a young handsome man wearing deep blue shirt and formal trousers presumably with weird accent and strong cologne extended a hand to her

"Hallelujah! I have never met someone so elegant and eye catching in my life “he remarked, tightening his hand lifting her as Kavya grabbed it thinking what sort of a jerk he must be to sneer at her in the very first meeting.

She retorted regaining her balance back,

"Firstly I prefer to remain unaffected by your remark and secondly I take that u rush to rescue every other girl stumbling on the floor"

"Watch out pretty lady. Most of the girls go for it."

"I would prefer literally falling in a dump rather than falling for your cheap stake comments. “She snapped as she gathered her stuff from the ground and sniffed away the dust from her marvelous dress. She shot a killer look at him, but her instincts reckoned him to be someone familiar, not sure though.

Ted couldn’t keep his eyes off her for even a second as she dusted off the remaining marks of mud from her dress. Help me oh lord for in haven’t seen such a perfection of beauty in my life. I sound like Shakespeare. He murmered. An erotic desire of possessing her poisoned his mind .He was mesmerized .Besides, he had seen that pretty face somewhere, he couldn’t recollect.

Without sharing another word she scurried into the house, leaving him staring with desire as she trailed off. Girl, I got my eyes on you!!!He smiled.

The living room was so full of guests and loud chatter and music and all sorts of colorful wardrobes that clad everyone’s body. It was such a merry making occasion for it was Kavya’s sister's engagement. It was so packed that to step inside the room without running into someone was impossible. Some ladies in vibrant sarees and sparking jewelry occupied the freshly laid mattress on the floor, singing chorus melodious folk tunes and teasing the bride .The bridegroom was seated near to the bride on the sofa and chatting with his friends seated next to him. It seemed that his friends were the only last resort he holds on to in this storm of chanting ladies and occasional kids playing around.

Kava’s dad summoned Shivam who was hiding behind the sofa, amused by the hide and seek with his age group companions. Not willing to go he frowned and hesitatingly stepped out of his hideaway towards him.

"Can you please call Kavya for me dear? “He said tapping on his shoulder. And promising him a chocolate if he got her quickly.

His eyes lit up like glittering star and ushered into the kitchen in search of Kavya.

Kavya was not huge fan of such parties and preferred gossiping with her cousins gathering at some secluded place for their fun games. They were encircling a round table and a glass bottle on top of it. Shivam never understood the game really but just that it was silly girls chitchat on dumb things, he always wondered what. He went next to Kavya and pinched her on the arm.

Shouting with pain, she yelled

"What the hell Shivam, don’t you get it I am in the middle of a game?"

"Didi its Kaka calling you...stop shouting at me “He said annoyingly.

"Oh god........stupid kiddo....lemme check it out...If it turns out the other way round, get ready to get slapped hard ..Real hard. “She said twisting his arm

He cried with pain and fled into another room, claiming to avenge her twist to which she guffawed with pride

Kavya bargained for a while promising the girls to return as soon as possible and apologizing for the interruption as if it was some  pressing cabinet meeting in the Loksabha at Delhi .

In the lobby standing were two men with a glass of coke in hand, one was his father of course and the other one seemed to be a foreigner in his fifties. Spotting Kavya her dad announced

"That’s my one and only child Kavya, she is my stubborn spoilt brat......who used to play with ted when they were kids, remember?" he guffawed  sipping some more coke. He encircled his arm around her introducing  Mr. Ford

"Oh goodness, she has been transformed into a beautiful young woman. So charming. “Said Mr. Ford as he extended a friendly hand towards her and said amicably

"Hello dear, I am Mr. Ford pleased to meet you’d you recognize me by any chance?"

"Pleased to meet you too sir. Of course I do remember you as the sweet uncle bringing chocolates and Barbie doll for me .I used to play with Ted as a child .How’s he doing haven’t seen him in like many years “inquired Kavya and exchanged a broad smile.

"He is hell of a gentleman now. Always in demand by young ladies. He has come too; didn’t you happen to meet him yet?" said Mr. Ford .His comments  always annoyed Ted

"Oh I am not sure. But we will get along well. “said Kavya, unsure of the certainty of what she just said. So it was Ted who ran into me earlier this morning, couldn’t recognize him though. She thought. She was his childhood mate since he was like ten. Always after the other, teasing, hitting and crying together.  He seemed pretty rude to her this morning. She started judging his conduct which was when her dad broke into the memory lane

"Kavya, Mr. Ford is interested in funding the education fees to children who can’t afford basic education in our community and he counts on getting some aid from you on that matter."  her dad announced

"I would be more than overwhelmed to devote my time for that noble cause. Uncle Ford...” Said Kavya.

And get back at Ted for his misconduct .hell he didn’t even recognize me. She fancied harassing Ted ,teasing him till he gives up..

"For sure my dear! As soon as this engagement gets done with you two can start discussing the plans at the charity school venue. “inferred Mr. .Ford.

Kavya left the two men discussing diverting her attention to the incomplete game she had left

It was around midday. The ceremony was over. Food was about to be served. Kavya was told to take care everyone gets what they want and not to talk much. She didn’t pay heed to any of those words.

She was serving ice-cream to guests after the meal and trying to spot Ted, in the crowd. She very much wanted to talk to him, she liked him  but couldn’t succumb to the fact for she thought him to be arrogant womanizer.

Much to her delight her busy, occupied with loads of work mom stopped her midway. Grasping her arm she blurted

"Rukkk jaaa .Always rushing here and there .You are grown up woman more school going girl. Behave yourself...And look at your hair. Dont you comb it while dressing up my dear "She motioned her fingers to neaten her child’s hair a bit but Kavya was irritated by that act and snapped

“Come on mama it’s not my engagement its Shalini’s  ...I don’t want all the attention looking the best  ..."she giggled.

“But what will all the ladies think that you are such a clumsy girl ...they will nag me...Also you are of the age to get marriage proposals...go tidy yourself in the bedroom .."She pushed her aside into the room and shut the door close.

Kavya hated her mom for fussing over her all the time. I don’t want to please any guy. Whoever wants to marry me will have to accept this clumsy Kavya ....or else I will show him the door......She thought to herself. She was a believer of eternal love. Just by tying two person together via religious ceremony doesn’t bring out love .It’s the ecstasy you feel with your soul mate that signifies unison of two souls. A concept of love which she knew would never get into her parents head.

Shutting off the afternoon sunlight, by drawing the curtains together, Kavya began wondering what sort of a guy she will marry and where was he right now! As it was her elder cousin’s turn to Mary she was next in the queue right behind her, ignorant of what is in store for her. It felt disappointing, she got no right to choose her soul mate. Just then, out of the blue a firm masculine arm with extreme force shoved her at the door  tightly covering her mouth so that she was merely able to breath...In the dim light she could barely see his face but the cologne overpowered her senses. Her every attempt to struggle only tightened the grip further more.

A dim light faintly revealed eagle eyes .Yes those eyes were hard to forget. The flicker of desire and warmth instantly anesthetized her. Coming closer it became all clear. He was none other than Ted. She couldn’t be wrong .Fury rushed its pinnacle. She attempted speaking through the cover of his warm touch but in vain

"hush…..hush my angel I won’t hurt you, just relax dear...I haven’t done this before ..How hard this can be? I mean this kind of breaking into someone’s private place and scaring you, but ....there’s something that you need to know....can you do that without screaming for a few minutes. I am afraid it’s your call....You know the consequences if they find out we are alone in same room. Act wisely sunshine. Now very slowly I am going to remove my hand ...take it easy. ..Here you go."

"Do you realize you are in for whole lot of trouble? “she shouted kicking him away ...then slowly stood up and sat on the bed watching him very skeptically,  for a while ....,sharing an air full of uneasiness. Finally breaking the golden silence he replied

“You have a right to be mad , dear, but I just remembered you are 'the kitty Kavya' aren’t you? He loved tantalizing her since they were kids."dont get me wrong but I think you are still the same nutty arrogant kitty ....clawing every guy she meets..How could I not recognize you this morning."he came closer, unnerving her even more.

"Oh really thought you were some rogue on the street wearing stolen clothes! “she exclaimed ridiculing him. Kavya enjoyed playing him around, beating about the bush. He was turned on by her childlike remarks. Closing the space between them he said,

"Well then I guess  should I begin with enlightening you how you had ruined my new t-shirt by spilling orange juice all over just to retrieve your precious Barbie which I hid in the bush of the hibiscus tree? also,you faked crying when my dad appeared so that I got smacked by him......really bad….. "he was interrupted further by Kavya putting a hand over his mouth....

"Shh...don’t speak further just wanted to see how much you can recollect after so many years . Why was it that you didnt come up with it this  morning when we met? “she innocently searched his eyes for an answer. He took her hand in his and admitted

"Because I was quite amazed how can a little girl grow into a voluptuous, enchanting damsel over these years? “

He was actually out of words being so close to her in a secluded place with just the two of them, She looked so vulnerable .But he wanted to speak his heart out..

She almost felt like it was some dream. Visualizing him from a different perspective, sensing love in his breath and lust in his eyes, and making her lose control over herself. His outrageous comments early that morning seemed sexy and arousing somehow , after the  magical touch. The heat was unbearable  .She felt like this is heading way too intimate.she couldnt move away, hindered by the lamp besides the bed. He whispered,

"Dont be afraid ..I get it. Playing togather as kids was fun,confronting you now as a grown up girl is kind of wierd .. can’t put it in words but  theres not much to do when you are attracted to in love with a childhood friend....sounds silly?huh?"Ted was freaking out like blowing it up.

"I dont know much about love but I do know after all these years you have mastered the art of wooing a girl"she giggled,brushing his hair with her hand.

"I have dated whole lot of girls ,had sex with some but why do I find your remark totally justifiable."he teased her,what he liked to do the most. Pushing past him, she retorted

"Then go after them,all those short skirt,high heeled bitches,why bother me ."she chided

'You almost have me, but my problem is I got my eyes for you now. The first time I saw you, I predicted my entire future with you. I admit I am a womanizer and I don’t blame you for that but what if I say I give you the power to transform this condemned man into a loving devoted soul so that every day I wake up only thinking of you . I desire to sleep cozily in your embrace loving you more and more each passing day. That’s what brought me to you  .” he succumbed to his feelings for  her at last. She was out of breath for once. The entire universe was mocking her convalescence. She can’t commit to someone whom she would never be able to marry .Although her each body part yearned for his love.

Concealing all thoughts she said

"Ted you are screwed in that case, because I don’t want to love you. Just don’t complicate our sweet friendship” ‘she begged and added " me being conservative Indian and it’s not allowed to marry of our choice. I will comply with the decision of my  parents and can’t protest or got  strength  to fight them." She choked up, unable to speak. The last thing he wanted was her to cry He attempted to console her bringing him more near .Kavya ‘s heart raced at accelerated speed finding his shirt brushing her dress. It was electrifying to be so intimate. Breaking the silence he spoke

"I won’t give up that easily meant no disrespect for your culture, but love knows any bounds, it’s inevitable to go after the person whom you love, in spite of all hurdles. “He said turning her towards himself.

"Succumb to it and you won’t regret I bet. “He said pulling her against his chest. She crossed her arms in protest to what was about to happen but  then in a fraction of a second he put his lips on hers savoring her soft luminous lips, dripping red color lip stain. She didn’t resist but surrendered to his warm kiss. He couldn’t stop sucking her wet lips, devouring them and began thrusting his tongue with passion. His hands started exploring her vulnerable bare back peeping through opened up hooks. She was pushed to lie down as he started feeling the curves of her waist and he gripped her, wanting to never let go.

Cautious not to ignite the flames any further, he slowed down to soft caress of her velvet skin. Finally breaking up he whispered in her ear " It’s unbelievable that I love you more than I want to kiss you, more than I want to  make love to you and much more than I love myself. Just as I can never forget this first kiss, it’s also a promise to love you till my last breath.”

Her lips went numb and her hands still encircling him, she was motionless ,unable to react .

"you shouldn’t have come into my life.I don’t deserve love. Go away..before something terrible happens and anyone finds out. “she cried. Losing him was painful.

"I will figure it out .dont worry dear."he said as he began fondling her endearingly.Both slipped into ecstatic silence for a while.


After a while to avoid anyone suspecting the meetup he went through the back door....leaving Kavya alone absorbing the intensity of what just happened .They mutually agreed to meet tomorrow at a less insecure place.

Her heart throbbed against her ribcage on realizing the outcome of the confrontation. She wanted very much to go and hear him out .But she can’t be stupid enough to fall in love when was sure in her head her parents wouldn’t go for it....besides he wasn’t even chance at all. She had to end this .once and for all.

She can’t stand the thought of annihilating his dreams...his eyes so full of love and desire for her. She ought to meet him one last time though, ending all hopes before they outgrow themselves and break him down completely.

A thud on the door thrust her into the present world and she once again was one with the jubilations and ruckus.

Marriage was a week after the engagement. Ted wondered how he had been reluctantly dragged to the wedding by his dad who was an old friend of Kavya’s  dad.He was exhausted after his tedious flight but apparently he was thrilled on discovering the Indian weddings which are full of music and fun and lot entertaining .Further, what he didn’t know was he would run into the prettiest and most beautiful girl that would turn out to be his childhood mate and instantly fall in love with her.

Ted stayed up late that night. Anticipating things....Kavya was a lot worse. She felt guilty for breaking it to him .She very much wanted to be in love , feel his body caressing hers in some solitary place away from the hustle and bustle and all worldly concerns....She got positive vibes from him , never with any other guy before ..Only if my parents were in for it . She thought. We could have happily married...never mind...tomorrow is  another day

And she snugged her pillow tightly as she started feeling drowsy.



Morning echoed with the chirping of birds mixed with buzzing traffic down the loaded streets of Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad was a metropolitan city of India, the hometown of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. With lots of place to explore and Gandhinagar at an arm’s length, if you got a nice two wheeler, that’s the place to hang around. Delicious watering street food and tons of people moving around accustomed to the usual routine, imparted dynamics to the city.

Ted was already out of bed .Gazing out of the window he could predict his future. This may be his last day in India if Kavya refuses or it may turn out to be spending rest of his life with her. As far as she was with him, he was ready to quit the posh American life and settle down with her forever in this alluring city. He had already visualized her as his bride, beautifully dressed in the white gown....kissing him .......forever his, exploiting all the extravagance that he could buy for her and fulfilling all her dreams....

Just then ted turned around as he heard his father approaching with heavy footsteps,

“Morning Ted! Up so soon? "

“Yeah dad, its hell of a morning today....was barely able to sleep yesterday. What you got?"

"Don’t let the bedbugs bite u son...”He guffawed

"Anyways Son I need you to assist me in this charity thing I am planning to do...with Kavya  ...Remember her...”

'Sure if remember her. She was this cute kitty with rabbit teeth "he laughed, pretending he didn’t meet her ever since childhood. “If would be glad to work with her..."he continued. Just then his phone rang. It was Rahul his friend.

“I need to take this dad.... its Rahul his showing me around this place excuse me later.." saying that he walked past him into the other room.

Rahul was to take him to a jewelry shop where he could buy a ring for Kavya .They went to Nakshatra Diamond jewelry at Pallid. It was fun riding on a bike, Sitting back watching everyone passing by.

They got the specific ring he was looking for and scurried out of the place. On their way back they had brunch which was spicy pav bhaji. Eventhough It almost burnt Ted s tongue, he can’t help savoring

Time ticked away with accelerated pace. Soon it was seven in the evening .Ted had never been so restless with butterflies in his stomach. He had a quick shower and dressed most appropriately in a blue jeans and a stretched v neck t-shirt. He had the desired Greek features and athletic body accentuating his muscular and sturdy shoulders. He was the tall blonde with basketball player charms. Seducing girls with bewitching smile.

At Quarter to eight, he reached the decided spot. Sitting under a street light outside the park on a wooden bench, he began wondering will she come or not? Dark night ruled the vast sky. The air was humid and lightly scented with blossoming roses in the park as if inviting the awaited. Kids merrily riding bicycles made his heart want to relish those childhood ventures once again. Older people were strolling with slower pace. That made him wonder about his old age as to will he have her by his side as they tread on their last days of life. Before turning into cadavers? His heart leaped into his mouth. It was forlorn and gloomy not to have her at the crack of doom. He seemed so engrossed in such carnal premonition, that he barely noticed the sublime fragrance emanating around. Chiming melody of approaching feet broke his train of thoughts.

Kavya looked ravishing in her long sleeve low neck red  chudidar dress with embroidered white dupatta embellishing her voluptuous figure. Ted rose to his feet and greeted her with a broad smile, too stupefied to speak. She was more than gratified, finding him so much clean cut and suave. Her heart ached longingly

Ted tried to make conversation

“wow you look lovely....tonight" incredibly sensual and I wanna make out with you.he thought

"Thanks  ..." she flushed "...But isn’t it weird not playing together anymore? I mean after you who intruded in my bedroom so secretly freaking me out”

"I apologize, but you were scared like shit ......I bet......"he chuckled

"No I was not. You are such a child to pull pranks at me “she confronted" .So...What you wanna say?  Why call me here at a joggers park, you want me to jog like this or what “she blushed

“Alright. What about I take you to a nice place before I start off with it?" Ted faltered thinking she would deny to the offer

KAVYA thought for a while but then agreed which lit up Teds face like never before.

They went to the most popular place in Ahmedabad, Kakariya quoted by Rahul as" adorable lovers spot”. They roamed around for a while ,for some suitable silent spot then settled on a patio overlooking the Kakariya lake. A great number of food stalls stacked on the opposite side made the moist air distinctly peppery and appetizing. The place was swarming with men trying to  respite from routine mundane tasks, wives escaping  burden of  everyday domestic chores, kids frolicking at the sight of  men dressed up as cartoon characters. It felt pleasant and welcoming to be with Kavya beholding such bliss. Yes it was euphoria, in midst of all the buzz. Wish he could hold her hand for just once ,capturing the feel in his mind for an eternity.

Kavya was observing every passerby with childlke curiosity ,captivating Teds attention for the past few seconds.Eager to broach the proposal,he gathered all his courage and spoke

“As u knows I am an American raised and brought up in the western culture, unlike Indian culture differ in my ways of thinking and conduct. But to your delight I find it more convenient and long lasting in terms of marital life. Just so you know I have dated a lot of girls and was physical a couple of times, I discovered in the process nothing lasts longer than Love. Not sex, not relations, but its love binding me to you so that a lifetime seems to be very little to manifest all my love for you. I got all the money in the world, but it’s strange that it’s worthless if I don’t have you recklessly spending it."

As he continued further, to her unawares, Kavya was identifying with every word he said and when ted finally knelt on his knee, producing a glittering diamond ring from his pocket, she was caught off guard. She never expected that.

"I love you Kavya with all my heart and I wanna marry you. Will you be my wife?" Ted looked upon her with innocent expectant eyes.

"Ted, Ted, Ted..............get up first. “She made him rise from the classic pose and holding his hand said

" oh boy, why are you rushing things ,nurturing hopes that may hurt you someday. Love is not so fast forward for me. It’s not a child play anymore love u but I cant accept your proposal "she pressed his hand hard. Still hopeful, he replied

"Sure I respect your viewpoint, but I firmly believe Love doesn’t develop over the time, its quality of affection, the force with which you are bound to a person that determine the love.I fell for you the moment I saw you, and there was some flicker of sexual attraction mixed,but after dating abunch of girls I could tell for sure one sure shot truth,I never wanna lose you. When I look at you  I  see warmth and inclination in your eyes.t .I dont now much about Love just that I will always Love you unconditionally."

silence fell between them.All this time while he was expressing his love,he was actually surfacing her fingers,her palm.her nails..all felt so real.He couldnt contain himself.Kavya could feel his warm blood rushing in his hands.Whatever may happen next ,she didn't know but she felt good,holding his hand.SShe broke the ice,

"Ted I was raised in a very conservative family, as you already know with social norms and values. I can’t degrade my parents by going against their will.I am very much attracted to you, I like you, but I can’t love you. I am bound by moral how about we spend these remaining days you got together? Cherish these wonderful days we got.”

She sounded so convincing that Ted almost forgot everything eels and wanted to lose himself to her charm and innocence. Even as she spoke, his eyes were transfixed on her face; adoring her every move .The breeze blew her bangs making her look prettier.

"I can’t even stop thinking about you since I met you. You drive me crazy.....i was never so passionate about anyone in my life.I swear."

Ted couldn’t believe he was actually choking up. He was unable to speak further like he was some teenager proposing his crush.

All of a sudden Kavya embraced him .It felt like lightening stuck him with double the energy.

His mind stopped thinking suddenly. He braced her too. Even today he can’t figure it out as how long they must have sat on the bench, hugging, caressing each other, exchanging not words but heartbeats. Least bothered about the onlookers. Kavya pacified his aching heart. She was remedy to all his wounds.

Kavya now rested her head on his shoulder, and gently stroking his hands said

"So tell me how does it feel over here in India?wanna explore the streets with me tomorrow?"

"I would love to hang out with you. But will you be able to sneak out of your house?"

"Don’t worry about that, I do it all the time."

"What? You do that often? What for?”

"Just to watch movies with Azizza. My best friend. Hers is an orthodox family just like mine. So to kill the boredom, we flee together ‘she giggled

"Are you sure this friend of yours is a girl, not a guy?”Ted wouldn’t envy anyone more if so

"You will be pleased to know she is not a guy, if that makes you feel jealous. “She burst out laughing.

"In that case I wanna meet her too"


"Just for fun"

Getting up, she screamed in fury"Then I am gonna kick your ass" and began walking away

Ted reached out for her hand

"wait my munchkin pie, I was kidding ." He followed her footsteps.Then brushing past her,he tried to lower her pace.

"Look into my eeys for once and you can judge for yourself"he said cupping her face.

With  indignant eyes,she glanced at his face and began

" I see myself in it Ted." I was kidding can i waste the only time we have together over such silly fight."she kissed his hand

It was disheartening to be reminded of the fact tht thay had little time together.

Afterwards they had their first meal together at a fast food stall. It was some fiery Chinese that was totally an Indian version, which the Chinese couldn’t even identify as their food but what mattered the most was having it with Kavya. Ted was never without a bottle of water at his side. Sipping water in between soothed his burnt tongue. Kavya was amazed to see him finish off the entire dish. And Ted even more amazed to accomplish the mission just to please her. He was transforming form a new York playboy to some pathetic lover. Whatever it may turn out to be ,It was for love .And Ted was thankful to God for bestowing upon him this cute Angel.


settling on a bench at a stall, munching popcorn Ted couldnt stop takingabout hiw he used to harasss kavya when they were kids. Ted quoted them as  innocent fights over silly toys.

"I loved harrasing you" he admitted

" You still love Ted, unless you are not sadist you were denis the menace, u actually broke my tricycle" accused kavya

" hell no. It was your cousin , I don’t remember his name though, he kicked me hard on my tummy , I knocked him down so he angrily strucj a rod on your tricycle and it broke."

" I wont buy that story , teddy bear !!! Remember how u used to be wesring those pink snickers, my gosh they looked so gay....." tickled Kavya , making Ted frown with anger

" oh yeah so now u mean o say I was gay "he snapped

"Maybe who knows !!!"  She giggled.

They were cherishing some of the best moments in life.It would seem an  insignificant talk for the eavesdroppers, but for them it was a  million dollar chat.

Hiring an autorickshaw, Ted dropped her back home. On the way, Kavya didn’t speak much, silence reined the space they shared, just while getting off said

"It was a wonderful evening with you .I enjoyed a lot. If I had met you in some parallel universe would have definitely married you. I am gonna miss you a lot dear. “Then she kissed him on his cheek and left.

Ted could only say

"Likewise, it was fun and I am never gonna forget this evening. “But more to that was what he told to himself don’t believe in second chance or another universe, but all I know is you are gonna be mine soon. Come what may. He was confident and reassured now. When he reached the hotel to his unawares he tipped the rickshaw driver handsomely.

Late at night while everyone was asleep ted couldn’t sleep. He was overwhelmed. He found himself listening to romantic songs which he never dared to earlier. He tugged his pillow, bracing it assuming it to be Kavya. As he drifted in a peaceful sleep. He still had seven days to work out something between then.

There was another person unable to sleep that day, even in the cozy warmth of the fireplace. She stood facing the window, awaiting ted as the snow drizzled down the window pane. Clad just in her lingerie, with a mug of coffee in hand her thoughts revolved around Ted. The love making on her bed and late night talks. Failing to get calls from him for so long worried her. She knew he was in India, enjoying his holidays but he was at the same time ruining her nights.

Pacing across the floor, she contemplated hard on calling him. But she was told not to disturb him while he was

Vacationing with friends.dammit !I should have thought of the repercussions before getting involved with him. You never loved me .Do you Ted? You were toying with me all this time. I hate that I love u Ted..........................

Nothing helped, not even cursing him .Sally had to figure way out of it....yearning for his passionate kiss and sensual body, she finally dozed off.




The rest of the days in India were the happiest days of his life. Those were his last attempts to anyhow convince Kavya and her parents but eventually he turned out to be wrong in thinking that way. The nights haunted by disheartening thought of leaving alone, without Kavya and waking up every morning finding one day less to spend with her. He was never so much desperate for any girl in his life. What singled out her amongst others was for one thing she was true to him, not like beating about the bush and faking what she was not. Unlike stereotypical American women who are too independent, less respectful of men, arrogant, nasty and what not as per Teds yardstick, Indian women are submissive in a way of bettering the marital perspective and saving marriage. thats why divorces are less common in India. Ted admired the devotion and steadfastness that Indian women have towards their husband and extreme tolerance in dire circumstances. Kavya was exceptional combo of beauty and all this .How could he not have her in his life.?

They were sitting under a gigantic mango tree at a park, hand in hand ,with Kavya caressing his head resting on her lap. When Ted made his final attempt.

"Lets elope  together, at some place till i get your visa process done and once you fly USA no one can dare touch you" she ressited with striking in her voice.

"Are you crazy ,out of your mind, Ted. I told you already I can’t degrade my parents and shame them. I got my younger cousins who are yet to marry and family pride will be at stake .Its not your America .I do love you but I believe  sacrifice is crucial part of times when you fail to convince the rest of the world, you have to adopt different ways of fulfilling your bonds of love to your beloved. You don’t always get what you want in life. Meera was unconditionally in love with Shri Krishna. Even though she was married, she fulfilled her vows of love. So what we can’t marry, no one can make us stop us loving one another." she said with utmost graveness of her face.

"Can you be my Meera forever ?even if you don’t get to marry and you are married to someone else? Inspite of all physical bonds with him and spending entire life with him, can u continue to love me with same intensity and tenderness like you do today? "Ted spoke  naively.

"you tell me "

"I don’t wanna lose you plus let you share your bed with some other guy whom you don’t even love. Its so hurting.'

"The rest of the world won’t understand it Ted. We need to be a part of it anyhow .I swear my love for you will never change ?'

"Why don’t  I ask your hand to your parents ?I am sure they will give a patient ear to her daughters wishes."

"Thats something impossibele dear. Why ruin your such a good impression in front of my parents and lose the only chance of meeting you on these silly charity excuses?"

"So u mean to say I go back to US and you keep going with your life over here ,constantly in love with each other but not claiming it, just keeping it confined to the two of us and in case your dad gets you married to some stupid guy, with our love at stake all along  for the happiness of your parents? in a single breath he concluded

"Do you believe in reincarnation Ted?" she demanded.

"what is that supposed to mean "he replied----------on finding him cluless she continued

"Its rebirth.Hindus believe that we can reincarnate or even transmigrate from one body to another to fufill desires we couldn’t accomplish before dying, mostly during mishaps or accidents or suicides .I strongly believe if not this lifetime, probably in the next birth ,we are gonna unite for sure. thats natures law. It never keeps love unfinished. Two lovers are meant to meet, sooner or later .Its only about how ardous ,loyal and patient you are." as she spoke, a divine glow emanated from within as if she could predict her future, or maybe her doomsday .It was so gloomy even to think of her dying before him.

unable to relax in her lap anymore ,he  rose to face her , analysing what  he just heard.

"Jesus christ! you are insane! I didn’t know you are such superstitious. there is no scientific basis for such beliefs .Apparently I disagree" he declared. ignoring him ,she smiled saying a subtle remark

"Just wait and watch Ted.I am gonna make you believe some day,You never know  "She said with conviction, rising to her feet and putting on her sandals.

That was what he called a dead ended argument .He knew it would only make matters worse for them to further continue it. He had no intention of going against her to persuade her. He badly failed persuading her, let alone convincing her parents. The picture became crystal clear now .He will have to let her go. But again he can’t overcome her. She shadowed his every thought, his talks, even his worst nightmares. I am screwed man!!

On the contrary, she was a believer of some austere notion of love. She had manifested her love in more than one occasions to him, but she didn’t go with the idea of standing up for love. For ted it was like smothering ones own love ,waiting for one to die to be with the loved one. It didn’t make sense to him at all.

That night he googled the epic saga of Meera. It took an hour to engulf the content and understand Kavya’s point of view. He understood one thing on finishing it, love is a mystery. Only those who attempt to uncover it can claim its bliss. The listeners only get a bird’s eye view. Meera influenced him so much that day , he developed deep rooted faith in love. Its not just kissing, hugging and romanticising your love. Platonic love demands misery, segregation, sacrifice and pain. One emerging out of it, will be the true lover.



The wedding ceremony as decided was a blast. Shalini was beautifully dressed in a bridal saree. Her hair all braided and glittering with hair broaches. Studded with jewelry all over, glowing makeup and coyness in her face, she settled on the chair facing the groom. He was in sherwani. A priest chanted holy mantras to fulfill all the vows. Teds eyes were searching his sweetheart, how has she dressed today he wondered. Through the flowery decorations and gossiping girls, he spotted her, standing against the door at the verandah. His heart skipped a beat, on beholding her in fully decorated form. Golden jewelry made her look like a precious gem.

The red colored blouse perfectly blended with the skin colored gaghra, revealing her luminous body curves. The dupatta was fastened on side revealing bare skin of her waist and back. Ted wondered a piercing on the navel was perfect match. As she began approaching him cutting through the crowd, he wondered what she wanted to tell with thousand eyes watching them

"Kavya, you shouldn’t be near me in front of so many people. They got eye on us.”

“So what!  I just came to tell you meet me at the terrace in ten minutes. I will be waiting.

She parted, back into the house.

For couple of minutes he almost forgot he was departing tomorrow.  His dad had already booed ked tickets for him. It was unbearable to leave. He thought only if I was not in love with Kavya, I would have happily left and continued with my clubbing, banging girls in New York. But he had to agree that the arrival of Kavya into his life added meaning to his empty soul. He had tasted all wines, smoked cigars, marijuana and all but none stoned him like Kavya. She was euphoria, His senses all tantalized, awakened by this single girl .How he loved telling the world go fuck off! I am gonna marry this girl and to hell with you all .He simply meant to be in love, forgetting all hurdles. He was madman without her. He s gonna need to consult a shrink probably he thought.

Exactly at eleven o clock when his ten minutes were about to end he reached the terrace. To his surprise Kavya was already awaiting him.

"Wow! You look like The Prince of Persia. This black sherwani suits you’re Indian clothes suit more than those pants." she giggled

"And Indian girls too "he teased.

"See that’s how I want you to fly tomorrow happily joking around with me and it won’t hurt even once" claimed Kavya stepping towards him, He encircled her waist and gently kissed her. For a second it felt like heaven on earth every time he kissed her. But it said that we value those things more which we don’t easily get. True to that belief Ted grieved more after kissing her .It was a point at which he couldn’t tell apart his pain from the bliss of kissing was always tinged with the thought of losing her.

"You are indeed very courageous to let go of me so easily, without a single tear in eyes" Ted admired her

"If crying helps I should have brought glycerin ...." she burst into tears full of laughter.

Ted braced her tight, calming her, rubbing off her tears but she couldn’t stop it was like buried deep down inside and now was the time she couldn’t contain them anymore.

"Baby, hush....I don’t want you to be these precious tears, save them for your marriage. you will have to cry crocodile tears .he tried to alleviate her between sobs she mumbled" I hate you Ted I hate you”

“Hate you too” he tuned in, with eyes full of tears. Both clanged to each other as if by some magical power they can be made inseparable... Ted barely remembered how long they had been that way.

Sudden blasts of fire crackers startled them. High up in the sky were sparkling designs of every color. Deafening sounds of crackers wiped away their crying sobs. Ted then did a very surprising act of lifting off Kavya off her feet .carrying her into the backside of hate terrace where lights were out and only the crackers ignited the dark sky .Laying her on the floor ,sleeping besides her he said

“Just a few moments together to capture them in my mind forever so that I can recall them later in life .here no one will disturb us from watching the bare sky ruling the night .then all these tiny fire crackers decorate the sky momentarily, cheering us up...lovely isn’t it? He asked

Kavya was stupefied by the depth of his perception of love, pain and life relating it to inanimate things vitalizing them.

"You should be a poet someday she remarked

"Only if you be inspiration of every word of it 'he spoke with such endearment she wanted to be posed by him completely

Shadowing his face she said

"Make love to me and I will grant you that wish” 'she yearned, smothering him with her breasts

Ted grabbed her, squeezing her completely making her squeak and want him more. He was on top of her licking every part of her .She wanted to lose herself to him and he proudly penetrated her, deflowering her softness till every moan was transformed into scream .It was terribly  painful but she didn’t interrupt Ted in his moment. Ted was in ecstasy after he reached his peak .love making with her was more addictive than unexpected, he later thought. Putting clothes back on her said

 "At what time are you leaving tomorrow?”

“it’s around ten in the morning." he replied, buttoning his sherwani. She glided a hand on his chest showing through the left out butttons. Silent for a while, absorbing the bitter truth she finally said

“I won’t come to see you off, Ted. I can’t bear the agony."

Fondling her cheeks with his hands he said

"You know what; even I would miss the flight if I leave you alone at the airport, wondering how you will make it after I am gone"

"Promise me one thing Ted." she begged .Ted shot quizzical look. He said

"What sort of promise"

"Never ever call me once you leave or return back "she spoke with regret

"But why? Can’t we talk over the phone?" he questioned

"No wait till I call you” she said

"Alright I trust you and will await your call" he said in a  painful voice. Kavya could see his eyes glowing out of tears. She wiped them off kissing his forehead and said

"Just remember you are the controller of your thoughts .tame it before they haunt you. Who knows you may find me in the streets of USA some day reincarnated as a pretty girl. I know it’s hard to believe but love is free like a bird, transparent like water and hungry like a beggar .don’t search love, let it come to you in search of you. I can’t promise you I will come one day but I can assure you my love will always surround you."

Ted was mesmerized. These parting words changed him forever. He had so much been impacted by Kavya that he glided into some spiritual level of achieving love.

Since then an image of her as Meera infiltrated his mind .waiting for her beloved, seeking platonic love, chanting his name were images of her he nurtured


Later that night parting from her he said,

"I came here searching for nothing, and I got my Meera. So I am not utterly in loss. God made me realize today that love does exist and if you still don’t believe then try losing someone close for once. The pain that results is nothing but love" he concluded

Kavya only managed to smile before breaking into tears and said

"Now that you have perceived the depths of love, no matter how far you go, we can still be close." embracing him one last time she whispered

“I will always love you, wait for my call one day" and they left, hoping to meet again.



Submitted: November 20, 2014

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