Love you for a thousands years... Part-2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

The story revolves around two main characters, Ted and Kavya who are unable to stand up for the love, adapting different perspective to pursue love leading to obsession remorse and a tragic ending.

Chapter: 6

Ted was so deeply lost in his memory lane that he barely noticed the cigarette packet that was almost empty .Smoking his last bit he still couldn’t figure out what was happening. Ted was waiting outside the airport for like five hours. Worried about Kavya’s status, he approached traveler’s aid volunteers. He was a red uniformed man with short beard and spectacles

"Hello, how are you today? “He asked. Ted wished he could talk to him about how much frustrated he was right now.

"I am fine. Thank you. I got a question, about a passenger."

"Go ahead. How may I help you?" he replied

"Her name is Kavya Desai .Travelling from India, is there any chance she sought any help from you guys?”

"let me check it out." he said fetching the details in his computer" what flight was she in sir?"

"I am afraid I don’t know about that. She was supposed to be arriving at four pm today and it’s already ten. I am freaking out. It is her first journey to the Us and she was never comfortable with long distance travels .It would be appreciated if you find out by any chance the status of her flight and whether she landed on us soil." he explained

"Don’t worry sir, let me confirm the name with the arrival authorities." he made  a quick call which took nearly ten minutes long enough for Ted to be more perturbed than ever. He came up with a piece of paper

"Sir I couldn’t find any Indian passenger by the name Kavya Desai, though here’s a contact number and website of the Indian embassy to find .I hope it may help you." he handed a sticky note with a number written on it.

He searched for Rahul’s number on his contact list but it got formatted unfortunately. He had no one to fetch him the exact details of when she left or which flight she boarded.

Puzzled and utterly blank he headed out of the airport .He was still wondering whether it was for real or Kavya had called him in his dreams. Reaching his parked car at the parkway ,he called his friend mac who was a sheriff at New York police department .Usually he didn’t pick up calls , leaving voice mails was the only option to approach him.

Luckily today he answered at the first ring

"Hey Mac, what’s up .Its Ted." he sounded croaky

"My goodness Ted, where have you been? It’s been so long you called. Good to hear your voice fish" He remarked. Mac was accustomed to his way of speaking. He was a real rookie always raucous .But he was always at his rescue in times of need.

"I was wondering if you could help me out regarding a missing person travelling from India. “he appealed

"Of course mate! may I know the name and details to look out for?" he said shifting his phone receiver to another ear

"It’s K-A-V-Y-A, first name and D-E-S-A-I her last name. Kavya Desai. .She was to arrive at four pm today but I waited like forever and she didn’t turn up .I am worried Mac. She was travelling for first time" he sounded deserted, lost

"Listen Ted I will straight away contact the Indian embassy and call you back. Don’t panic brother. I got this." and the phone was hung up.

Ted scurried out of the place for he just realized he skipped dinner at Sally’s place. It was to reach there at nine. He made a speed dial but no one picked up. He was too much engrossed in his thoughts about Kavya that he missed the dinner. dammit! he sped up the wheels checking the speed limit of the lane

He pulled over in front of her apartment. Guessing by the lights that were still on, he reached out for the doorbell. He never forgot numbers of people whom he was intimate with. Sally, 215 north capitol avenue, Manhattan. He had memorized. It was after a long time he happened to be at her place. He had very faint memories of dating her .Although till this day she had a soft corner for him. He could tell by the look in her eyes. Kavya was his Meera now and his life.

The bell was answered by Sally in her night gown.

"Oh dear, I didn’t expect you at all. What brings you so late at night!" she exclaimed fastening the belt of her robe.

"I am sorry I missed your dinner tonight" he apologized.


“what are you talking about? It tomorrow not today Ted," she said sounding amazed.

"Oh my gosh, are you kidding me? I thought it was today"

"Anyways! Come inside, I make wonderful coffee" She shut the door close showing him inside.

He settled on the couch whereas sally rushed into the kitchen brewing coffee. Ted was familiar with everything in her room. The huge T.V screen reminded him off making out on the couch watching horror movie, the wind chime which he loved the most, the broken guitar hung on the wall which he deliberately broke when once he was mad at Sally. He was a changed man after Kavya came in her life. One night stands and dating no more interested him. Sally reminded him of a carefree, playboy Ted.

The clattering crockery pushed him out of the stream of thoughts,

"Just as you like, extra hot with extra sugar," she commented, handing him the mug full with coffee to its brim, so characteristic of Sally. Sipping a bit he said

"You must be getting ready for bed. I am sorry I dropped by so late at night." he said

"No worries. I was infact about to call you on seeing your missed call. I was in shower at the time you called." she explained, sitting next to him adjusting the cushion behind her and added

 "you are worried it seems Ted. Talk it out if you want, you will feel better." she insisted placing her hand on his thighs.

"Just about a friend who was to arrive from India today but she didn’t turn up. So I reported her missing and let’s see what turns up tomorrow" he replied with the saddest face.

"Whose it Ted, some close friend? “she inquired looking at his haggard clothes wondering what emergency must have kept him in those sweaty clothes all day long.

"She is Kavya, from India. I met her on my trip to India” he admitted

Shifting her weight, she pondered what was wrong with him these years. She could tell he was in love from his face .It hurt her like hell knowing the man whom she loved was lost in some other girl’s thoughts. Jealousy gripped her. She clenched the mug she held in her hand .But she couldn’t react like an envious teenager, she wished the girl whom Ted loved be lost forever ,unable for anyone to retrieve her.

Getting up on his feet, he reached for the window, sliding the curtains he started off with his entire stay in India and how he met Kavya. By the end sally started sensing a strong obsession in his love for Kavya .Something which was not normal as if he was carried away in deep quicksand and it was impossible to pull him back. For her in a normal love story, after break up people overcome it in matter of time. On the contrary Ted was dragging himself more and more into it. She wanted to help him out. But he was obsessed with Kavya and bent on awaiting her return.

"Ted I understand your love and I know how it feels to find out she is missing. I pray to god she’s fine and the police throw some light on her whereabouts tomorrow. But my concern is you can’t lose vitality, you have forgotten to live Ted."she observed

"Have you ever been in love Sally?" he asked looking straight in her eyes. It was unexpected and abrupt; .She shifted her gaze to the flower vase besides him and replied

"I loved a man, in fact I still love him but he never felt it the same way “she said." fixating her eyes on the red freshly plucked roses, she trailed off. Ted seemed confused and intrigued.

"so who is he? If you don’t mind telling me “he insisted without even realizing what was in for him.

"Does it matter now if I tell you the man I love is ‘you’?"she had coldness in her voice .but love in her eyes. She walked towards him .With trembling fingers she held his hand close to her heart.

Ted was startled. It was the last thing he wanted to think about. The entire day he was after another woman and now this woman was after him. What the hell was happening to his life?

"Ted I was in love with you since we first made out on this couch. The day you left for India, I had decided I will commit my love when you come but you never recovered from your obsession with this girl Kavya. She has ruined your life ted .look at you. How you used to be fun and full of energy. Now I find you all lost in deep thoughts and destroying your career. Come back Ted. We can get married and live happily." she begged pressing his hand.

"Are you out of your mind? I never loved you. I can have bodily connections with you but my soul is possessed by Kavya. She taught me love. It’s something so pure and serene that you won’t understand.”

Just then the phone rang. Ted wondered who must have called at this point of time. The screen displayed the name Mac. He jumped to pick it up.

"Hey Ted, I hope I didn’t wake u up buddy. I found out about Kavya .It turns out she never travelled by any flight to New York. Infact she can never have." he paused wondering how to break it up to him.

"what do you mean she could never have? Is she alright? did she talk to you ...." he almost stopped breathing. Mac was well aware of his friend’s state right now .he feared he might have a nervous breakdown.

"I am afraid to inform you that the Kavya Desai you were inquiring about died two years back out of cervical cancer. It was on April fourteenth." he said with remorse in his voice.

"Is it some kind of joke Mac? how come she called me this morning then?" he asked, leaning against the wall, losing color of his face.

"we traced the call and it turned out to be some crank call from Kashmir a northern state of India, to be specific. Must be some rogue on the street dialing random numbers Ted. Are you sure you heard her voice?" he inquired.

"like hell I did! how do You think I found out she was arriving today? “he argued

"the thing is Ted, we heard the voice recording but it turned out to be blank. There was no voice recorded Ted" he blurted over the receiver and continued

"Ted I know its terrible news, but don’t lose heart .Let me knows if there is anything that I can do for you."he hung up

Ted was remorseful .How could she have died! And the call? it can’t be fake. He actually had heard her vice so soft and real. He couldn’t contain his tears, he cried like a madman treated with electric shock. With legs tucked to his chest and hands on his face he bitterly wept. God had betrayed him. The love of his life can’t die so tragically. Why Kavya! Why not any other girl. She was so gullible and naïve. She couldn’t even harm a soul! He wanted to be ignorant of this news. He was shattered and broken.

Sally felt sorry for him too when she got to know about her death. She sat beside him consoling him. She felt guilty for some reason for all this .She was hiding something from him but she dare not tell him now. It would only make matters worse.

"I am sorry for your loss Ted .I think you should probably sleep to overcome it. You might faint with dehydration if you go on weeping like this"

Ted didn’t know what to do. He was mindless. He stopped thinking. Sally made him lie on the bed after half an hour of persuasion. He slumped on the bed like a child, still grieving. Sally pulled out a warm blanket on top of him and began stroking his forehead making him drowsy .Finally he slept off.


Morning seemed as mundane as was Ted’s world now. He didn’t know what time he woke up. The sun peeped through the split between the curtains, making his head ache like someone was hitting hammer on his head. He could make out from the noise coming from kitchen that Sally was preparing lunch for them. He showered like a dead man arising from his grave. The sprinkle of water hit him like thunderstorm. The warm towel could only wipe his body but not his tears still fresh in his eyes .He couldn’t believe his ears. He was reluctant to accept the reality. He so much wanted to think of Kavya as alive as himself ,riding her scooter ,stopping by the mere sight of clattering bangles, plucking flowers at banned gardens ,eating Chinese food which she savored like an animal, holding his hand showing him the streets of Ahmedabad and kissing him on his cheek when he used to buy gifts for her. Her child like charm was impossible to forget.

He draped the towel around his waist. Then he reached out for something to wear, opening Sally’s closet, and then closing it realizing it was not his wardrobe. But the fragrance of something lingering struck his senses. He reopened it, to search for the familiar scent.

He saw a red scarf hidden in the unwanted mess of clothes, discarded by Sally at the bottom of her closet. He was bewildered to identify it as Kavya’s scarf that too in her wardrobe. Digging further more into the closet he found a letter which was written by Kavya herself. He could make out from the cursive font. He was intrigued as well as furious. Seeking some answers he turned around to find Sally standing by the door, holding a plate of pancakes .Her face was cold and terrorized. She dropped the plate shattering it to pieces on the floor and ran to escape but Ted caught her midway.

"You lying bitch! What did you do to Kavya? Did you kill her? Tell me “he gripped her arm tightly drawing her close. She cried for help, pushing him away

"I didn’t do anything to her, I swear .I never even met her once." she wheezed, struggling to let go

"Don’t lie to me, I don’t care about my life but I think you care about yours. Don’t make me kill you."he was strangling her with his hands and she was grasping for breath. Ted had blood in his eyes. He was fierce in his words .He wouldn’t hesitate to kill if he found out Kavya died because of Sally. She was his life. And the girl who killed his Meera didn’t deserve to live.

He saw her face losing color and his grip tightening, she was trembling

“one last time I am gonna ask you." he demanded. Fearing death was beckoning him, she submitted.

"Kavya had sent you a scarf; I guess just a few days before she died and a letter at our office address. You were busy with a meeting .I was already apprehensive of your love for me. So I didn’t hesitate to read it. After which I thought not to hand it over to you, because I was jealous. I thought I can get you back by making you forget her. That’s when I hid it in my closet and never told you about it." she finally disclosed

"Then who called me today morning? was it a part of some plan “he asked still gripping her. She spoke in a muffled voice

"No Ted .I have no idea whatsoever, who called you today...I apologize keeping the letter from you but I love you. But I couldn’t stand the thought of you marrying some other woman " she was sobbing .Ted released her from his grip. Without a word he picked up the letter and the scarf and headed towards the door.

Sally slumped on the floor wheezing like an asthmatic, short of breath. Ted felt like his purpose of surviving on earth had ended. He started to gather his stuff just when he noticed the date on the calendar hung on the wall. It made everything crystal clear to him. For today was the fourteenth of April. Instead of leaving, he stopped, turned around and said

"you know why I didn’t kill you today for such a low lying deed and depriving me of my last glimpse of my beloved Kavya? Because I want you to suffer thee pain. You were overridden by jealousy and I want l it to burn you. Knowing I would never be yours will haunt your nights and kill you day by day. I feel liberated today getting to know my Meera is safe somewhere beckoning me, awaiting my arrival. The call this morning was a gesture to unveil the hidden belongings of Kavya. It was her wish to explore Kashmir once in her life, as she thought it to be heavenly. Thus her soul is wandering somewhere in Kashmir, beckoning me. My unexpected visit to your house was meant to be .Its nature uniting me to my love. Now you can judge for yourself the power of love. Goodbye forever."

Shutting the door close he left .


Chapter: 7

Ted found an empty bench at a park overlooking the pond. He carried with him  the scarf wrapped around his hand. The letter was soiled with dirt, but this didn’t keep him from understudying the emotions sealed within.

He took a deep breath. he felt like the heaven and earth was supporting him uniting him to his Meera. The crimson Sun about to set, the chirping birds hiding amongst the green bushes, the geese quacking and the grass blades glistening with droplets of fresh water. Kids swinging, running here and there, chasing moms , the jogging girls smiling at him, everything was captivating. He was in a state of denial. He knew Kavya was dead but he was bound by a thread of eternal love. The body dies, but soul doesn’t . he could feel her in the moist air, the soft breeze caressing his cheeks. He unfolded the letter with extreme care, careful not to tear it anymore. It read


'Dear Ted,

By the time you read it I will be gone from the face of earth. I don’t regret dying without meeting you for one last  time. But I regret hurting you by breaking your heart, dying before you. No one can surpass Gods will. I am drained by cancer. This disease is eating me up day by day. You must be wondering I am crazy to hide something so fatal from you. But I mock at my own fate now. I was afraid you may stop loving me seeing me so fucked up. I could have called you but I don’t want out to encounter my ugly face. I lost all my hair, chemotherapy they say makes you bald. The thick strands of hair no more adores my beauty. The face which was once flowery, chubby has shrined losing all charm. I have started developing hallucinations, and guess what, I see you in it. The blackout is a way of connecting to young dreams. I find you hugging me, feeling my warm body, never wanting to let go. But my ugly face scares you away all the time.

I had so much pain when we had sex that night. But I overlooked it. After you left my body gave up struggling and manifested the illness in many ways. I have so much bleeding that it sucks all of the blood out of my body. The pain is unbearable in my lower part but I tolerate it just by thinking of the days we spent together, thinking  the way u used to smile takes way most of it. But then they performed surgery and said it will be alright. I waited for it to subside and thought of calling you, if I recover. But I have lost all hopes now. I succumb to the truth. I am dying Ted.

These  last days with my family and my friends make me cry. I won’t be able to see them again even after once I die. Shivam won’t get to fight with me and  I would no longer be able to sneak out to watch  the first day first show movie. I will miss  my dad sweet talking me and mom yelling at me. Then you know  Shalini delivered a baby girl, but I am not that fortunate enough to see her growing up into a lady cute and beautiful like me.

I have lost appetite, but still mom thrusts morsels of her soft delicious roti down my throat. She cries everyday silently when I am asleep , but I hear everything. I wish I had the power to make them forget these terrible times. I am gonna miss them all ted

But most importantly I am gonna miss you dear. we spent very little time together,  barely a week.  But now waiting for the demon to possess my soul it seems like a lifetime spent with you  . Everything is so fresh in my mind. The brilliant color of  sherrwani, the exotic perfume emanating from your body, the sticky gel on your hair, I live every moment always fearing it’s the last chance to dream about you. The nurse says I can’t talk much but I love taking about you all the time . Only time I don’t think about you is when they sedate me. The heavy drugs overpower my  nerves cutting me off from you. And I can’t explain how much I hate that.

The letter will read long , but I am not tired yet. I managed to get it from that generous nurse. I think one lifetime was not long enough to express my love, so God gave me another chance of meeting you in some other life. Do you remember the reincarnation theory think I will be born again, awaiting your entry into my life. I will kill you if you dare not recognize me.

I won’t say goodbye, for I know I am meeting you soon. the scarf bears my touch. its reminiscent of your first gift. I didn’t send a photo because I believe Kavya was just one medium of uniting with you. Meera is your eternal love. That’s what you used to call me. I may get a different name in my next life, but Meera will always be endearing to me, close to my heart. Beckon me by that name and you will find me in front of you, every time watching over you.


Meera. '


and thus the letter ended. By the time ted finished reading it his eyes were already full of tears. unable to resist it.

"Meera. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Meera. . . . . . . . . . . . Meera “he chanted like a priest, soaking the scarf around his hand with tear drops. Then by some miracle, he could feel Kavya

She was sitting next to him in the same dress she wore the last day before they parted. He tried to touch her and  the finger felt something soft like fur, smooth like cream. It seemed she could feel his tickle.

"Don’t ever leave me again dear, I want to feel you every time I think about you. "and she smiled the way Ted always remembered. he was so lost, he didn’t notice anyone else. Not even the  police officer who was watching him talk to some imaginary being

"We have a warrant for your arrest Mr. Ted ford “he said standing in front of him. ted was shocked to see a hefty man addressing in a husky voice. he wondered for how long he must be standing there.

"what’s my crime officer "he inquired, coming to his senses,

"threating your secretary miss sally and strangling her “he started handcuffing him

"you have the right to remain silent and anything you speak can be used against you as evidence “he warned Ted.


The hearing was next day itself. The jury heard both sides.  Ted was accused on charges of attempt to murder and declare a patient of schizophreniaowing to  his abnormal behavior, repeatedly talking to inanimate objects, hallucinating, violent behaviors and obsession with a particular person .  They held him at the New York State asylum , imprisoned for life.

The nurses at the facility began knowing  him as a patient with the Red scarf.  Always talking to blank walls, crying silently, suddenly laughing loud with some hypothetical person and re-reading the same shabby letter thousand times,  hidden within the pages of Bible,  his dad had offered him. They were intrigued as to what may cause such a handsome gentleman with potential knowledge to end up at such a pathetic place.

Only Ted knew the answer to it.


Submitted: November 21, 2014

© Copyright 2021 rspatel. All rights reserved.

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