Portrait of a HEART

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Has it ever occurred to you equally loving two people poles apart ? Perhaps sounds unrealistic but I surpassed that dilemma and I chose one over the other ,but entwining the other in my soul deep down so that I got two chambers in my heart .

Portrait of a heart 
For years now ,latent within
Deeply embedded are these feelings ,
For two men I dare not name 
Have occupied my heart God knows since when .


One is the love amateur they say ,
His Naive ,platonic ,uncanny scent 
His room in my heart harbours that 
Talks about me all night long 
Says he Can't estrange his soul 
Least of all vanity he talks 
Modesty dwells in his walk .
Eyes piercing ,cherry lips 
Can't bear to be apart .
Wealth never befriends
 this man 
Ridiculing him again and again 
Yet there's Quintessential alpha maleness 
In him driving me closer 
And closer each day .


Other one is snarky as hell

Seduces my mind till end 

Richness pours from his breath 
Intoxication shadows him 
Haunts his kisses and care .
Perhaps I wonder someday he will perish 
Annihilating his organs doomed within 


They both occupy the depth of my heart 
Nevertheless being poles apart .
No pun intended , excuse me please 
If I claim both of them love me 
No lust there please .
When it's tough deciding between them both ,
I must say I may marry one 
But the other one will always reside in my soul , forevermore .



Submitted: October 07, 2015

© Copyright 2021 rspatel. All rights reserved.

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