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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A man beholds the silhoutte of a woman ,keen on unveiling her ,lingers on long enough to find out she had intentionally drawn his attention to safely deliver her baby to him and perishes abruptly .


Rising from the graveyard was a silhouette I came upon 
A Sinister gust of wind just then flipped by ,
 the coldest October night it happened to be 
It began crackling the foliage autumn had laid
Ebony clouds hovering my head ,new moon 
Wept swarthy light barely irradiating passerby

It crept under the disguise of the longest cloak
Or so it appeared from a distance .
Discreetly moderating her steps , I crawled beside a fence 
She moaned and cried all her tears 
Until,the soreness filled her voice 
“Help,someone .”she cried 
I popped out of my hideout
Leaping to her I saw her visage 
Drenched in melancholy and pain it was .
I saw her belly enormous as it was 
She passed out leaving me concerned 

I treaded on and on till I ran into someone 
Soothing my heart that I got some aid 
As we encountered the same very grave 
A minute being had reverberated the whole place 
Dwarf little hands clenched mine  As I held him
 wondering why had he been abandoned 
By the silhouette I discovered by chance 

I pondered deep still standing there 
The stranger besides me equally amazed 
I had no say for this  rendezvous
Quite absurd ,I was left with a soul 
With heart pounding against my palm 
His eyes were yet not accommodating
To the eerie surroundings I was in .




Submitted: October 07, 2015

© Copyright 2021 rspatel. All rights reserved.

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