Passionate Love, boy.

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This is a poem I have done for a friend ( check her out in booksie : if im not mistaken).

Submitted: May 08, 2010

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Submitted: May 08, 2010



My love is passionate
When the sunny and gloomy days that pass and go
I see you everyday
My heart beats fast and slow

The love is so passionate
When you say, "morning" or "hi"
I don't know what to say
Without you making me do the happy cry

How is this love so passionate
When you just stare then go
I want you to be close to me
And never let me go

Will this love feel passionate
When I tell you I love you
And say how i truely feel
That is deep in me that is making me die with such great appeal

Hope this love can feel passionate
With us two knowing about one another.

So, please to me,
If this love is passionate to you and me.

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