My Guardian Angels

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Memories of my childhood with my grandparents

Submitted: August 12, 2012

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Submitted: August 12, 2012



My Guardian Angels

I will always remember Grammy and unfortunately she passed away about three and a half years ago. I still have very keen memories of spending time with her on the farm, helping with canning and butchering, feeding the baby animals and milking the goats. I was very young, about two years old when I met my first lamb. We were sitting in the kitchen eating supper and I was settled in my high chair when I heard a, “Bahh!” I looked around wondering where the strange sound was coming from. I gave up after a few seconds and continued eating and then heard the noise again! I still searched for where the sound came from and my parents noticed that I was very confused. After supper, they introduced me to a very small, fluffy black lamb that was less than a week old. My grandma bottle fed her orphaned babies and calves she picked up at sales and this one was no different. Grammy made up a bottle of warm milk and we fed the baby together. There were many stories similar to this one of feeding the baby goats, lambs and calves.

I learned to milk a goat when I was about four years old, her name was Rainbow. She was all black with speckles ears and the stripe through her eyes resembles a cat, and she loved her grain. Grandma and I would grab a bucket full of grain that smelled of crushed corn and alfalfa pellets and call for Rainbow to come into the dusty, broken down granary. She would hop up on her stand and enjoy her grain while I milked her. She was a few years old and a bit tough to milk and every once in a while my hand would slip and spray the fresh, warm milk all over me and my grandma would do her heartwarming chuckle. As my hands would get tired Grammy would take over and finish until the next goat was ready and I would try again.

There was one time Grammy and I went out to the garden and picked the ready beans to start canning. We brought them in the house for grandpa to cut to size. Again, I was about three or four years old and wanted to help grandpa cut beans. He taught me how to snap them but I couldn’t get the hang of it and got a bit frustrated. I remember going into the kitchen and grabbing a butter knife and returning to my stool next to grandpas big leather chair and attempting to finish with the beans. He took the knife from me and asked me what I was doing with it, I replied, “Grandpa I can’t snap the beans like you told me so I got a knife”.  I remember his voice and the words he said to me like he was sitting right next to me now, he chuckled and told me, “Emily, little girls don’t need knives”. I was crushed then, but today I laugh and reminisce about it regularly.

Unfortunately one of the last memories I have of her started with a devastating phone call from my dad. I was on my lunch break at school and it was very unlike him to call or even text me during the time I was to be in school and so I felt the urgency to answer. My grandma was diagnosed with bladder cancer about a month before hand and was going in for treatment when she had a massive heart attack in the waiting room. She was rushed into the emergency room as the family rushed to the hospital. I had my dad pick me up from school because this was unlike her to be in such trouble. The doctors that had been by her side explained to us that if she lived through the heart disease that she would be ineligible for cancer treatment. Three days later we said our moments and said our good byes.

Many people told me before they had passed to get all of my questions and wonders about their history answered because I may never get the chance. At the time I understood that people pass but I didn’t think my grandparents would leave me when I was so young. Now I wish I could go back in time and ask everything I ever questioned. I wish I would have figured out her angel food cake recipe that she used for every birthday. We almost never finished the cake before it perished but the first birthday that passed without it didn’t seem right.

There is much growing and learning that I will still encounter in life. There are many experiences that I should be sharing with them today in the future. At times it is very hard to believe they are gone and won’t be able to share my happiness and accomplishments. This has changed my everyday routine and my outlook on life. I miss them so much and I wish I could have done more with them.

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