Mother Love Me?

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Its an english Assignment based on the Character Grendle from beowulf. We had to do an original life for him that still leads to his death and why he would hate the danes.

Submitted: October 12, 2011

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Submitted: October 12, 2011



Mother, Love Me?

Damn him! Damn him! Why must he be her favorite? Why cant I be her favorite son? Why can’t we at least be loved the same? I hate him, I hate Benjamin, my stupid brother, my older brother... the normal brother. He has such a stupid name, Benjamin Jr. he's stupid named after his father why couldn't Mother let me live with her in the kingdom? Why only him? It isn't fair.

Mother lost her first husband over seas, Benjamin was in her womb when he left. She gave birth to him and gave him his fathers name in memory... out of respect. She had me with some kind of sea nymph that seduced her, she had me she shouldn't have... I was a disgrace so she hides me here in this cave. I shouldn't come out she says. But I must I must protect mother for she doesn't realize she shouldn't be among the Danes but with me here. Benjamin can stay for hes a nasty Dane, and a fool to not realize that I'm in a cave when hes among the rest.

Poor mother isn't happy everyones drinking mead and singing and celebrating, she is just serving the men more, those damn hogs, don't realize what a woman they have there no respect, they will pay! One thing my father graced me with is my strength and height. I may not look normal like a man but I am stronger and better than any Dane; Far better than any one of those damn hogs!

The king has gone, as have his queen and my mother and brother, many woman and men have left all that remain is men and a few of the whores, they are as bad as the hogs! Opening the door to the mead hall, Herot I peek in, the Hogs are asleep as are the woman. I walk in and cross the floor many are naked as am I. I reach the first Dane I reach my gray hand out and stretch out my claws swipe quickly across his throat and watch as the blood is spurting from his throat I laugh to myself, these Danes are no match for me they are puny and weak. I continue this slash a throat and continue for many of the men I walk back and latch the door so any man who wakes cannot escape. Beginning to feel creative I begin ripping off their heads and other limbs the dirty woman I cant help but beat into the walls. They are filthy disgraces, they are bad nothing like mother.

I hate woman the most, one I tore her jaw from her face when she woke and went to scream. I yanked her arm right off and hit her with it I bashed her head into the bench until her head was missing it was so broken and shattered I was just slamming a handful of hair into the bench I threw her at the wall and left. I only killed around thirty filthy Danes.

They closed the hall and I have gone no farther to kill the Danes, as my mother came to scold me for leaving the cave I may not to leave it again that is fine, for I have brought many of the men I killed back, they don't taste as bad as the animals do they actually taste good. I can stay for a while until I run out of Danishes... until my mother is again made a fool, a servant for the hogs.

Men have come, they say they can kill me, they believe they can kill Grendel!Ha those fools; those Damned fools can't defeat me they are mere man. Beowulf their leader, believes he can beat me? Do they not know that a mans tools can't hurt me? I have my fathers blood in me! And his serpent wife tries to protect me to keep him happy. She is a fool she isn't my mother I know my mother. My step mother, she shall die with the Danes; my father could never have better than my mother, he never should have tried he's a fool as well.

Celebrating again in the mead hall? What is this blasphemy its been 12 years, it has to do with Beowulf's men! The come to make my mother a servant! There she is and that man Beowulf's damned hog wont stop touching her! He shall die! People of the kingdom are leaving as I lie in wait, living in a cave can teach you a lot of patience. Beowulf's hogs are asleep now I can tell, as I creep in to the hall. First thing I see is Benjamin passed out in the back corner... “So you hadn't left with mother you fool. I will kill you last,” I softly whispered to him.

I see red as soon as I see the hog who kept touching mother, “you are the first who shall die!” I yell in a whisper is I stalk over to him, I wake him by lifting him off the floor by his throat. I tell him softly “You shall die for being a stupid hog. Your a damn Dane, you should have kept your hands to your self.” Slamming you into the wall refusing to move my claws from your throat I wrench your limbs from your body destroying your armer in the process. I tear your armer off and stab my claws into your abdomen and run they up through your intestines and laugh as I gut you like a fish.

I kill a few more they are fast as I have nothing against them personally, just that they are Danes in my way, and hoping for me to be dead. I come upon a man who's naked every other man had been in armer he must have been far to drunk. I feel pity for this man who wasn't prepared for a fight with Grendel, a fight with me. I reach down to slice his throat, but his eyes are open and his hand grabs my wrist. This Damn Dane is holding my wrist I jerk back trying to release his grip on me but he holds tight.

“This isn't possible, it cant be your a hog, a Dane you cant defeat me. You cant defeat Grendel... your just a man!”

“Beowulf, you can call me Beowulf you slime. I will kill you, and you fight with no weapons no armer; we shall be even for I wouldn't feel right to kill even a monster unjustly. Grendel you will die by my hand tonight, my bare hand.”

Fear creeping into me, I try to lash out I fail he hurts me, “Man can't be stronger than me! This isn't possible!”

“You've killed many Dane's tonight you will die; tomorrow we will celebrate the death of you Grendel.”

“No, No, No! This can't... wont happen! I can't be defeated!” My arm has been wrenched free of my body, I am losing too much blood as the pain fills me. I run out side of the Herot. “mother” I whisper falling to the ground. I never got my mother to love me, I think to my self. Slowly the last thing that runs through my mind, Benjamin gets to live with mother.

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