A Brief Summary of Fear

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A young mans fear of the dark accumulates to suffocating proportions, invading his mind, body and soul.

Submitted: November 27, 2014

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Submitted: November 27, 2014






A Brief Tale of Fear

By Ruben S J Faam





It was not the initial creak of the bedroom door that frightened me...

I mean, yes it was at spooky cliché of a predictable horror film don’t get me wrong.

But excuse my protest when the movements of inanimate objects suddenly spark to life via a breathe of wind or, no knowable kinetic movement at all, be it; squeking, creaking, groaning... or indeed moaning.

No, I wholeheartedly refuse to acknowledge the opening of my door as a genuinely frightening experience. After all there could have been any number of plausible reasons as to why that door had caused itself to stir. Draught, convection, even the expansion and contraction of the metal hinges’

Although it very unlikely... But. There are a number of things to cause a stir of my bedroom door.

Well... As you now know, this is not the least frightening part of the tale.

The method in which causes my breathing to quicken, my heart to expand into my throat and my eyes to bulge with mystified horror is the unknown black void I see before me. That, my readers is the fear that eminates so harshly into the pit of my soul. The fear of nothing viewable or soundable in the cold black space where my gaze lingers and ears prick. And to accompany that black unknown is the disgusting silence drowning the entire room, if I concentrate hard enough my blood flow could be heard from the vessels of my mind. However, the thing that terrifies me to the enth degree is not even the black, nor the silence. And it damned well is not the opening of a door. It is the atmosphere. The atmosphere changes everything. In a room teaming with light, people and sound, a black opening is, well... A black opening and nothing more of it. But what truly stiffens my body in the warm summer eve is the atmosphere that the unknown blackness creates. It is a most unwelcome inhabitant within these four walls and ceiling.


My room, about five by ten meters is quite a cheery one indeed during the hours of sun. One can see pictures and drawings of my childhood amassed in crayons and coloured pencils, old Looney Tunes and ‘Tom and Jerry’ posters scattered from wall to wall. Tom and Jerry is my favourite.

There is a set of double glazed windows that open outwards and a wardrobe built into the wall the doors have been painted claret red with a set of sky blue hammers crossing each other over the top to show my support for my boyhood football team. Inside the wardrobe is an assortment of clothes and old childhood toys dusted with age, I no longer play with childrens toys and it’s been years since my clothes fit me anymore, really should give it all to the charity shop but always forget. Maybe next week I’ll take them down.

There is a beige carpet riddled with coke and juice stains covering the entire room floor with the exception of a small bare patch of wood inside the wardrobe, I am not sure why though.

Last but not least is my bed, a double sized mattress sits over a solid pine frame, an extremely soft fluffy duvet smothers me, accompanied with quite an array of pillows and cushions.

There is one problem that arouses me and that is... As cosy, warm and absoluty comfortable my bed is, I cant help but notice it is the place I am situated when all my fears arise at once. When my maddening stares into that horrible black open space through the door I am usually laying in my bed willing my mind to sleep desperately wanting that door to be shut and the blackness to go away but am too afraid to venture near the unknown. I am afraid of what indiscribable bleak twisted fantasies could arise from the gaping void my eyes refuse look away from. And the lurking beasts of my frightful imagination gobble me into the darkness, forever lost inside the black infinity in a single moment.

“God” I begin to whisper prayers to myself.

“Help me, please?” “Lord?”

“I dont want to go there!” I shout.


It’s no use! My cries are in vain and my messages unheard, somehow I must get up and close off the dark gaping space through the door to the room.

But I’m frozen. I cannot move. The atmosphere of the room has got the better of me paralysed me with fear, it rises my cries to a panic!


“Ohhhh lord! Please shut the door!”

“It’s sooo dark!”

“It’s going to take me, swollow me whole!”


I clasp my hands together in a desperate plea that this will allow some connection to take place beyond the realms of living man and that an entity from heaven shall save me from my twisted insanity but, alas...

Unheard. My efforts are fruitless.

“I must calm down, I sound like a madman!” Forcing myself to breathe slower to gain control, after all... This is silly.

“There is nothing there!”


Its just a nasty black space, there are no beasts waiting to take me into the night, nothing to swollow me whole, all this is just my silly imagination.

“Pffft, imagination? Very silly indeed. Hah hah hah...”

“Hah hah?”



But it is still there, it is still staring at me. The black. The void. The unknown.

I’m trying to control myself I really am! But this place and feeling frightens me!

All I need is that nasty black hole to go away then everything will be fine. Won’t it?

Everything will be alright once the maddening stare ceases to watch me.

I’m not so sure about it now. I’m not so sure about anything any more.

All I know is my head hurts. The terrible silence has been replaced by a sickening white noise, but the fear remains. I want it to stop... So, naturally, shouting at the top of my lungs seems fit.









Suddenly the lights go on?

The gaping black hole through the doorway has been dimished by blinding flourescent light? And where is the white noise? and that dreaded atmosphere that struck me with paralysis? It’s all disappeared.

The light is everywhere around me and my eyes are struggling to focus to the extreme change, however at least the white noise has ceased.

I can hear something? the mutterings of men in the distance, Getting louder... It must be father and uncle jack hearing my screams during a late night session of snooker and brandy. They’re coming to make things better, to calm me down stroke the back of my head and give me little sips of brandy so as to make me slumber and dream fantastically



The voices are almst comprehendable now, getting closer in the blinding light.

My vision darts around the room only now adjusting to the change, everything is becoming clearer, more distinguishable, normal again finally!

But instead of normality and clearness, only a look of confusion and mystery is left upon my face?

Where has my room gone? What has happened to it?

M... My wardrobe with my painted doors, aaa... aand my carpet with juice stains.

All my drawings and posters of Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry have disappeared?

I am struck dumb.

Even my bed has changed? Why is it metal? Where has the pine gone? And why am I strapped in it? My torso and wrists tied to the frame. I was paralysed! Paralysed! I couldnt move because of fear from that horrifying unknown!


“HEEEEEELP!” Shouting as loudly as possible, so much that my throat feels raw.

The voices are louder now but still i cant understand.

The windows are different! And there are now thick black bars on them?

Where are my covers? And my array of pillows and cushions? What madness is happening here?...

The voices are close enough to understand now, good. Maybe some answers?

“Ahhh shit!”

“I Forgot to close his bloody door, thats why he keeps fucking screaming.” “Doctors! It’s him again, scared of the open door in the dark ain’ he.”

It wasn’t father... Or  uncle Jack. It was a man entirely different. His voice was a high pitched whine that came off all nasily when he spoke, it was almost as bad as that terrible white noise.

I look to the door and see nothing, only loud voices from afar, I try to turn over to fall out of the bed, but straps hold me in place, my head turns and my efforts to try and wriggle seem to be working, until at that moment a heavy force pushes the side of my face into the pillow and a large muscular leg presses down onto my chest, knocking all the wind out from my lungs.

“Shall we put him out?” A man with a deeper tone more comfortable to hear speaks.

“Let’s wait for the docs, see what they say.” the high pitched whine replies.

I hear more voices and footsteps enter the room but the vision is obscured by this large figure subduing me.

“HEL!...” my cries are muffled by the whiny mans left hand.

“Shut the fuck up you bastard!”

Then blood begins to fill my mouth the bitter taste flows over my tastebuds, my teeth sinking into soft white flesh.

“ARRRRGGGGHH!!” A fist lands across my face and I immediately unclench my jaw as i do his hand recoils, a mouthful of blood dribbling onto my pillow.


“The bastard fucking bit me!”



And then, a new voice arises from the background, it was soft and calm but with a distinct sternness about it. Why did it feel so familiar? Why do the hairs on the back of my neck stand at the sound of this mans voice?

“Shhhhh shh shh shh, calm down Mr. Windsor, don’t worry.”

“We’ll get some disinfectant on it and bandaged right away.”

The whining voice sounded more upset than angry.

“But the fucking bastard bit me!”

“Look at the state of my hand!”

I feel another blow across the side of my face that sends a shooting pain deep inside my head. Then brings his face closer to mine and hisses words through his teeth.

“You just wait you little bastard, I’ll ‘av you.”

“Now I have told you once Mr. Windsor to calm, down.”

That same familiar voice speaks again, this time more callously and aserting more dominance such a chillingness in his tone.

“I will not, tell you again.”

“Mrs. Merryn will take you to the Clinic and sort out your hand, but I need you to calm down at once, please.”

God help me where have I heard that voice! It terrifies me to my core. But I know it and cannot think how or where!? There was a short pause, silence. Followed by the stuttering whine of whom I presume is a Mr. Windsor. “Yy...yhss. Yes doctor yer right I’ll err go aa..and get this fixed up now sir.”

He struggled to hide the fear in his speach. But what was he afraid of?

“Theres a good lad.”

“Mr. Gyles?”

He directs his words to the large man leaning on the back of my head, with all his glorious weight!

“Err.. Yes Sir?” he sounded unsure, confused as to why the doctor would be talking to him.

“Are you quite sure those straps are secure? Perhaps they need to be tighter?”

The doctors voice ascends to a more casual but, equally chilling tone.

“One moment sir.”

The heavy man manouvres his torso on my head and chest while tugging the straps on the bed arms, body, legs, testing all there strength, pulling them ever tighter so to make movement and struggle more impossible.

“Yes sir, quite secure.” he replies, followed by a grunt as his weight on top of me is relinquished.

“Excellent, just stay there and make sure he doesn’t flail those arms about.” “Wouldn’t want the lad hurting himself now, would we.”

The doctors voice is plain, without emotion. This is frightening, My soul feels back in the darkness, back in the black void and that ever terrifying atmosphere engulfing me, staring back at me through the shadows. I know that all the remaining eyes in the room are peircing through me now, exactly as the maddening dark does. And then I remain unusually still, my consciousness reacts to this familiar situation with petrified cause, petrified with fear, fear of the unknown, fear of what will happen to me next.

And then I catch ear of something curious, a hand fumbling inside large pockets and then familiarly calm precise footsteps edging closer and that unusual silence swollows the room. Complete paralysis takes hold, the heavy figure does not even need to hold me still, I will not struggle, I am too afraid to struggle, too afraid to call out or say anything. Just let it all be over quick.

The sharp pinch in my glute was not the least bit surprising, the cool stream of liquid filling my still body, working it’s purpose. My mind begins to realise where I am just as the bright room begins to darken. when a warm breath flutters on the side of my neck, my final thoughts are wondering how long will it be? How long before light will grace my eyes once more, if it does so?

My eyes fail me, darkness encroaching and again the unyielding black feasts on my mind, body and soul, silence in abundance. But just before liquid tames me and the void claims me... A gentle whisper permeates my ears, a whisper that will chill my dreams while the doctors have there way with my comatose body. And as they chistle skull and dissect tissue and pickle my brain a whisper with a great familiarity will very haunt me over and over. And it sounds like...

“There’s a good lad”.

© Copyright 2019 Ruben S J Faam. All rights reserved.

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