The dream thief

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm
The story of a twelve year old with mental health conditions who finds herself swept into a devastatingly magical world of courage, adventure and bittersweet laughter. Most people dream of a world to escape reality but some people dream of escaping to the world of reality.

(In process of becoming a short story)

Submitted: September 21, 2016

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Submitted: September 21, 2016




Let me tell you my story

About a land from a distant dream,

When snowflakes taste like sugar lumps

And glaciers that of ice cream,


Where the treetops smell

Of minted leaves

Bursting with aromas fresh,

And apple pie avalanches

That excite your every breath.


Following dazzling rainbows

With colours so vibrant and rare,

Can lead you where the fairies go

But alas I’m not sure where.


To the pirates voyaging on crusades

Jigging round with rum,

Racing round the toadstools

Then back where they’d begun?


Or to the unicorns

Which prance on by

Prized with majesty,

Dancing upon the candy clouds

Then across the sapphire sea?


Secrets are encased in gold

And cloaked in magic spells,

Hidden in the gingerbread house

Where the ice princess dwells.


So don’t forget to visit the home

Of glorious creatures galore,

Where mermaids appear

To share their songs

Leaving rubies upon the shore.


Though caution must be taken

On adventures old and new,

For troll kings and the witches

Can try to misguide you!


You’re invited to the wonder

Just follow the bread crumb trail,

To a key that unlocks

This magic world

Of dreams and fairy tales…



Have you ever tried to capture the remnants of a much loved dream as you slowly, but surely, begin to awaken? Fighting against the inevitable pull of consciousness as you cling to belong to the dizzying adventure that you’d been enjoying in your slumber. But everyone has to wake up eventually. Running out of time left in your magical dream realm, you attempt to clasp onto the fantasy, like fine grains of sand slipping hopelessly through your fingers. The comforting warmth of the dreams embrace fades away and the colder greyness of reality begins to greet you. Intricate and delicate but also bold and deliberate; it’s so easy for the seam of sleep to be broken, but once awakened the dream is almost impossible to return to, and in the worst case, even forgotten. The sands of time finally run out for your fairy tale, and the impossible pull of responsibilities and routine threaten to steal your childlike wonder. But everyone has to wake up eventually…

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