Forever in Limbo

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Identity is the best of both worlds. Some of us might go through life always in the middle of two worlds. Not quite part of one and not quite part of the other. Though it might not impact us everyday, certain feelings, certain sentiments will make us wonder: will we ever fully belong? But perhaps our identity lies firmly in the middle. Perhaps the combined experiences from our heritage and the society we live in will allow us to leave our mark in the world.
This poem expresses some of the feelings I had growing up.

Born in one world

Raised in another

East or West

How do I fit in?

Where do I belong?


In the adopted land that I lived so long

My cultural heritage is stamped on my face


In the birth land that I spent but a second

My face tells a different story


Not quite American

Not quite Indian

Appearance tells all


Which part of me must I change?

Should I cut off my nose?

Change my clothes?

Tell me!

What should I change?


Both languages I know

One more than the other

Yet it is not enough to find acceptance


Blatant questions

Curious looks

East or West

I am a minority wherever I choose to go


How do I fit in?

What must I do?

Transform my flat accent?

Get a boyfriend?

Eat more spicy food?

What must I do?


We speak of diversity

The melting pot

Where do I belong?

No one answers


I am a minority

East and West

Here I remain

Forever in limbo

Submitted: December 06, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Rubin Kaur . All rights reserved.

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I really enjoyed this. It sounds difficult trying to fit in when u are of 2 worlds,but if i must give an opinion i think who you are is good enough. Fitting in doesn't matter. Being who you are while difficult is a good thing .Keep writing
signed Waker

Sat, December 6th, 2014 2:59am

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