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Submitted: February 03, 2015

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Submitted: February 03, 2015



We have been created
to know each other
but instead of that
we kill, fight, insult,
rape, envy and deny
each other
is this world of human
or world of gangster and
we exile love and peace
from our hearts
and bring to it what makes
it dirty
we believe we act well
but we just lie to ourselves
we are blind cause of greed,
selfishness and boasting front
of each other
we don’t know that we are in
a wrong road that leads us
to the soil
don’t say “ everything is going
alright “
it’s just a sentence that hide our flaws
just change your  channel to middle east
and watch what’s happening there
everyday we hear the death and wounds
screaming and crying of mothers
and children
shattering of many young’s dreams
the sky rains a bombs
ravaging of buildings
and don’t forget to move to middle Africa
only starving and disease  are all around
people die without tasting the sweet life
is this fine for you?
We forgot declaration of Prophet
Muhammad and Jesus
and we’ve to pause our behaviors
and rethink about them
before having a curse that no way
to escape from it…

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