Sacrificial Satin

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There might be more to satin in the end.

Submitted: May 31, 2013

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Submitted: May 31, 2013



Sacrificial Satin

She walked on the plank of broken glass,

She was but a lass,

“THEY DID THIS” she screamed her contempt,

No one would hear her cries of strain,

They stared bluntly at her,

Their eyes filled with nothing but deceit,


Their smiles turned to mocking laughs,

She stood there in sacrificial satin,

Drenched in her tortured pride,

Blood spilling down her pale spine,

The smell of burning hair in the air,

And the flooding sobs of the Syre,


They all thought that she would break,

That she would come clean,

That she had nothing left,

But they were wrong,

She was so strong,

She smiled at them and saw the confusion in their faces,


She got up from her bloodied knees,

She didn’t bother with reluctant pleas,

She pointed a dirty finger at them,

And said “YOU, YOU and YOU”

They stopped, making it a challenge,

She laughed at their uncharitable faces,


Their hard work would be for nothing,

She told herself jokingly,

She turned around,

And took numerous breathes,

She walked off the plank,

Falling deeper and deeper into her shredded glass,


Leaving them to wonder,

Leaving them with their ungodly actions,

Leaving behind her only piece of satin.

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