Ponderous Plan

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A moment pondered about life's always present plan.

Submitted: March 04, 2014

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Submitted: March 04, 2014



The more people I reconcile with upon my return home, the more I am asked questions that I do not hold an answer to. Yet they continuously drone on with, “What is your major, where is your boyfriend going, do you like school, what do you want to do after your graduate?” Sure, I have an intended major right now. That will likely change though. I am dismayed with the ever present question that lies beneath all the miniscule interrogations, “What is your plan?” Can it not be acceptable to not have one? Why have we become the generation where every person should have a road map planned out for the rest of our lives? God forbid we forget the bullet points.

Here’s a new take: let life be. The more you plan, the more you become disappointed with the way life seems to be leading you.

There is no need for a plan. Planning is for cowards afraid of the future, afraid of what lies in what they cannot see. The more a man desperately grasps for the future, the more scorned his hand will return.

Let life play out. The best things come from the most unexpected.
I have not been alive for very long, but the hurt in my heart is more than some will experience in all his being.

Time will taper at its own pace, no matter how much effort you try to put in to make it slow down, stop, or even speed up. The more the pronounced “plan” is elaborated, the more it your life will skew.

Pride fails you. 

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