The pinky promise that change our life

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A letter that change perspective and pinky that change a life

The pinky promise that change our life

\"\"It all started on a rainy Saturday morning, when I received a call from my boyfriend Bruce. My heart broke into pieces after he mentioned that he had to travel to Iraq to begin his career as a military general. It was very strange. Since childhood he always wanted to be a dancer. I remember a day like today we decided to save money to attend to ballet class, but our parents ruin all by taking our money and putting it into a bank account for what they thought would be our future. It was a dream that our parents did not wanted to accept. My father told me that this was not a career and that it doesn’t pay lot of money. Even though my mother thought the opposite sometimes she got in my father side. Bruce's father told him that dancing is girl stuff and that sex genre cannot be changed. He did not understand what his dad was saying; he was only 5 years old. He never got to meet his mother for the reason that she died giving birth of him. His father told him that she was a very feisty woman who died because she wanted her baby to be born. Before she died she had written a letter giving permission to open only his son after his 12 year birthday in a small sign in front of the letter. The letter was saying a lot of nice things that Bruce will never forget and much less I after he had gave me a copy of this letter that has inspired me to follow my dreams.



Dear Bruce:

 My beautiful child, from heaven I be able to enjoy all your achievements. If one day you feel sad don’t hesitate to grab this letter into your hands and talk to me because I will listen to you and during the course of time you will notice my help and support. Do not give up my child. Do not let anything stop in what you want, when death arrives anyone can’t return back to fix the past. The world I had left is very dangerous and can confuse anyone, but do not listen to anyone but your heart. I decided to only allow you to open this letter because I feel in my heart that's breaking that you are the only one I want to share this moment. My tummy is hurting me a lot and that's because you have a little party in my stomach. I went to the bathroom and lost a lot of water which can be very dangerous ... now I'm in the hospital and I have asked permission to continue writing. I forgot to mention that when I had 7 month I got really sick, this may sound crazy but I don’t remember the name of the illness and you were giving me lots of trouble so the doctor gave me a month of life. They had made me choose between you and me, but I had chosen you. I was missing some more years to go to heaven, unlike you; you had to start from the beginning of life. Right away I text your dad because I did not wanted him to see me like this and told him that I wanted him to name you Bruce, my favorite name. You might be asking “why wasn’t my dad there?” well I had send him to work because people weren’t doing nothing by going to visit me, I was fine and positive because I did not see the negative of death, I saw the positive. Plus, I was not innocent I knew what was going to happen, I had live 39 years. Suddenly I started losing my vision and every time I close my eyes I dream of you in a beautiful stage, doing what you like but it was blurry and couldn’t see what you were doing but you were enjoy it . Do what your reason tells you and not what other wants you to be. My parents did not allow me to make my own decisions and I 'm letting you do it. You are my life and my everything; you're the most beautiful thing, my greatest treasure.  Don’t give up; fight because you own it all.

After getting a copy of that letter my life changed. Before, I was just a girl who did what others expected from me. Now, I do not care what people say and just do what I think it benefits me and the best thing for me. While talking to Bruce my eyes watered and I felt for a moment that this was not the path for him. I got very desperate and with thousands of questions I said "I do not want you to go, is not fair that everything we have just move away slowly for a single flight. Since when do you like the army? Why you didn’t you tell me, why?" the only thing he did was to console me and tell me that everything will be  fine and that this was just a new experience that he want to have.

"I do not want you to be sad, I won’t stay there forever baby. Our love is unconditional  something that no matter the situation we will always be together, right?" he  said

Even though he tried to comfort  me his voice felt very sad and I feel that this was not what he wanted neither his mom. We had gotten very emotional and crying told him:

"Babe I know when something is happening to you and you are not happy, and that worries me is mean it. Your dad did this right? Always trying to get you away from what you really want to do. Tell me?"

He remained silence, unanswering none of my questions. For a second I heard him mourn.

"Nyah I can’t, I can’t stand him no more, I'm tired of him taking decisions that should be taken by me. I need emancipation, I want to be independent. This is not what I wanted, I feel like my life is going the wrong direction. What should I do? Tell me baby, before I take the worse decision " he exclaimed desperate.

I got up from bed still talking to him trying to calm down, put on a sweater and go find him in the park 4 blocks away from home. I couldn’t even brush my teeth. While walking I told him to remember his mom’s letter, he calm down. When I arrive to the park he was there waiting for me. I run. Hug him. Kiss him. Telling him how nothing will separate us apart. Rain stop and we started feeling better.  A nice breeze hugs us letting us feel something beautiful inside, it was Bruce’s mother hugging us helping us out.  He realizes how that letter has his path to his dream. We sat in the grass. Holding me tie he said “from this moment own baby I will live my life the way I want without my dad in it. Celebrating everything that happens is living young life how we suppose to live it. Do you want to come with me baby?”. I was surprise with no words in my mouth. I kiss him. I hug him. Exclaimed “Yes babe, everything with you”.  Inclinating his pinky finger he said “ do you promise?”. “ pinky promise babe…. Forever” I said.

After that pinky promise we haven’t separate apart. We went to a dance college, work hard day and night, none stop to get the money to pay our college. No receiving anything from our parents. After graduating college with bought a local in which we gave ballet and many types of music genre classes. We visit our parents. Even though they did not trust us they were still our parents and everyone makes incorrect decisions. Bruce dads learn that anybody can dance. My parents learn that what’s worth is your talent not money. And forever and ever we live happily ever after.

Submitted: April 26, 2014

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It's beautiful and touching. Well structured and kept me engaged for whole time! I think you should participate in this short story contest ongoing at Tallenge- You can get lots of people reading your stories and win $100. There is no entry fee.

Sat, April 26th, 2014 9:53am

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