The Dark Chronicles: A Stride in the Dherk

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic





Not Really something you expect in 2016 New York City. So why am I one? Well that’s a bit of a story. You see, my family comes from a long line of sorceresses and sorcerers. Which are basically wizards just from what we refer to as The Early Times. Why do I use Wizard rather than sorcerer?


Because more people seem to know what that means.


My family was the court wizards for kings and queens for millennia, until the Great Magik Crisis of the 1450’s, where the faith of the Two Staves was dropping to an all time low. This was a time where the appearance of a wizard was a strange and unlikely event, sorcery became outlawed in most countries and became a Black Art.


The wizards mostly disappeared from the public eye and ran markets in the back alleys of cities. They were seen as criminals, spawns of the devil himself.  If you were caught, or even believed to have been a believer in Magik, you were executed in front of your town or village, if you were lucky you got imprisoned for life, but then you might wish for them to kill you. Some would even kill themselves using their own force.


If you were smart enough or knew how to do it, you would run off into the Great Realm of the Divine. A place where sorcerers and sorceresses would bloom and flourish. There was never disease or danger. The Faith was accepted.


It was like that until my ancestors got there.


You see the whole Two Staves thing, they represent the two branches of Magik, the Lighte and the Dherk (pronounced Light and Dark respectively).  My ancestors where some of the few who knew the ways of the Dherk at the time. They were feared by millions, the name Dherk-Strider became  synonymous with war, death, evil itself.  There was an aura they gave off when they were near, a sense of fear and grief.


They wrecked havoc among the Great Realm, scared of thousands from their homes and back onto Earth, were most were later found and executed. They claimed the Realm, it became The Realm of the Dherk, the once clear skies became stormy and dark, the weather went from warm to downright arctic. The Realm once representing a safe haven became a living hell for all that stepped foot into the realm.


And then, not two centuries later, they disappeared. Not a trace to be found. Nothing in the books, scrolls, anything. The Realm of the Dherk became the Great Realm of the Divine once again, as if nothing ever happened.


And that is where I begin, looking for my ancestors disappearance, why they left, where they went, if any more than just my family remain. My name is Hunter Wyras Dherk-Strider VI, and I am a 21st century Dherk Wizard


Chapter 1 - A Little Trouble, Only a Little


As I was tazed to the ground the last thing i remember was my face hitting the asphalt


Ok, when i say a “little trouble”, i mean a lot. I may have just committed a minor murder by blowing out the dude's brains with a absolute shit ton of electricity, but let us not get into petty details, shall we?

But let me tell you, it was fucking awesome.

“State your name and age” the lady in the interrogation room states.


“George Washington, first pres-” She stops me short

“Quit it smart ass, name and age” Her badge reads Jess Kriegsfeld, i remember the name and I’m sure she remembers mine, trust me, not the first time I’ve been in this room, the concrete smell, bulb about to burst, the obvious one way mirror embedded into a wall, same as usual.


“Listen, Jess, is it alright if I call you that, or do you prefer Ms. Kriegsfeld?”  I say in my usual ass voice. “ Any way i remember you and I’m sure you remember me, so let’s get this moving shall we?”


“Yeah, I remember you, Hunter Strider.” I use that because the whole Dherk thing throws people for a loop. “ Age 22, five foot ten inches.”


“Hey, look, police lady remembers, you want a donut?” Believe me when I say, I am real good at pissing people off. Her especially, she’s got a real short fuse. She ties her long blond hair into a neat ponytail, a sign she is losing it with me, Score one, The Strider. Her blue eyes meet mine, giving her stern look, Score 2 to nil, Strider in the lead. She says


“Listen buddy, we clearly saw you use lightning to make a man’s brain explode from his head, the only reason we can’t take you in, is because the state will think we’re nuts for saying that.”


“Ok, but in my defense, he was a local gang leader, his gang has been shooting up stores and banks for the past three months, if anything, i did you guys a favor, I’d say that’s a win”


“Look it, thanks for your ‘help’, but we really need you to stop interfering with NYPD official cases, they are our responsibility, not some kid who can barely pay his rent for his apartment.”


“And that is why i was looking to help the pigs for once. I need a job, i'm real good at detective work. I said that knowing that i really was good at it. Not by training of course, but by Magik, it helps every once in awhile.


And hey, the dark can go light every once in awhile, right?


The Dherk Magik has it’s own specialties. While Lighte more focuses on the good, healing, water, air, Stuff like that. Dherk focuses on destructive powers. Fire, Lightning (My personal favorite), and disease. But there is some that the two can learn with great ease, like teleportation and telekinesis, things that don’t seem like they would fall into a light or dark category.


She seemed surprised at the sudden offer. Not sure as to whether i was kidding or not. When she finally does respond, I can tell it is not easy.


“ Look, that is not an offer I personally deal with, the state deals with that,  and unless you can prove yourself-”

“The NYPD has been on that gang leaders case for six months, and i made more process in two than you did in six, and remember this isn’t my first either, two years ago, The Assassin’s Brotherhood, I was the one who discreetly took them out, you had been on the case for years, it took me six months to find and eliminate all off them.”


“Yeah, and if by ‘discreet’ you call ‘setting off a small nuke inside a warehouse just outside the city’ discreet, than sure. That’s what you did.” She was right, i may have set off a small gas explosion in the warehouse that killed them all, but i think “nuke” was blowing it out of proportion.


She continues “ Just get back home before I personally but you in jail for the next year”


I take the warning and am on my way, I pretend to tip a hat at the guard at the door and put a ten in the pocket of his vest. I was leaving the police department when i see Merc’s car sitting outside.


“Hey Hunter!” He screams from across the street.


Merc’s car was a 69’ Ford mustang, I had been in the thing since the day he got it. The leather seats stained from God knows what. The engines loud ass roar when started, the blue with black racing stripe in the middle. Any man would die to have this car.

And so did I.


“ Merc, What the hell are you doing here?”

“Here to pick up your sorry ass, get in!”


I comply because I needed a ride home, and paying for a taxi was not in my interest right now. Me and Merc have lived together in the apartment since we graduated high school. We have had some sweet times in there, but also some terrible, it was home sweet home and just where i wanted to be.


Chapter 2 - Home sweet home


When we arrive at the apartment, Merc immediately goes to the fridge for a beer.


“You want one, Hunt?” He offers


“Since when did I start drinking?”


“Eh, it was worth a shot.”


He Slams the fridge and slouches onto the couch, turns on the tv to watch football. I go into my room to go get changed. As i look into the mirror nothing about my face seems unusual, minus the cuts from the asphalt. My hair parted both ways down the middle with the white streak going down the left side, a telltale sign you were a wizard, but no normal person but Merc knew. I take off my vest and dress shirt to slip into my pj’s which consisted of sweatpants and an old Metallica tshirt. I almost never dress like this in the public eye, i like to be presentable. Sweats never fancied me.


Merc was the only person besides the PD that knew that i was a wizard. Not a single person knew. Well, unless you count the people who find out before they get blown to bits, but I don’t.  I sit down next to Merc on the couch.


“So how exactly did your ass end up in the PD?’ He questions


“Gang leader causing problems, decided to deal with him, nothing a couple million volts to the body couldn’t fix.” I replied


“That’s cold man.”


“No, actually electricity get very hot when conducted, FYI.” I say in a sassy sorta way.


Merc chuckles, “Smart ass, gotta bring your fancy science into it, don’t you.


“I really wouldn’t call it science more than common sense, ever stick a fork in a outlet then felt it after you get over the shock?” I mention that because he’s done it before as a kid.


“ Yo shut up! I was like fuckin’ eight when I did that.” He gets a bit angry but in a joking way.

“It was funny as hell though, at least on my end, anyway I’m on my way down to the basement if you need me.


“Alright”. He cheers as the Cowboys score against the Giants.


The basement was never used until i came into the building. I asked the landlord about it he said he’s never been down there, said I could use it if i wanted to at no extra cost. I took the opportunity to use it as my base of operations for wizardry. As I walk down and turn on the light to hear the buzz of crappy electrical jobs. I call for Caroline, my raven friend.


“ Caroline, you down hear?”


A raven flies from a dark corner, then in a instant, turns into an astonishing young lady, wearing skinny jeans and a leather jacket, she pulls back her hair jet black hair, uncovering her face, revealing her purple eyes and lipstick, she seems to have gotten dressed up for this evening.


“Where else would i be?” She replies while stretching her unused muscles.


“I don’t know, but it looks like you have a date or something.” She rolls her eyes at me and sits on the dusty old couch i put down here for her. She flicks on the old CRT tv to the same football game Merc was watching up stairs, the Giants are up two touchdowns and I know he sitting up there screaming. She flips it to the news to see a story of a local gang leader “taken out from unknown circumstances, possibly supernatural.”


“I take it you were busy?’ She shoots at me.


“You could say that, you knew i was on his tail for months now.”


“Why don't you just let the police do their job? They had him.”


“No they did not” I shoot back, “ They would’ve let him terrorize the streets for months, someone had to step up and take action and no one else was gonna do it.”


 “Whatever,” She says, She flips back to the game. “Oh look, the Giants scored again.”


I can practically hear Merc cursing upstairs from two floors away.


“ Come on we have work to do, I have to figure out how to make a potion that explodes when I throw it onto a demon.”  Caroline looks at me questionably but gets up and starts helping.


Chapter 3 - Preparation is Key


 I get up next morning to the sound of my alarm. I wake up at six, earlier than most, especially when you have no job to get, so why bother? Because it’s the only time no one will bother me if i decide to go do wizard stuff, which i am. I walk out the front door to notice a letter in my mailbox. I check



I know what your little “game” is, and if you do not want to be exposed, meet me at Grewster’s, ask the bartender for a “Dark Secret”, he’ll know what you mean.

From, Anonymous


Hm, great first impressions I think to myself. I walk down to the basement to ask Caroline as to what i should do.


“Caroline, wakey wakey!” I yell as i come down the stairs


“Why the-, what time is it.?” She says drowsily


‘Quarter after six in the great state of New York, here, I need you to read this” I toss her the letter while preparing some things for this morning and this evening.


“So, are you gonna meet this guy, and I need coffee or something”


“Yes I am, and we’ll get some on the way, now let’s go!” I reply in a hurry, I have no idea what this guy is gonna be doing or what he is up to, and that is why i am going to run some errands today.


“Oh, why must you drag me into this, and you know I hate Starbucks.”


I was practically picking her up off the couch to acknowledge to remark. We get in my car, which unlike Merc’s, was not a sweet hot rod, mine was simply a old El Camino i found in a junkyard, which at the time, was missing a tailgate, front right fender, and the hood, luckily i managed to find compatible parts, unfortunately they are not the same color as the car itself, which also happens to be the worst shade of blue there is, the fender is red, the hood would be neon green if not for the rust taking it over slowly, and the tailgate was black. But all in all, it got me where i needed and that was good enough for me.


We headed out to some backstreet alchemy shops i knew of for some ingredients.


“God, its filthy in here, how can you stand this place?” Caroline says almost vomiting at the rat eye on the shelf


“Oh look, just what i need.” As i snatch it off the shelf, she turns away in hopes to find something more pleasing.


“Hey, Hunter what you doing here, and who's your friend?” A Fat, older man with a receding hairline walks in from behind the counter


“Hey, look, it’s Harold, nice seeing you, oh, and this is Caroline, my assistant.” I point to her, she doesn’t seem to notice me talking to her. “Ehem.”


“Huh,” She looks at me,then Harold ,“Oh! Hi there, I’m Caroline, nice to meet you.”


“Ah, What a fine young lady, and if it weren’t for those purple eyes i’d think you're human, so what are you?”


“Ravar, actually” She replied pridefully


“Oh, never had a bird walk into my store before, welcome.”


Despite his appearance, Harold knew a lot about Magik and the species, spells, potions, books and other things, although not a wizard himself. And that is why i come here, he can be a very useful resource.


“So, Harold, what do you got for defense potions, I need something for tonight.” I ask


“Well, hold on” He walks into the back as he grumbles to himself. He comes back with a small sack. “Here you go, one Honeycomb, two lizard tails, and the scales of a dragon. That’ll be 60 Dysi” Dysi is the currency used in The Realm, wizards and alike use it on earth when they want transactions to go unnoticed by the Government.


I reach into a small leather pouch and grab 6 silver coins worth 10 each. “Here ya go Harold, Thanks for your time.” He nods, and Caroline and I are on our way.


“ How can you stand being in there, it is beyond gross.” Caroline states as we get in the car.


“Hey, a man’s  gotta do what a man's gotta do, and besides. i find it comforting in there.”





Submitted: October 13, 2016

© Copyright 2020 rubyminer630. All rights reserved.

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