For your eyes only

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When a princess meets a prince for the first time, she's cornered by him. He wants to own her. Will she submit?

Submitted: July 14, 2015

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Submitted: July 14, 2015



“Shall we celebrate my lady?”

I took no astonishment in my royal guard’s enthusiastic announcement. George Harris could make a glorious occasion out of anything whether it be the sun rising or the wind whispering. Most of the ladies found this trait to be quite charismatic. “According to my mother, drinking the night I meet my proclaimed future husband is a taboo.”

“Today, Princess of Fole. Tomorrow, Queen of Embria.” George leaned back against the balcony overlooking the imperial garden and beamed his stunning smile. We’d been preparing weeks now for my visit with the Prince. Everyone was exhausted including myself, still George looked as dashing as ever. Brawny, blond, hazel eyes, he was nothing less than absolutely gorgeous. Although, he was my best friend, I begrudged it.

“Rose, I’m not going to sound the trumpets and bring out all the bells and whistles,” he claimed. “I was thinking more along the lines of a ride off into the night for old times sake.”

“Too bad, I would have really liked the trumpets. Furthermore, I’m certainly not dressed in appropriate attire for the occasion.” I gestured at my extravagant lilac evening gown trimmed and decorated with lace, and ribbon. Donning short sleeves, it was cut so low it nearly exposed my bosom. My mother even bestowed me matching long white gloves as well. “Mother insists I make an early appearance at dinner.”

“I will meet you in the gardens at midnight then.” The wicked gleam in George’s eyes made me giggle. I fully expected to see him married off to a notoriously endowed maiden in the near future. Such beauty would be put to use behind those castle walls.

“This evening is of great importance to my parents and the kingdom and I will not jeopardize it.” I gave into him easily. “Tomorrow.”

“Spoken like a true diplomat.”

Uncertain and nervous, I bade him goodnight with a curtsey deciding to get on with the events the evening seized. Almost the entire staff followed me closely down the hallway escorting me to the foyer where the Royal Court of Embria awaited my grand entrance.

The moment I entered the room, the smell of lavender and the sound of string quartets consumed me. The foyer was typically empty and dull. However, tonight it rained with liveliness. Modern paintings hung on every wall meshing with the Neoclassical walnut furniture and chandelier.

But that’s not what held my greatest interest. I saw a man across the foyer staring at me. His double-breasted waistcoat cut away revealing an impressively tall trim body. Yet, as masculine and attractive as he was, it was his face that made my stomach turn flips.

My lips parted as I tried to draw air into my lungs. The penetrating allure he radiated flourished in force, transforming into a close touchable imprint of pulsating and merciless dominance. Responding naturally to carnal desire, we both found ourselves walking through the Imperial Garden… alone.

The night sky complemented his wavy hair and dazzling dark irises. His eyes were threatening and evaluating, burning into mine. My heart raced as he followed me to the edge of the pond.

“Your majesty,” he said in a deep voice that sent chills down my spine.

I curtsied and tried to control the girlish shriek that was trapped in the back of my throat, “My Prince, please, my name is Rose.”

“Rose,” he tried. I blushed at the way my name rolled off his tongue and waited for him to give me permission to speak informally, “Matthan.”

“Matthan,” I nodded.

The sheer aura of him congested my mind with childish fantasies. His olive skin contrasted with his chocolate tresses and expensive black overcoat. Dangerous. Unstopping, the words materialized into my head.

“I like the way you say my name,” he whispered brushing my burning cheek with his hand.

Nothing could’ve prepared me more for that moment. Those dark, ominous eyes bore into mine as he leaned closer almost brushing his lips on mine. I could feel his ragged breath on them.

“You’ll make a good slave.”

Before I could protest, he possessively grabbed me by the neck and claimed my mouth for the taking. I tried once more to object, but he had his other arm wrapped around my waist tightly. I couldn’t help but give into him. His smell, his touch, and even the taste of him caused a molten fieriness to awaken between my thighs. Something hard raged against my belly as he slithered his tongue between my lips, seizing me.

A moan escaped my mouth. It felt foreign to me like I was losing myself in him. My arms wrapped around his neck and he groaned inviting me in as if we weren’t close enough. I submitted to him without thinking twice. I could barely breathe unless he let me come up for air. So good. His hands grasped at my breasts, but he certainly did not sojourn kissing me.

“Mathhan,” I whimpered helplessly.

“Rose,” my name came out in a cry, but it wasn’t from his lips.

I broke free from Prince Matthan’s grasp and spun around. George glared over my shoulder, his face fuming.  

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