kidnapped from day one

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Submitted: September 22, 2016

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Submitted: September 22, 2016



Kidnapped since day one

 “I’d been trapped in here for nearly 20 years. Every day that goes on I do the same thing over and over again. Every day gets longer and lonelier every second. My name is Maliah and I’m going to get out of this place. 

Vincent is the only person I get to see, he gives me food. Well not really much, more like a can with a few scraps or something, I’m not really sure. I get the occasional bath which is normally with gross water that’s freezing but I can’t complain because “complaining leads to consequences”. Consequences were horrible for the first couple of times but I am so used to them but as Vincent tells me “I’m a naughty girl that need to get punished”

I’ve only seen one room for 20 years. Its dark with tiny pictures of groups of people at the beach or the park with their faces crossed out. They all look so happy and free…not like me though but I have a plan. There’s a television that only turns to channels that don’t work at all as if there is no signal but this house is on aa normal street well that’s what Vincent has told me but I don’t know.

Please come find me!
Maliah Jeffries


This was a letter sent to our police station by Maliah Jeffries 1999. She got out but no one knows where she is now. I’m detective James and I am covering this case. Maliah Jeffries was last seen running down George St at 12:00 pm she was screaming the words “Vincent is coming for me, I’m Maliah Jeffries…I need help!” she was appeared to have an older ladies dress on with blood covering the front and all over her hands. She looked scared and shocked. She continued to run down George St turning onto Brown St all the way into a local forest. No one has seen here since but a search party is happening as we speak.’’

“The evidence is so little; no one knows where she was for 20 years!” I’ve never seen my partner so angry at a case in the 30 years we’ve worked together. “Ashton this case is way too hard for us. We need to just give it up!” Joe said frustratingly. “Joe I’m not giving up on this girl, I really think something seriously had happened to her and we need to make sure it doesn’t happen again.” I explained as calm as I could. My phone started to ring but it was a NO CALLER ID but that can’t happen because the station did something to my phone to make sure I can’t have NO CALLER ID’s ring, for police reasons.

Hello, my name is Malia Jeffries and I need a lot of help. Vincent has got me again…..I don’t have much time to talk but….. HEY VINCENT DON’T DO THAT……excuse me but I think you have the wrong number” and the line goes dead. Nothing. All the questions come flowing in. How did she get a phone? I thought she escaped? Nothing made sense now. I thought I had an idea about this whole case. “did anyone get that recorded?” “sorry detective but it was NO CALLER ID, we can’t record them, this guy is smarter than we thought” the computer guy said softly. I punched my desk and went for a walk. I cannot work this out.

It felt like I’d been walking for ages, the sun was almost down. I looked down at my phone but it was dead. It would have had to be around 7:00pm. I was walking down a road that I’d never been down before. It was dark and gloomy, I had no idea where I was.  Turned on the back of my heels back around to walk back the way I had just walked but this time I started to run. I felt like someone was chasing me all the way down the twisty road. I ran into a street light and turned around.

“Why didn’t you come find me? I was scared, alone! I rang you and you didn’t even talk to me or track the call? I trusted you!” this poor little girl was standing there screaming at me. I had no idea what she was talking about. The only person that rang me was Maliah and she nearly 30 years old! As I stood there in shock another person walked into the light. This time it was a man. A really creepy man that had eyes that wanted to kill. He didn’t say anything. He slowly pulled a gun out of his pocket and shot this little innocent girl in the head. “Don’t come looking for Maliah. You won’t find her. If you come to look for her, this little girl won’t be the only girl was a bullet in the head” obviously that was Vincent. He was the scariest man I’ve ever seen. He walked away into the dark hopefully never to be seen again.

The next day I walked into the station, tired and grumpy. I didn’t want to be here at all. I’d finally found my way home around 12:00am. I sat down with my coffee with my eyes half shut. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. My mind was waltzing around in all the evidence that we had on this case…….oh wait we don’t have any. The only thing we have is a letter that talks about nothing but what happened to her. Joe thinks she doesn’t want to get caught and just wants to lead us to nothing but I’m for sure that something isn’t right about this.

A few hours later I went home for a couple of hours before having to go back to the station. I got a loud knock at my door. The thoughts of the world came into my head. No one ever came to my house at this time of night. I opened the door slowly and carefully with an umbrella in my other hand. All that was there was a mobile phone and some keys. The phone started to ring. I didn’t know if I should have answered it or not. But for some reason my hand was drawn to it and I picked it up.

“hello?” I said into the phone worried as to what was going to be said. “turn around Ash” no one has called me Ash except for my father who went missing years and years ago. There was nothing else said into the phone everything just stopped. I slowly turned around extremely scared. Everything went in slow motion, I was smashed across the head with the other umbrella in the holder next to the door.

I don’t remember what happened after that but what I know now is that I know where Malia was taken to. Well actually she wasn’t taken anywhere. There was no Vincent. She was never kidnapped. Actually she was the kidnapper from day one.

My name is Ashton James and I’ve been kidnapped. Come find me.

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