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OK, I don't really expect to win, as this is not one of my best works, but it's fun and silly, so enjoy!

Submitted: January 11, 2012

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Submitted: January 11, 2012



As we leaned in to kiss, instead of panicking like I thought I would about my first kiss, it felt as thought the world around me was melting away. I was no longer aware of the huge oak tree we were standing under, nor the dappled sun peering at us through the leaves, not the cool grass under my bare feet or even my hair tickling my back because my neck was bent back. I forgot about all that. All I could feel was Josh's warm body and his arms wrapped around me as we leant in… aaaa-choo! I sneezed. And again, now I was having a sneezing fit. After a chain of seven sneezes, I managed to stop. I stood up straight again, hitting my head into Josh's chin as I did so. Josh let out a shout of pain and stepped back. As he stepped back, I saw his foot catch on a large tree root. I put my hand out, grabbing his cotton shirt in a failed attempt to steady him. Instead, we both went toppling onto the ground. We both groaned in pain, I could feel my leg bruising, just above my knee where Josh's own knee had knocked into it as he bent his legs and put his arms out behind him to brace his fall.

Now I was lying on top of him, my head level with his, his clear hazel eyes stared into mine for a moment before he put his hands on my ribs, and pushed me up into the air, straightening his arms so that I was flying above him, held up by his strong arms. I giggled as my hair fell into his eyes. He shook it off his face and stared up at me, suddenly I heard something whooshing towards me. I turned my head just in time to see something black and white slam into Josh's arm. I fell on top of him again, this time with a bit more force.

We both groaned again. This time I mustered the energy to roll off Josh unfortunately the object which had slashed into Josh's arm was lying on the ground right where I rolled off Josh so that I had to arch my back due to something large-ish and round being underneath my back. Josh looked at me and raised an eyebrow, a smile making it's way into his eyes. He pulled the soccer ball from underneath me and grinned.

I opened my mouth to speak as I looked up at the trees. Right at that moment - how could all this be coincidence? - a bird pooped right between my eyes. I closed my mouth and sighed. Could this get any worse? Possibly not. I felt something cottony wiping my forehead. I presumed the sloppy mess was being removed from my face. I dared not open my eyes until it was gone, for fear of getting it in my eyes. As long as it wasn't in my hair… I felt something brush against the side of my leg.

"You can open your eyes now." Laughed Josh. As I opened my eyes to glare at him, expecting to look straight up into the leafy canopy of the tree above, I was shocked into silence.

So here what my eyes were met with: Fist thing a say was a beautifully tanned, toned chest. Then my eyes roved downwards as I examined the abs in front of my eyes. The gorgeous six pack in front of me began to shake with laughter. My eyes darted up to Josh's. His arms were supporting him as he held himself, one hand on either side of me, right next to my shoulders. My eyes dropped as I saw that his toes were supporting his legs, to avoid putting his weight on me.

He grinned at me as my eyes roamed his sleek chest once more. I glanced to my right and saw his shirt lying in a scrunched up pile, covered in bird poo. I laughed at that. I looked back at Josh. He bit his lip as he kept grinning. But it wasn't one of those grins you get from a guy when they know they're hot and they can't help themselves but try and seduce you, because they know they'll get a reaction, weather you like it or not. It was one of those grins that are so totally infectious, you feel yourself smiling with your whole body. It was one of those totally sincere smiles that made you immediately fall in love with it's owner. I had been dating Josh for over 5 months now. He wasn't one of those guys that all the girls liked, who was in the popular group and who played girls like no tomorrow, he was one of those guys who was totally gorgeous to the right girl. I was that right girl -I hoped. All my friends said we were perfect, even the chicks who most my friends called gangers. The girls who had bleach-blonde hair that had been straightened so much it hung dead and the ends were so split that it looked like she had twice the amount of usual strands of hair. Even those girls said they were the perfect couple.

Josh bent down. Finally we were going to have our first kiss. And it was going to be perfect. Josh leant a bit of his weight on me as he leant down…

Suddenly, right where Josh's chest touched mine, my phone vibrated. It was in my jacket pocket. Hoping I could ignore it, I leant up, but not only was the moment gone, my phone was still vibrating. And now it was playing a silly little tune. God only knows who put that there. Regretfuly, Josh rolled onto the grass with a little sigh. I glanced at him sideways. He was lying on his back with his eyes closed. A slightly annoyed expression on his face. An expression that I saw quite a lot. Not directed at me, but directed that the many people who wolf-whistled us for just holding hands. It was quite well known that we were taking it slow, but the pace we were walking at suited me perfectly. I was no one for sport anyway. OK, I'm not one for being good at puns either, but anyway…

I picked up my phone, not bothering to look at the called id. I knew it would be mum.

"Hello?" I sighed, sounding perhaps a bit too annoyed.

"What's got yeh nickers in a twist?" Asked my mum in her ever present Scottish accent. Without waiting for an answer, she ploughed on, "It's getting late and yeh dad and I are going oot. I doon't expect you to be home for a wee while, but do think of coming home, because ye didnae clean yeh room this mornin', so you'd better be home before feeve? Ookee?"
"Och aye mum!" I said, teasing her accent. Thankfully I had not inherited it, as much as I loved Scottish accents, I don't think I could stand the teasing. Though I did occasionally let the odd word slip, like didnae or och aye or wee.

I was just thankful that my mother had agreed to let me change my name from my given name, Morag, to something much less horrible: Raindrop. OK, yes, that's just as horrible, but I was only 2 at the time. But, just last year, I had finally convinced my mum to let me change it to Amelia, Amy for short. Now the only person who called me raindrop was Josh. But when he said it, it sounded like the most beautiful name in the world.

"What'd she say?" asked Josh looking at me, hair spilling into his eyes.

"Be home by five, they're going 'oot'" I said, giggling. Josh grinned that way he did whenever I giggled. I felt my heart long for him. I told it to stop being stupid, I already had him. And for that I was the luckiest girl in the world.


"Bye Darling!" Mum called as she walks out the door. I heard the car drive off at the same time I heard another car door slam. I ran down the stairs two at a time and flung open the door to see Josh, his hand poised to knock. I pulled him in by the hand, slamed the door closed and began kissing him. Just as my lips touched his, the door flung open again and we quickly pulled apart looking innocent. Mum dashed into the house, not even looking at us as we quickly pushed ourselves out of her way up against the wall.

"Sorry Loov, I joost forgot soomethin'!" My mum called. I turned to Josh and raise an eyebrow. He just grinned and laughed a bit awkwardly. I rolled my eyes and pulled him up the stairs as mum dashed past again, pulling the door closed again behind her.

"Come on," I said, pulling Josh down the stairs again to the living room. We sat down on the couch in front of the TV.

"Now there's nothing to interrupt us," I grinned. Josh just pulled me closer. As we started to kiss, Jessie, my dog jumped up on the couch, barking at us. I sighed and sat up.

"Jessie, it's OK. The world's not going to end because we're kissing!" As I said that, I thought well, I wouldn't be surprised if it did, because it's been trying pretty hard to stop us so far.

"Come on, let's get something to eat" I said, reluctantly getting up and walking to the kitchen. I searched throught the freezer until I found some party pies. "Will these do?" I asked Josh, holding them up.

"Yeah, fine." Said Josh glancing up from his phone. I put the box of party pies down and grabbed his phone from his hands.

"Hey!" He said. I ran out of the kitchen and up the stairs until I locked myself in the bathroom. I could hear Josh banging on the door.

"Give that back!" He said, laughing.

"Not until I read the message!" I said, looking down at the phone.

Yea whatevs. at raindrop's place. give you a buz l8r, tho duno wen.

I looked at the recipient. Jake. Aahh. Josh's best friend.

"Can I send it?" I called to Josh.

"Yes, just don't add anything to it!" Like that was ever going to happen. I started typing on the end of the message.

And let's hope that giant baboon doesn't eat us while we're at it.

I clicked send. And unlocked the bathroom door, holding Josh's phone out for him. He took it and we went back down to the kitchen. I put some pies on a tray and shoved them in the oven, putting the timer on for 3 minutes because they had already defrosted.

I turned around as Josh's phone went off. I grinned at him. "What does it say?"
"'Hey Amy, I don't even know where you live, so I'm sure I won't be able to eat you," He raised an eyebrow, "Have fun Josh' with a winky face." I winked at Josh. He laughed and we went back to the couch, knowing Jessie wouldn't leave the kitchen whilst there was food in the oven. We sat back down on the couch. This time we were interrupted by the oven timer. I gritted my teeth in frustration as I got up and went back to the kitchen, putting some pies on plates with a good helping of Tomato sauce. I walked back into the lounge room to find Josh replying to another text from Jack. I handed him a plate and we ate in silence. When we had both finished, I put the plates in the dishwasher and returned to the lounge room. Josh pulled me in and as we were about the kiss, a loud noise made us both jump. I looked up to see the TV on, the volume on full and Jessie with her tongue hanging out, as if grinning at us, her paw on the TV remote. I rolled my eyes and took Jessie to her bedroom in the laundry and shut the door and went back to the lounge room.

Again, we lent into kiss and again we were interrupted. This time by the telephone. I growled in frustration and went to answer the phone. It was my mum.

"Just checking up on yeh." She said cheerfully.

"I'm fine mum, Josh is 'round, so if any burglers come, I'll get him to bash them. Only joking!" I added quickly.

"Good, well I'll see yeh both when I get back in a wee while." She said, hanging up.

And for the millionth time, I went back to Josh and stopped mid stride into the living room. The phone was ringing again. I rolled my eyes and went to answer it.

"Hello, dearie!" Said an old woman's voice. Damn! I thought, it was my grandma. I took the phone with me back into the lounge room and sat next to Josh.

"Hello grandma." I sighed.

"How are you going?"

"Good." I said, trying to say as little as possible to put her off.

"How is school?"
"All right."

"Still getting good marks?"

"Anyone been bothering you?"
"Got into any kind of trouble?"


"Been doing anything exciting lately?"
"Nah, but mum and dad have gone out…"
"Oh, Ok. Did you finish painting you walls?"
"Yes." But resist telling her that I had 5 years ago.

"How are your music lessons going?"


"Done any concerts lately?"


"Do you have a boyfriend?"
"Yep." Oh, Shit! I though. Here comes the lecture.

"When I was your age, we didn't even think about the boys. Kids your age are too into technology and they grow up way to quickly. You need to-" I cut her off.

"Grandma, there's another call coming through, I think it's mum, so it might be urgent." I lied. "So I'll get mum to call you back when she gets home."
"OK, dearie." I hung up.

"I'm so sorry, Josh! She's a nightmare!" I said. Josh just laughed at me

I pressed talk on the phone and placed it on the ground so that nobody could ring us. No dog, no phone, no interruptions. I smiled to myself.

This time as I leaned in, I knew we weren't going to be interrupted. I smiled to myself. At last. I leant in, my eyes closed, Josh pulling me closer...

"Hello, darling! We're home!"

A/N So, there it is! poor kid, she has it hard. LOL :")Thanks for reading!!! :") And thanks for the competition, solosinger!!!

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