Unjustifying Things (love)

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Just something I wrote a while ago, thought I might post it...



Submitted: September 22, 2011

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Submitted: September 22, 2011




Well, seeing as though I've been feeling like this for such a long time, I thought I ought to tell somebody. And I've chosen to tell you. I'm in love. Not with any old guy, a quite special one, I think you know him? Not very well, only about as well as you know yourself. He's not the most gorgeous guy in the school when you first look at him. Really, he's nothing special. But since when has ones heart ever listened to ones brain. This guy isn't adorable, he's not cute, he's not really soft, he's not particularly kind to people, he's not deep, he's not sensitive and he's not that funny. But I tell you what he is. He's always laughing, he's sporty, he's nice, he notices thing you wouldn't expect, he jokes around and he's not a show off. He doesn't really notice me, but he talks to me, laughs with me at me, doesn't be mean to me, doesn't do gross things, has the same sense of humour and is generally pretty cool. But that is not why I like him. If my brain had any say in the matter, I would probably not even take a second notice of him. But my brain has no say. One cannot help ones heart. It goes wherever it wants without ever touching the neatly enveloped letters the brain sends it.

This is like one of those responses you have to write for English where you have to justify all your points. But that's the thing, nobody can ever justify any of the points they write in English, because nobody actually believes or cares what they write. Like seriously, how are you supposed to justify reasons why all cars should be yellow? Everybody just bullshits. And that's exactly what I think I'm trying to say. There is never any reason for love, and you never want to fall in love with the person you fall in love with, but you never mean to. It just kinda happens gradually without you meaning or noticing it.

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