The Lonely Love

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It is an aspect of love that is less explored but it talks of and displays Platonic Love

Submitted: September 26, 2013

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Submitted: September 26, 2013







Supriya came across him in the second innings of her life, on a social networking site, when they both had crossed 40. He was like Prince Charming. Full of life, full of humor, full of sensitivity, the perfect incarnation of Mr. Ideal. The kind of Man every woman would want: Caring, Loving, Concerned and Honest.


His spirit to live life filled her with the same. She who, was living in a dead relationship realized she was not really living whenever she came in contact with him. His ability not only to smile himself in deeply troubled times but also to bring a smile to all faces touched her core.


It was Valentine’s Day when she first spoke to him; such a beautiful voice, such a true voice, such a calming voice; a voice she wanted to hear again and again and again and……; a voice that told her that it had depth, it had pain and it had sincerity behind it. She knew she could just close her eyes and sit forever listening to him, close to him, next to him.


That very day she knew she had found her SOULMATE. She knew he was an angel of God sent by God to wipe off the tears and suffering of her life. He had come with a purpose to make her alive again and not just survive as she had been doing before him. The amazing chemistry that they shared was a heavenly experience for her. He had the ability to read her silence; the ability to decipher the pain inside her even without her saying anything. And then the Miracle  happened. She came to know through him that he too was suffering. He too was lonely and he


reached out to her….the biggest day of her life. To know that somebody would ever reach out to her, to her who was never loved in this way.


Love was so beautiful. To care for someone, to be cared for by someone makes one complete and they both did not find it in their so called life-partners. Sometimes he would guess the color or the dress that she would be wearing, from her voice could make out that she had been crying and would surprise her in the most unlikely and touching manner. She, who was so thirsty for LOVE realized what true Love and selfless Love is. The amazing part of it all was they were in touch only through Gadgets and they never met each other personally. Yet somehow his support gave her the strength to fight the world and she took the most difficult decision of her life to break the shackles of an unsatisfactory and burdening relationship and she legally separated from her Husband.


Supriya still vividly remembered how that fateful day when Supriya left her husband’s house and went to her Mom’s he called her up every half an hour to ask her how she was? What was happening? Was she Okay? Was her little angel Okay? And how he regretted that he could not be there because he lived far, far far away in the U.K. How he understood that Supriya needed him at that moment was a Wonder for her and that convinced her that he was the one for her.


 She now started living with her little baby angel in the hope that someday she would be united to her Prince Charming, even if for a little while. But the path of this union was strenuous, entwined with roadblocks and hurdles and while on the way she realized that this was not right. There was this unknown fear intriguing her all the time that this happiness could not be in her destiny. She was the unlucky one so how could this beautiful thing be happening to her and finally it came true.


She came to know that ever since he declared his love for her he was in trouble. He was diagnosed of Diabetes and Financial Issues cropped up leading to issues with his spouse. She ignored all this because of her selfishness as she did not want to let go of the bliss. She continued talking to him.


She continued loving  him and his troubles also continued growing to the extent that his laughter got lost somewhere and the last straw came when he had a Heart Attack. Supriya was shattered and broken with the news. She was so close to losing her life. Why? Why? Why? Was all that she could ask herself. She could no longer be selfish, could no longer ignore the fact that it all happened because of her, because of her unlucky presence in his life. Supriya found herself in a dilemma that devastated her. She could not stay away from her life but how could she also let him go through all the sufferings and be a silent observer. She could not, she JUST could not. She knew what she had to do. She had to stay clear of him. She took the heart piercing decision of staying away from her love, from her happiness because that was the only way in which she could make sure that he would be Okay. And that was essential for her even if he was thousands of miles away his being well meant the world to her. And so she became quiet, QUIET forever to the whole world and moved into her shell forever never to come out again.


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