Behind The Wall

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It was the story of Mumbai; Maharashtra where the thirteen year old boy Srikant was living.


Welcome to the envision world. The story is all about a thirteen years boy. Who was unsatisfied with his lifestyle. He always wanted something more and more from his parents. We can call material possession after looking to the lifestyle of other guns of his milestone. Even if the parents had given him all what they had but the society in which he was living somewhere forcing him to maintain a high profile lifestyle. Therefore he was often complaining about this to his parents. But what could the parents even do it was probably all they had.

It was the story of Mumbai; Maharashtra where the thirteen year old boy Srikant was living.

Once it was summer. The school vacation started. Srikant got an opportunity for a travel to his granny’s home which was placed in Karnataka. This was going to become one of the great experiences for srikant. This was going to become srikant’s first experience outside his state.

Finally the day came and srikant went to his granny’s house. There he found his two good cousins Sam and Balu. They took srikant inside the village. They visited every single corner of the village. One day while roaming around the village sam and balu told srikant about a myth of a secret place. They took srikant to a temple at the end of the village. It was just a small temple with very good natural environment. They all enjoyed the calming effect of nature there. The beautiful gardening and the perfect natural scenario touched their soul.

They told srikant about the myth of that place which was told even thousand times by their ancestors. The myth was about the link of time with the planetary position.

The day when sun, earth and mars will be placed in one line there was a wall behind the temple which was from thousands of years will open a path to the past.

Then they all went behind the temple. There was a wall. The important thing was that the planetary position was going to be held after five days from the day they visited there. Then they came home.

That night srikant couldn’t sleep. The words of his two cousins were repeating in between his two ears. He was too possessed for his past. He wanted to know that why his family financial situation was not so good. The next day srikant went for his cousins to know more and more about that myth. They too told what they had heard from their grandparents. They told nearly once in 72 years the occasion happened and all the villagers would gather there to celebrate the holy occasion.

Therefore it was nearly impossible for them to enter there to experiment their ideas. But both balu and sam promised srikant that they will try their best to get him there.

The waiting ended. It was the day of the holy occasion. Soon the villagers gathered all the rituals were performed.

It was nearly one hour before midnight. By the time everyone had gone. The dark silence had covered the area. It was the right time for srikant to examine his thoughts. With his two cousins’ balu and sam he went to the backside of the temple. At the backside there was a wall. It was in the rule that only a single person could be allowed to walk through the wall. So sam and balu waited there and srikant headed against the wall. The two cousins were looking at the every single activity. They saw a bright white light shined and srikant vanished.

Srikant was then sited on the hot sit of the past flashback. He could then saw his past his parent’s past every single life he was linked with. He wished to saw his parents’s past. How his parents had overcame a struggling life. He saw every single piece of his parent’s life. He saw his parents growing in front of him.

Suddenly he stopped willing to see further. It was in a fraction of second every vision of past vanished. He came back where he was. The once in opportunity given by nature had already gone for the next 72 years.

Srikant came home with his cousins then. Perhaps he could then realize the value of the time factor. The next day he told granny that he was willing to head against his home. Then the next day he said goodbye to his cousins, his granny everyone there.

Day after day passed srikant’s parents noticed the change in srikant’s behavior. Srikant was then really obliged towards his parents. That was clearly reflected by his behavior.

It’s almost been fifteen years passed srikant had turned 28 now. He has now become a father of a cute little girl. His parents were too old. Everything seems to be just right in everyone’s life. But there is a mystery. The parents of srikant are unable to understand how their little son has changed to the completely opposite behavior.

The end


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