The story tells about a science fiction all the characters are mentioned well so that one can get a brief idea about what exactly trying to be told here.

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Our journey to the envision world has begun. Its 21st century and the time to get informed about a very young methodical dream which was seen by some of our big brain scientific people. It’s the time for a time travel. To overcome massive distances within a petty moment of time.


The story continues with five friends Alibha, Sonia, Priti, Rabi, Prabhat.

Alike to the other youth of their milestone they are young, passionate, and willing to listen their inner voice.

Rabi who lived in Bangalore with his uncle was a passionate student. He wanted to be a research fellow just like his uncle who had worked under ISRO.

During his engineering carrier he had made a device a teleporter that can be fitted to an extreme fast moving vehicle to make a time travel.

Once these five friends planned to head against Sahara desert for a trip. It’s quite obvious that one must get amaze while conceive about these freak out people’s program but it’s the truth that they are finally going to their destination to make their trip success.

Some day in the early morning they all arranged themselves well and aimed to Sahara; one of the largest desert till now a days. Finally after a long distance travel they all reached at their destination. Formerly they all got the information about Sahara so with this kind of confidence they initiate their tour.


Day by day passed and the forwarding steps never get trembled in that bloodshed environment of Sahara. There they found another view of life struggling with the extreme power of nature; the sun heat. Once they found they have really lost in the magnitude of Sahara and all of their keepings have yet to finish.

Necessity is the mother of invention. These five didn’t have any kind of arrangement to prevent themselves from such situation.

Rabi and all his friends had got a little bit of idea of engineering as they all were bunch of engineering students. Rabi asked everyone to submit every cloth piece they all have and told everyone to arrange piece of woods so that he can make something like a boat in which they all can fit well.

Their mission for prevention begins. They all got busy in their own duties. Some collect the piece of clothes some arrange woods and started to give it to a shape of boat. The wood from that environment which they were collecting was a special kind of tree wood which has the property of lower in weight and larger in its size. Fortunately they got that one there.

Now the main challenging situation in front of them was to make joint of those boat pieces they have made. The real grievous situation starts when all their food materials got finished. They started fighting for the survival of their lives. To prevent from dehydration they supplied water to their bodies by eating herbs there. At any value they have to survive this was the main purpose during that situation. One day suddenly Priti got affected by eating a kind of anonymous plant that doesn’t have any kind of identification during those days. What she faced is that her mouth gets completely closed and every time she wants to open it she failed. There Rabi got the idea of joining the boat parts because the plant juice behaves a lot like a powerful gum. Which can be utilized to weave the parts. Rabi made Priti understood she’s going to be all right very soon and they all will be at their own homes. The thing what to do then was to make a time travel. Yes the concept of Rabi was very clear then he was going to make a time travelling machine. Rabi knew that time travel can only be possible if they made some device that can go faster than the speed of light. He explained everyone they have to choose one option as the second option is out of their reach that they need something really massive to make a time travel which was another possible way of making a time travel. They all have to follow the option one that they had to make something really faster. Now the challenge is how to utilize the wind energy to make their boat move faster than the speed of light. One news on radio came to Rabi’s mind that in every 75 years there is an asteroid fall on earth and when he was at home he came through the news that; this time the asteroid is falling on Sahara. Perhaps this made him so attracted towards Sahara to make a trip but he was unaware of such unhealthy situation. He felt sorry himself for that situation and decided that it’s then his job to save the lives of his mates. It was a very practical situation to examine the gadget that Rabi had made with his uncle. The teleporter which can be fitted to any moving device for a time travel. Rabi told his mates that the day after they are going to make a time travel because it’s the day the asteroid is falling on Sahara. This seems to be the end of world. But they can be alive if their experiment got succeeded and if they really make a travel in time.

Finally Rabi joined all the piece of clothes with that gum like thing and made a big flag sized shape and fitted it to the boat so that they can better use the wind flow force to make a faster travel in time.

The next day they all prepare well and arranged themselves in that boat. The time had come for the earth to be destroyed and the relief of these guys from a world of pain. The asteroid finally falls and it made a force that was enough for these guys to travel with a lightning speed. The destination on the teleporter was set to the infinite distance. The living world got destroyed with this stuff. And the awesome five those who once got lost in the lost world finally reached at another destination another world which was more suitable enough to sustain to live happily. Perhaps these five were going to create a new world. Once to those the world had lost in Sahara they lost their real world and got settled in another and life passes away another rise of planet of homosapiens got created by these awesome five.



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