Anthem of the Purger

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This hateful little poem is going to make an appearance in my short story as a sort of holy script eventually.

Submitted: July 29, 2012

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Submitted: July 29, 2012




Oxygen isn’t enough, the pain of those around me sustain my being.

Malcontent swirls inside and the pressure changes like a storm.

Pools of blood have infested the ground surrounding me, belonging to those which tried to quell my blood thirst.

Still more come, the scythe purges their vain being and they are blown away.

The rest flee the threshing floor as they give up to the terror which possesses them.

They can’t move fast enough.

What they started is what I will finish, whether they show me opposition or give me their back as they run it makes no difference.

The chase doesn’t end until the last of these insects see the crimson of their own blood and return to the dirt they came from.

The world will know my baptism through agony, their screams are my goading force.

I will not stay the instruments of my craft till my ears have dined on the sounds of those tortured cries from the four corners of existence.

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