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Just a short story having to do with angels...Good and bad.(:

Submitted: February 10, 2012

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Submitted: February 10, 2012



I found myself being dragged by my own feet farther and farther through the pitch black forest. The trees closing in on my ever so fragile body, and the feeling of being watched made my heart race inside of my chest. My eyes became darkened by the rellics of my haunted past and everything else in this cruel world. The ashen grey chain covered with the crystallyne venom of a serpent was wrapped around my neck, blocking my airways and burning my throat as the deadly liquid seeped deeper and deeper into my pale white skin.

 The tears in my crimson red eyes overflowed  as the fell to my cheeks. My obsidian black wing dangled lop-sided  along my back, Its raven feathers cinged and coated with blood. I could not fly. Even if I wanted to,  I couldn’t.  The thought of my obvious fate caught up to me and I collapsed onto the bitter, cold forest floor.

I lie there, sobbing into my shattered wing. What had I done to deserve this? I know I can be good. I can feel it.  Why am I this way? I closed my eyes and sat up straight, looking at the blank, starless sky. I parted my lips and forced out the words that lingered on my tongue. “Forgive me.” I said with every last bit of hope I had. A single crystal clear tear slid from my face and onto a loose feather on my broken wing.

 I stared at the feather, now beginning to absorb the microscopic tear, and turning the feather a pure ivory. I touched the single feather with the tip of my index finger. Before I had time to blink, every feather on both wings turned the same mesmerizing alabaster. I stopped breathing. I didn’t have to anymore. The chain on my neck turned to dust and the fresh blood from my wounds disappeared.

My night black dress, along with my cloak, was replaced with a beautiful, silvery white dress, that was draped with a bleach white lace, and embedded with crystal clear diamonds on the trim. The tears in my eyes vanished. The only thing I could do was smile. I was finally at peace.

 I spread my milky white wings out as far as they would extend. A single ray of golden brightness shown down on my body. A voice, a beautiful voice, that sounded velvety and soft, appeared from the forest. Out of the shadows appeared him. The boy from my dream. He was just as beautiful as he was in my dreams. He glided closer and closer to me until he was face to face with mine.

 He held my face in his hands and smiled. “My angel. My Lillian. My love.

“ I know what you are. You are not destruction. You are not an evil. It is you that brightens the darkest places. That brings warmth to beings everywhere you turn. It is you that helps create a source of life for the creatures on earth. You are not death. Or just a simple glow. You are… Light.”

 As he said that last word, my head shot up uncontrollably and I stared into the sky. My eyes turned a mystifying ghost white and my body radiated glorious, ivory white light that made the forest glow with beauty. I laughed with joy and raised my wings, letting them lift me off of the ground.

Beautiful, violet, pale pink, and yellow wild flowers sprouted from underneath me and all around the many acres of the forest. I fluttered my new wings up and down as I floated closer and closer to my new home. I met up with the boy of my dreams and he grabbed me by the shoulders, meeting my lips with his. I was beautiful. I was happy. I was home.

“I am light.” I repeated. And kissed him as we flew to the clouds.  

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