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Sometimes a tear is not just a tear.

Submitted: August 21, 2014

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Submitted: August 21, 2014



Sometimes a tear is just a drop that slowly falls, leaving only a slight sign of its passage on your cheek. 
It's the kind of tear that fades away in a single flutter of butterfly, not even the time to wonder what that was about and it's already gone. 
But sometimes, that small tear is not just that. Those times you can feel your soul trying to escape your heart. 
That kind of tear hurts, burning your eyes and leaving an emptiness behind that your mind can't sustain.
Your brain shuts down, every fiber of your being is left unguided and in that moment, right there, you can feel everything about yourself crashing down.
That single tear is always followed my many others like it, and with every drop you pour your soul weakens, making your knees tremble, your breathing heavier and your sense of despair unbearable.
That feeling is the reason why we go through life looking for our soulmate. That someone who can wipe that first tear. That someone who with a single touch can make that burning sensation go away, that can make our mind work again and lead our being in the right direction. 
We need that someone who can give us back that piece of soul which has sneaked out, before is too late. 

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