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This is a point of view piece I wrote a while back for a contest in my school, it didn't win, but I thought it to be a great piece.
These are the final thoughts of a Samurai as he lies dying on the ground and it is grief of who he leaves behind in this world. I hope you enjoy and leave comments please.

Submitted: February 11, 2007

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Submitted: February 11, 2007




I feel my heart sink slowly as my life starts to slip away, the blood from my wound is soaking the earth beneath. It is honorable to die on the battlefield for your lord, that has always been my way and for the first time in my life, I feel regret. Nadoka, how my soul burns to be by your side once more, just to gaze upon your beauty one last time and to say all that one wishes to say to those he holds dear. Our little Sakura,I'm afraid I'll never see her grow up, never be able to help her along, and never be able to see her laugh and play again.


The day I met Nadoka, I learned what love was and the day I asked her to marry me was the happiest day of my life, I was happiest man on earth. Every day was....was like a dream,which was something I never wanted to leave and when Sakura was born, I could feel my heart sweel with pride and love. I once again felt joy as I held both my wife and my child in my arms. It was after Sakura had turned five years of age though, that this wonderful family dream was shattered and war erupted throughout the land. I can remember leaving my small village,riding off to meet the army and give my aid; I remember seeing my wife, trying to keep her worry concealed. My beautiful Nadoka smiling at me and shouting that I better return.


The world starts to blur as I stare into the sky, I can now see my village, my wife and daughter playing in the fields. I can see their smiles as they embrace one another, but then the little one looks up at her mother and asks softly of her,

"When is daddy coming home?" my wife smiles softly, tring to conceal the pain in her eyes, but I can see it...I can see the sadness in those emerald pools. She pats our little girl on the head and tells her that I shall return tomorrow, I feel my heart tighten once more. Sakura smiles faintly, uncertainty evident on her little face as the two return to the small house.

I feel tears run down my cheeks as I weep for my family, for I will not be coming home. my resting place shall be this battlefield, this blood soaked field littered with corpses. I have always believed that a good way to die was on the battlefield, by your enemie's blade, but I cannot help but feel guilty and heartbroken as I leave my family behind. I do not want to leave them; I do not want to see them cry as I watch in the other world, but I can do nothing as I slowly leave this world. I can do nothing more than say my goodbyes with a heavy heart and watch over them.  Goodbye

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