.the abyss.

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im too lazy to summarize this XD

Submitted: December 17, 2011

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Submitted: December 17, 2011



For half my life I lived in complete darkness,
...an inescapable abyss where pain is strong enough that you can smell it...
Nothing solid to hold onto;
...nothing to grasp to stop from falling...
From losing yourself the paranoia surrounding you.

Deeper and deeper I fell,
...thrust here by friends and incomplete promises...
Everything becomes a shade of grey,
And you begin cast harsh judgments on people,
...just because their people...
Tortured by the past and the fear day and night,
...time loses its meaning...
And people are butchered into something other than people.
....we become unreachable...

In the midst of this pain,
..between my silent, agonizing screams and cries...
I heard a faint, delicate song;
That song was your voice.

Powerful and strong yet beautiful and gentle.
That voice showed this darkness incomplete,
Parted my minds shadows so i could see a path.
All around me were whispers,
...its too good to be true..
...what if she turns on me....
...its the way further in...

Yet i followed your voice.

Following the song my world got brighter,
My torture lessened,
My scars healed,
I gained momentum, no longer limping but running to you!
And then it knocked me off my path.

You see darkness is unleaveable if u can’t let it go,
A heart, once filled with darkness, can’t leave the darkness,
...because that heart can no longer beat...
I tripped and fell,
...i saw the jaws of a thousand figures smash and grind together...
I was falling back to where I had come,
...I could hear them laugh...
And then something grabbed my hand.
And as you pulled me back up my heart started to beat.
I saw your beautiful face for the first time,
And you carried me out.

i love you<3

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